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Mars in Gemini

Mars in Gemini

Author: Arwynne O’Neill  –   Published: July 2024

Mars in Gemini

Today I’m going to be talking about Mars in Gemini. If you’re listening to this in summer of 2024, Mars is about to enter Gemini on July 20 and will stay there until September 4. Mars moves pretty quickly so it takes about two years to go all the way around the zodiac. Due to retrograde periods, it can spend as little as six weeks in a sign to as many as seven months! Last time Mars was in Gemini was from August 20, 2022 through March 25, 2023, but this is an unusually long time for Mars to stay in one sign. It retrograded in October 2022 but it stayed in Gemini the entire time, so that’s how it can sometimes be in one sign for a very long time.

Podcast Episode

Listen to the full podcast episode below.

Mars in Gemini by transit

When Mars transits through the airy, mutable, masculine (or positive) sign of Gemini, it is considerably less focused than in some other signs. As we might expect with any placement in Gemini, there’s an intellectual, chatty, indecisive and scattered energy. In the northern hemisphere, this might be perfect timing because we are going through the middle of summer and who wants to make fixed decisions and doggedly pursue ambitions when warm weather, beach vacations and weekend barbecues beckon?

That being said, Gemini is not a bad placement for Mars and although we may at times feel restless and indecisive, with our attentions pulled in many different directions, we’re just as likely to also feel alive with sparkling, effervescent and positive energy. We might feel like chatting up new and old friends, dancing late into the night, hosting a game night with or sing along, enjoy summer fun like fireworks, festivals and street fairs. Even solitary activities like getting engrossed in an exciting book, binging a new TV show or podcast, could be excellent uses of Mars in Gemini energy.

As Robert Hand says in his seminal book, Planets in Transit, Mars is a planet of energy and it specifically rules the energy that an individual uses to maintain themselves in the face of pressures from their environment. Mars is also connected with work and physical effort and its transits often signify days when you become very energetic and vigorous. So, as Mars transits through different signs you want to look at where you have significant placements in those signs in your chart. If you have the sun in Gemini or Gemini rising or, of course, if you have Mars in Gemini, this transit will energize your chart in a significant way.

You also want to look at what house Mars will be transiting for you while it goes through Gemini. If you have Gemini rising, Mars will be transiting your first house and it will light up your personality your self-expression your identity, your self-esteem, and it could give you a great boost of self-confidence or indicate a time when you are presenting yourself to the world and this could be a great time for you because you’ll find it easier to express yourself in your naturally effervescent Gemini fashion with Mars lighting up your first house. It could be a great time to meet new people or make a great impression on people who already know you, champion a cause that’s close to your heart or undertake a self makeover to present yourself or your ideas in an exciting new way.

You also want to look at any aspects that Mars will be making to planets in your chart. If you have any major placements in Sagittarius, Mars will be transiting opposite those planets while it’s in Gemini, so this could bring conflicts with people, opposition to your ideas, impediments and obstacles that suddenly come up, hindering your movements and thwarting your ambitions or aims.

Any major placements you have in mutable signs will be affected by Mars transiting through Gemini as it will make hard aspects to all the mutable planets, including Virgo and Pisces which will receive squares from Mars in Gemini.

Mars in Gemini in the birth chart

As with any air sign, Mars in Gemini tends to have more mental energy and social activity associated with its martial tendencies. These people might be more the type to spar with you verbally then physically. They could be intellectually inexhaustible, pursuing higher education or gobbling up trivia like information junkies, memorizing movie quotes or song lyrics or sports statistics in order to repeat them at the ready anytime conversation turns to their topic of choice, or supplementing any pub trivia team with their sparkling, broad-based intellect.

These people love to exchange ideas and they’re motivated by communication, social and intellectual stimuli. They may be the type to go off on a political rant or some obscure tangent at the drop of a hat, or drone on about whatever personal topic fires their interest long past the point of exhausting others in the room. Used correctly, they could be excellent, engaging teachers or professors, journalists, radio hosts or podcasters, influencers, marketers or sales people.

