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Who Wants to Be a Podcast Guest?

We receive around 10 applications from potential podcast guests each week. Most of these requests are from people who are in no way related to astrology or New Age topics in any shape or form. They are often in other arenas like parenting, tech and finance which are spaces which seem to attract a lot of people. It is almost like spam for guest spots. They say there are 17 podcast guests for every podcast out there and I can believe this.

In this guide, we’ll explore the universal principles of being an excellent podcast guest, tailored specifically for your astrological expertise and how to apply your stellar insights to join the cosmic conversations at Starzology.

Are You the Astrologer We Are Looking For?

Perhaps you want to be a guest on the Starzology Astrology podcast but you are not sure…

If you are reading this, you are already equipped with unique qualities.

  • We want to chat to astrology students about their journey.
  • We need to meet astrology teachers who can explain how to learn.
  • We crave astrology researchers looking into special topics in astrology.
  • We desire to connect with astrology practitioners sharing their business advice.
  • We love people in the astrology space who are doing something for the astrology community.


Be a Good Podcast Guest

Celestial Alignment

Begin your cosmic journey by aligning your astrology themed energy, with us that resonate with your expertise and values. Explain what astrological experiences you bring to the table.

Craft a Great Introduction

Prepare a captivating pitch that not only showcases your astrological prowess but also reflects your mindful and creative approach. Demonstrate a genuine understanding of our audience and explain how you can contribute positively to the conversation. Listen to our podcast and tell us which episode you have enjoyed the most so far and why.

Prepare, Research and Rehearse

Familiarize yourself with our podcast style, previous episodes, and the topics we cover. Equip yourself with engaging anecdotes, practical tips, and insightful perspectives related to astrology and mindfulness. Rehearse your key points to ensure a smooth and impactful interview. Make notes.

Be Present and Upbeat

Your upbeat and positive energy is a cosmic gift—let it shine during the interview. Embrace the present moment, engage with the host and audience, and share your insights with enthusiasm. Your mindfulness and creativity will add a unique sparkle to the podcast conversation.

Recording In-person at Starzology

If you are being recorded in-person, bring along your latest work, book, projects, candles or cards and show us what you are doing to better the world of astrology. If you are being recorded in person at Starzology we do provide drinks and snacks to keep you going. Please do not bring your dog. I say this as previously someone did.

Recording on Zoom

If you are being recorded on Zoom, have your best microphone plugged in and turned up. Be aware of noise. Put your pets in the other room and pay attention to your background commotion.  Have a glass of water to hand as your throat may get scratchy.

Engage with Our Listeners

Connect with our podcast’s audience by addressing their interests and concerns. Speak directly to our audience’s curiosity, by sharing relatable stories and giving actionable advice.

Encourage listeners to connect with you through your website or social media to foster your community beyond the podcast episode. Please have your email address and your website URL at hand.

Before You Apply

Explore Starzology and Understand Our Essence

Before applying, delve into the world of Starzology. Familiarize yourself with the themes and topics we cover, as well as the tone of our conversations. Ensure that your unique blend of astrology, mindfulness, and creativity aligns harmoniously with us.

Showcase Your Brilliance

Tailor your application to be a podcast guest on Starzology and tell us about your expertise in astrology in some way. Highlight your creativity and showcase how your insights can contribute positively to the Starzology community. Express your enthusiasm for joining our celestial conversations.

Express Gratitude and Openness

Demonstrate your appreciation for the opportunity to be part of Starzology’s cosmic journey. Express your willingness to share your knowledge and engage with our audience. Display openness to collaborate and a genuine passion to contribute to the Starzology audiences experience.

How to Apply

Complete the Form

Complete this Google form as best you can. We will contact you as soon as time allows. Which is usually on a weekday and not over weekends.

Be a Stellar Podcast Guest

Becoming a stellar podcast guest involves aligning your energy, crafting a compelling pitch, preparing thoroughly, radiating positivity and connecting with our listeners. Best of luck, and may your presence illuminate the podcasting universe in the near future.

We would love to hear from you.