The Sun

The Sun rules Leo, is exalted in Aries, in detriment in Aquarius and falls in Libra.


Sun Keywords


The Sun rules the self, your identity and you as an individual.



Your vitality, your life force, and your independence are shown by your Sun’s placement.



the Sun is one of the indicators of yoor Father who he is in your life and other men who are father figures.



The Sun represents the hero’s quest. In your life you are the hero.



The Sun speaks of all men and maleness, the ego and your male role models. In a woman’s chart the Sun is one of the indicators of type of man to whom she is attracted. The other planetary indicator for the types of men a woman likes is Mars.



The Sun shows how you want to be seen, your drive, self-expression, your heart and where you are proactive.


Sun Extras

More interesting information on the Sun in astrology.

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