Since Mars is one of the relationship planets, along with venus, we would look to Mars to find out what a person is like in relationships. Mars is the planet of desire and going after your object of affection, so people with Mars in Gemini will be the type who want to charm you with their wit, intellect, conversational moves and lofty ideas. Of course keeping their interest will be the real challenge. Mars in Gemini is not known for its ability to focus on one thing or one person for very long.

In Person to Person Astrology, Steven Arroyo says, “the essence of Mars in Gemini is that it asserts itself verbally, flexibly, cleverly, communicatively, through a variety of skills. The focus of one’s desire changes very quickly and often, easily diverted. Expresses a wide ranging friendliness, very good at making connections. Physical energy and sexual drive are affected by mentally stimulating conversations, images or curious new ideas, very open-minded.”

They may appear or behave especially youthful and embody a sort of ageless vitality and charm, flirting or putting on the charm for people of all ages and genders indiscriminately. This may be the guy who you dated just long enough to bring home to meet your parents one time and years later they still ask, “whatever happened to..?” He made an indelible impression and then flitted on to the next flower before you had a chance to make a real connection.

This is not to say they can’t commit. The wonderful thing about Mars in Gemini is that these people are genuinely interested in the thoughts and ideas of other people; they’re open-minded, curious and communicate well with their partners. If you make a lasting love connection with them, they could turn out to be a wonderfully stimulating and exciting partner for life, keeping you laughing well into old age, exploring new ideas and interests together long after other couples have settled into mutal silence.

Grant Lewi says, if you have Mars in Gemini, “you are rarely bored or boring, but you can wear yourself and others out by the ferocity of your attack on life. You are extraordinarily aware of the world around you, sense perceptions are acute, swift, probably accurate, and you are valuable in expressing what you take in. Energy flows naturally to the tongue; you are a better talker than listener. With any concentrated force, this position gains value, Without it, you scatter your energies.” He also cautions the Mars in Gemini individual to take care of their body as well as their mind. There is a danger of neglecting your physical well-being because you are so focused on mental pursuits.


Celebrities with Mars in Gemini

Al Pacino, Chris Evans, Martin Luther King Jr., Natalie Portman, Uma Thurman, Jim Morrison, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock, Naomi Campbell, Mike Tyson and Dwayne Johnson.

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Mars Podcast Episodes

If you’ve enjoyed this topic, below are some more interesting podcast episodes about Mars.

Author Bio

Arwynne O’Neill: Research Astrologer

Arwynne O’Neill works as a research astrologer in Vancouver, with a focus on delving into historical cycles and how they relate to societal transformations as influenced by the energies of the outer planets.

Contact Arwynne

Website MsPink

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Sun Square Pluto

Sun Square Pluto

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Gardening with Astrology

Gardening with Astrology

Gardening with Astrology

Use the power of astrology to improve your outdoor living space.

A garden has much to offer and can be a place for rest, rejuvenation and meditation.

You can create a green area to soothe your soul.

To find that relaxing spot in your backyard, here are a few lighthearted suggestions that will allow you to align your outdoor environment with your zodiacal sign.



The Planet’s Dominion over Plants

In astrology, all plants fall under the dominion of the planets.

The flowers, shrubs and trees suggested here are chosen for their association with the zodiacal sign that each planet rules.

If you are not the gardener in your household, get the person who is Mr. or Mrs. Greenfingers, find their sign, and put them to work.

Discover the perfect garden for your home with the help of the ancient art of astrology!

You may choose to read the dominant sign in your chart (usually the Sun-Sign or Ascendant), and some consideration could be given to the condition of your sixth house, which pertains to things you do everyday and to small plants.



Overheard in the Ram’s garden:


“I am now going to plant the first seedlings.”

“Only now? But you’ve lived here for three years!”

“Yes, now I’m going to start!”


To get things off to a quick start, invest in some help so your garden can appear overnight as if by magic.

The Mars-ruled are keen to have annuals, as they make an instant improvement.

There is always something new going into the Arian garden, like introducing fresh color combinations each year.

