Virgo June 2021

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This is a great month for your reputation as the solar eclipse on June 10th occurs in your career zone.

Improvements in your public life will trickle down to your learning abilities and that’s what this makes this an important moment. Also eclipses I’ve seen moments when something good can be begun.

Mercury, your planetary ruler, will start to move forward again on the 22nd.

This is important as it occurs in an area that affects your reputation.

What others say about you and how they discuss you Will be improved now.

You can anticipate that someone will refer you perhaps for a career change that is in your favor.

Everyone you speak to now will form an opinion about you and you want to make sure it is positive.


Mars enters your private wellbeing sector on June 11th would you galvanize you into action to get your life on track and beat the competition.

But wait, the only person you should be competing with is yourself.

Get real about where you are in your health and wellness so you can measure improvements from this point onwards.

Do not compare yourself to others, you do you.

Virgo June 2021


The Capricorn Full Moon on June 24th will illuminate your romantic life.

This is a time when you can see exactly what your relationship is all about which may be very different to what you thought it was all about.

Jupiter will station in your partnership area on June 20th to bring a halt to any extreme behaviour from either of you.

Now you can take stock and really appreciate each other in a loving way.

And that’s not all, Neptune will station in your partnership area on June 22nd to add a little mystery and elusion to any committed relationships.

Even if you suspect something fishy is going on let it go because all will be clear next month.


The best days for you to tap into your artistic gene this month or the 23rd or 24th.

This is the time that the moon is passing through your creative sector which indicates that you will feel more like being creative in general.

Pay attention to your mood as you wake up these mornings and use that to guide you in all your creative output.


This will be the perfect time to take a health check surrounding your life path.

If you have a five year or 10-year plan about where you think you should be at certain ages in your life this is the time to review it.

It is likely that you feel you are being over ambitious, and perhaps you are, so take a careful look at your plans.

An older man is likely to offer you some amazing and valuable advice.

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