Select flowers and shrubs with red petals or bracts and plant quick-growing climbers like beans and sweet peas.

Enjoy hot produce from the vegetable patch for flavor in cooking, like ginger and chili.

Arian gardeners should own super-sharp secateurs for pruning, shaping, and cutting back.

Where trees are concerned, a flame or pepper tree will be suitable. Having dogs provides much needed action.

Place a fire pit on the patio for use on cool evenings to encourage heated conversations.


Suggested Plants for the Aries Garden

Suggested plants for the Aries gardener are; anemone, chives, chilies, capsicum, garlic, lupine, tiger lily and the hawthorn tree.



Overheard in the Bull’s garden:


“Are you building your garden on clay or sand?”

“Well, it’s all earth, really!”


Strong Taureans will probably enjoy working with the earth, actually getting down into the dirt and crumbling and tilling the soil.

They can work their way through the whole garden by double digging and augmenting the earth.

Adding organic matter and then top dressing with mulch are essential in the Taurean garden.

Introducing earthworms will improve the soil condition beautifully.

Acquiring a small used-farm plow as a feature will remind the Bull gardener of the land and how it is worked.

If there is room, a real beehive where bees can make honey will appeal.

This sign likes to have a productive garden.

Taking it slowly and accumulating beautiful plants will bless you blessed with rich abundance in a few years.


Suggested Plants for the Taurus Garden

Suggested plants for the Taurean garden are; all root vegetables, roses, creeping Jenny and all local plants.

Suitable trees are silver birch and elder.



Overheard in the Twin’s garden:


“These two plants look the same as two peas in a pod.”

“Yes, but just because they look the same doesn’t mean they are the same.”


Twins may encourage butterflies to visit their garden by introducing certain plants.

It is important for Geminis to bring pairs of plants into the garden so they can see them next to each other.

Geminis love labeling species so locals can learn the plant names, too. Third­ sign people like to talk to their plants. It is beneficial both to the plants who like the vibrations and to the Twins, who always have a lot to say.

This is the person who may keep a pigeon coop.

What will the neighbors think of Gemini’s yard?

You’ll find out when you get together over the fence to discuss it.

The Twins will probably enjoy a corner seat for reading interesting articles about all the things they could be doing in the garden if only they didn’t have to read that book first.


Suggested Plants for the Gemini Garden

Some ideas for Gemini’s garden are: caraway, hazel and orchids.

Add some hybrid plants.



Overheard in the lunar garden at dusk:


“I prefer the garden in the moonlight.”


“It’s a New Moon tonight.”

Rubbing shin, “Yes, I see, well, I can’t really see.”


Gardening by the Moon is well documented.

Simply put, plant during the waxing phase and harvest in the waning phase.

To sooth the Cancer soul, they could try a circular lawn In the middle of the lot with deep borders all round the edges.

Choosing plant material with white flowers is a good idea, because white petals are visible at dusk and attract moths. It is the classic green and white garden that appeals here.

Light colored flowers will reflect moonlight in the evening.

Cancerians will feel good walking around the curve of the lawn enjoying the fragrance of the evening flowers under the beams of the Moon.

In the vegetable patch, they can try watermelons and cucumbers, which are water dense, and the fruits are full and round.

Our lunar gardeners will enjoy feeding, seeding, and watering their garden.


Sugested Plants for the Cancer Garden

Suggested plants for the Moon-ruled garden are; cucumbers, melons, pumpkins, iris, lily, lettuce, some poppies, moonflower, lotus and white lilac.

Add white flowers.



Overheard on the Lion’s savanna:


“You have created a lovely garden.”

“Thank you, I did it all myself.”

“What, all that digging in the soil?”

“No, not the dirty work! I told the guy what to do.”


If you are going to make an entrance, then you need a wonderful arch. Place it where Leo can pause when entering the garden. Plant lots of yellow and red flowers and shrubs.

As a special treat in the solar-ruled garden, create a croquet game on the lawn to play with the kids. Of course, it will only be used for a while, then the hoops and mallet can be discreetly tucked away to allow the garden to return to the serene place Leos love.

A lounger for lazing on a sunny afternoon will be appreciated.

To be honest, most Leos would like to have peacocks in their garden. These extravagant birds are very regal. With a well-stocked flower-cutting garden, our Leo gardener has the flair to produce a good supply of fresh flowers for the vase.

All produce from the Sun-ruled garden can be bestowed on friends and family as gifts. Exquisitely wrapped gifts of seeds, cuttings, flowers, and vegetables will be given from the heart, as they are the fruits of Leo’s creation.


Suggested Plants for the Leo Garden

Suggested plants for Leo’s garden are: rosemary, marigolds, bay and ash trees, mistletoe, sunflowers, king proteas, and any plant specimens that no one else has.



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Overheard in the Virgin’s modest garden:


“Gosh, is that a weed?”

“I’ll just check my cross-referenced plant list, one moment … ah…, the garden design diagram …um, the detailed list, er …”


An herb garden is particularly suitable for a Virgo.

These delicate plants are useful, edible, and medicinal.

Herbs can be neatly labeled and different varieties of, say, mint can be compared in future taste tests.

Virgo will immerse themselves in the meticulous record-keeping required for herb growing.

Virgos will no doubt inform others of the different varieties planted in their formal beds.

A traditional herb garden layout with a circle defining planting placements appeals to Virgo.

This sign finds the precision of the structure soothing to the soul.

They can use a record book and keep a journal of all the plants and developments in their garden.

The Virgin will look back in years to come and see which plants really work well in which area.

Find a space to build a gazebo and place a table there so you can enjoy your gardening scrapbook work – oops, sorry, record keeping.


Suggested Planets for the Virgo Garden

Some specimens Virgo can try are; dill, fennel, narcissus, parsley and hazel.



Overheard while Libra is trimming the topiary:


“Just a bit off the left…” (snip)

“Oh, now a bit off the right…” (snip)

“Hmm, just a trifle on the left…” (snip)


I knew a man once who had a brownfields garden (brand-new home and not a blade of grass, just soil).

He wanted to prepare the ground for the lawn, which had been ordered and was to be put down the next day.

Mr. Libra spent the whole day raking the soil back and forth over the garden, endlessly, to reach the perfect level for the purpose of laying sod.

It is essential that there be no uneven areas to upset the Libra balance and prevent them from enjoying the rest of the garden.

Installing a bat house at the end of the property will encourage these flying mammals.

In the evening, these fascinating creatures can be seen swooping out to search for mosquitoes.

It is a conversation point for Librans to test the status quo of their guests at their many soirees.

A teeter-totter or seesaw is a great idea for Libra’s garden, and if anyone needs a hammock, it is Libra. Position it well out of range of a draft where they can gently rock.

A soft wind chime can induce relaxation.

They love scented plants, which can be used to make potpourri, and the fragrance helps maintain their delicate equilibrium.


Suggested Planets for the Libra Garden

Suggested plants for the Libran garden include; roses, gooseberry, all mints, apple trees and some aloes.

Add any soft green plants with fragrance.


The Scorpio Garden

Overheard in the Scorpion’s secret hideaway garden:



“[more silence]”


Of all the signs, the Scorpio gardener desires a compost heap.

Maybe even three, one for this week’s, one for next month’s, and one for next year’s beautiful sweet smelling blend.

This friable, black, recycled product can be returned to the earth to add enrichment.

Scorpios are sound in the knowledge that this is part of Mother Earth’s master scheme.

Plan to have a secluded space, perhaps with a bench, so that Scorpio can sit quietly enjoying their outside space without the neighbors looking in.

Scorpio will often bury boxes in the garden.

Well-drained soil is required.

Create a pool for frogs, toads and a few lizards to enjoy.

If the body of water is large enough, they can try adding turtles, too.

When space permits, a bog garden that filters and recycles water from upstream is something all Scorpios will appreciate.


Suggested Plants for the Scorpio Garden

Scorpios desire to have in their secret garden plants like; basil, figs, foxglove (digitalis), cactus, onions, nightshade, carnivorous plants.

Add any plant whose botanical name includes the name graveolens.


The Sagittarius Garden

Overheard on the Archer’s prairie:

“In Europe, gardens are going vertical.”

“Oh, yes?”

“Indeed, It’s a growth area, and did you know that trees are the new black…the sky’s the limit!”


Sagittarians will be happy with plantings of blue gladiolus and hollyhocks at the back of the bed.

Plant cornflowers at the front of the beds, near the edge.

Allow space for a path for strolling if room permits, or maybe lay a small labyrinth using small plants such a box hedge.

This garden would do well with an ornamental bridge crossing from one area to another.

Try to find an armillary sphere, or astrolabe, and place it on a large, high column, with the arrow pointing to the sky, so it can be seen from every vantage point in the garden.

Centaurs enjoy having a garden that can be left unattended for a few weeks at a time while they enjoy their travels, so all the plants in their garden will have to be hardy and indigenous.

Trees are preferred, with plants having tall growing spires of green. Strawberry runners that can pop up all along a border will amuse the Archer.


Suggested Plants for the Sagittarius Garden

Sagittarians could try growing; any blue flowers or foreign species, borage, carnation, asparagus, sage, wheat, strawberries, maple, chestnut, rushes, oak trees and all tall, leggy plants and runners.


The Capricorn Garden

Overheard in the Sea Goat’s garden:

“Why are you planting a pear tree?”

“Well, the fruit will be ready for the grandchildren.”

“You don’t have any kids.”

“Yes, but, you know – pears for your heirs.”


Now, Saturn-ruled folk are quite happy to plant trees and vines that take ages to come to fruition, such as pear trees, which may take up to twenty-five years to bear.

But the attraction for Capricorn is that the produce will be available for the next generation.

They seriously consider those that will come after them, so slow-growing plants appeal.

The Saturn ruled appreciate a sundial tucked away in the garden so they can verify that they are in time with nature. For posterity, Sea Goats may bury a time capsule to benefit later generations.

Establishing ivy against a fence, so it can be seen during the cold winter, appeals to the Capricorn gardener.

Small trellises here and there will break up the space and give it definition.

Perhaps they may build a stonewall to contain a raised bed.

This satisfies two needs; old folks can sit on the wall and weed, and the hard structure will limit and restrict the growth of any invasive plants and rampant root systems.

Container planting is a good idea for this sign, as the plant’s growth can be curtailed by its pot.


Suggested Plants for the Capricorn Garden

Suggested plants for Capricorn’s garden include; barley, spinach, ivy, yew hedges, poplar, elm, quince, angelica, Indian hemp and any flowers with black petals.



Overheard in the Water Bearer’s garden:

  • “Plants have rights, too, you know.”
  • “Really?”
  • “Yes, especially the triffids.”

In the Aquarian’s garden, place a small weather vane that can be seen from the house. This will allow the Water Bearer to monitor wind direction in the garden.

Growing a variety of tall grasses at the borders will serve two purposes: first, breezes will make their fronds sway in undulating waves, adding a pleasant rustle.

Secondly, they will provide nest-building material for wild birds, who can then weave them to use in building their homes in nearby trees.

An abundance of home-building plant material will encourage birds nearly as much as water in the garden.

The Uranus-ruled will find satisfaction watching wild birds. Aquarians are likely to protect our feathered friends from predators such as the cat next door.


Suggested Plants for the Aquarian Garden

Suggested plants for the Aquarian garden are; grasses, olives, some orchids, and any unusual or unique specimens. transonic repellents come in.

Water Bearers will appreciate the self-seeding of plants through the action of the blowing wind, creating drifts of textures and colors.


The Pisces Garden

Overheard in the Fishes’ garden:

“Gosh, I can’t imagine where that plant came from.”

“It looks a bit fuzzy.”

“Yes, I could have sworn it wasn’t there last year”


This is the garden with the overgrown look.

There is a slightly unkempt overflow of flowers, herbs, and trees that make up a Piscean garden retreat.

A good idea is to mount mirrors among the plantings, against the walls and pillars, to give the impression of more depth.

Looking glasses give the illusion of other garden rooms, which can open up all kinds of possibilities.

They will enjoy a fishpond; not just a small shallow one, but a deep pond for Koi, where Neptune-ruled Pisces can peer into the gloom and imagine any number of dreams.

Those with the Sun in this last sign of the zodiac prefer flowers with single petals, such as cosmos, daisies, and the purple coneflower.

The simplicity of the shapes will appeal to the Piscean gardener.

A good idea is to photograph the yard at the equinoxes and solstices to have an image for enjoyment.

Watch out for weeds (I use the term loosely) of all kinds.

These gardeners start with a vision of how they want their garden to look, but the plants just seem to get away from them.

The glamour in this yard will usually come from the owner herself.


Suggested Planets for the Pisces Garden

Suggested plants for the Fishes garden include; cosmos, purple coneflower, spruce, opium poppy and tobacco plant.

Introduce some water lilies, perhaps in the Koi pond.

Really, anything goes.


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Zodiac Sign Notebooks

Zodiac Sign Notebooks

Zodiac Sign Notebooks

I am excited to share with your my latest venture in creating Zodiac Sign Notebooks. I loved designing these colorful notebooks.

Each one has what I call “light astrology” (so nothing highly technical and tricky as astrology can often get), which will appeal to the person in the street.

Perfect for all who have a Sun Sign, oh right, that’s everyone in your life.

These handy ruled notebooks are specially written and designed by myself.

They are themed and tailored to the individual zodiac sign.


Each Zodiac Sign Notebook focusses on one sign.

There are twelve individual Zodiac Sign Notebooks in the whole collection.

Choose the book for your sign and the signs of your loved ones.

When you reach for your Zodiac Sign Notebook, you are automatically learning more about your sign.

Newbies can trace the glyphs for their sign which are printed on every page.

Aspiring astrologers will appreciate the snippets, at the bottom of every right-hand page, which contain interesting information about the specific sign.

Star Giving

If you are the star astrologer in your group (that’s the only person who knows the difference between a bull and a fish), consider your family, friends, and the people whom you love and stimulate their interest in astrology with the gift of a Zodiac Sign Notebook.

They will love you for it.

The goodness is in the giving. You will benefit as others begin to understand why you love astrology as well.

People can get a glimpse into your world and the astrology that you love.


  • The sign glyph is on every page.
  • Ruled pages.
  • Every other page has an interesting snippet especially about the sign.
  • The books have the sign’s affinities like the planetary ruler, precious metal and minerals, angel, trees, plants, herbs, compatibilities with the other signs and more.
  • Suitable for anyone with a Sun sign.
  • These medium sized (6″ x 9″) softcover notebooks contain 120 pages and are perfect for everyday use.
  • Available from Amazon.

How to Order Your Zodiac Notebooks

To order each book from Amazon, simply click on the image below.

Please note that as this is a brand new project.

What Each Sun Sign Wants in the Workplace – for Employers

What Each Sun Sign Wants in the Workplace – for Employers

by Alison Price

What Each Sun Sign Wants in the Workplace

In astrology the Sun shows what you want. Each Sun sign has specific wants that they naturally strive towards. When we consider how each sign can benefit you as an employer it makes sense to take a look at what each sign wants so you can place each person in the correct role in your company.


Aries wants to be first. They are keen to lead a team and be the front man and the go-getter. Rams want to make a difference and leave their mark, or two, at work. They can easily drive, encourage and push workers to reach their own potential. They are the natural entrepreneurs of the zodiac. Mars ruled folk love to start projects.


Taurus wants to produce things. They are happy for situations to remain the same. Bulls can work on consistent projects with results. They will establish valuable resources for the company and are adroit at managing business finances. Taurus is reliable, will stay put, be at their desk and build productivity.



Gemini wants to communicate information to anyone who will listen. They are great at interviewing and educating the workforce. Twins can translate concepts that lesser mortals struggle to see. They happily give knowledge, and they know all the office gossip. They will network with all and sundry and question ideas.


Cancer wants to care. They can easily step into the role of the office mother. Crabs are the most comfortable sign for working at home. In the workplace they make other employees feel safe and create a welcoming environment. They will lead from behind as they protect and nourish the staff. They love to cultivate both people and companies.


Leo wants to inspire others. They easily develop younger members, youth and children. Lions shine at work and can birth ideas that benefit the business. They are the perfect person to tackle one-off projects of which they can be proud. They will take risks and are not usually shy to show their style at work. The Sun ruled will support and mentor younger people as they create projects.


Virgo wants to serve. They are the best administrators of the zodiac. Virgins gladly assist on projects that are led by others. They are the best troopers in the office. They will stand behind and support others thus they make ideal assistants. They can analyze things and will give credit where it is due. They may be accused of micromanaging, but they will always help others with daily activities.


Libra wants to work with others. They straightway need to be social at work. The Scales will be an excellent silent partner for the other pushy signs. They make great mediators and are often found in human resources departments. Libra strives for an equitable work/life balance. They want to find win-win situations and negotiate results.


Scorpio wants to be an angel investor. They are attracted to research in all its forms. Scorpions make the best human resources terminator which is often a role that others do not want. They manipulate situations to be the power behind the throne. They will uncover problems and purge weak people, projects and trappings from the workplace.


Sagittarius wants to be a visionary. They can immediately see the overarching company direction and guide other towards the light. Archers easily realize the big picture. They are brilliant at reaching out worldwide to grow the company. They will encourage others to explore different approaches utilizing global techniques.


Capricorn wants to be in charge. They can easily solidify and formalize company structures. Sea Goats strive to build succession so they themselves can move up. They can prepare rules for systems and methods to aid productivity. They are the gatekeepers and will enforce commercial regulations, maintain dress codes and establish businesses.


Aquarius wants to innovate. They are the thought leaders of the zodiac. Water Bearers can use computer systems and will keep the company up-to-date with technology. They are happy to be one of the boys and to be seen as part of a group. They welcome newcomers to the office and embrace new ideas, projects and inventions.


Pisces wants to be artistic. They are keen to be in the backroom and may be a recluse. Fish are in tune with others and can intuitively find solutions to problems. They empathize with co-workers. They can happily work behind the scenes quietly making progress. They are the best sign to understand the underlying office energy and are aware of atmospheres and elusive behavior.






The Sun is in Gemini from May 21 to June 21.


Gemini Symbolism

The symbol for Gemini is The Twins and this shows up in your dual nature.


Gemini Key Phrase

A key phrase is “I think…” and many Gemini types say this every day.


Gemini Ruling Planet

Your ruling planet is Mercury the messenger of the Gods.


Gemini Polarity, Element and Mode

Gemini is in the mutable mode meaning you are flexible and dexterous, the element is air suggesting that Twins are intellectual and of the active polarity indicating you are confident and outgoing.


Gemini Keywords

Gemini’s are instinctive communicators and want to make connections with others.

You are good at associations and are happy just to know your name.

Twins are adaptable, restless and crave variety in life. You can have diverse interests.

You are inquisitive and want to know things to fill your mental database with lots of information.

You are the sign of duality and can multi-task like no other.

Gemini makes good jugglers and fare well in pub quizzes.


Gemini Compatibility

Passionate for Sagittarius.

Loves Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Friends with Aries and Leo.

Stretches with Virgo and Pisces.

Grinds with Scorpio and Capricorn.

Ignores Taurus and Cancer.

Planets in Gemini

Here are some planets in Gemini. As I write more I’ll add them here.


The Other Signs

If you enjoyed this post you may like to explore the other signs and learn something about their meaning.

Author Bio

Alison encourages you to explore your unique creativity and live a satisfying life through your personal astrology. She offers her insights from the heart and with a sense of humor.

Go here to read more about Alison’s story.

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Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing

FOREST BATHING is a new method of spending time away from the digital world and immersing yourself in nature.