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Virgo January 2023

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Virgo Money

Early in the month the financial planet will slip into stimulate your work for money area. You may receive some extra gratuities, bonusses or tips. At midmonth, focus on your serious career as planetary energy stimulates this space for you. A younger man may give you a leg up on the competition or some work inside information that will get you moving.

On January 20th. Your daily sector is illuminated by the Sun. This will be a time where you maybe fall in love with your work. And you find that you are in. An easy balance with what you were doing. Now you will ignore the naysayers around you and pursue the type of meaningful work that appeals to you. Listen to your heart and you won’t go wrong.

Play close attention on the 21st to the New Moon as it augurs well for all types of employment and business in your life. If you receive a job invitation now you will do well to consider it carefully.

Virgo Love

On January 18th, chatty Mercury will turn direct in your love area. This suggests that you will be able to clear the air through conversations with those whom you find attractive.

If you are an artistic type, this would be a perfect time to write some poetry to your lover. Make sure to pay close attention to what your romantic partner says as it will be important to the future of your romance.

In the very last week of the month, you are fortunate in your love life as a beneficial planet will stimulate this area for you.

If your romantic relationships have been fraught recently or somewhat dry, you may find that they are able to blossom in the last week of January. Do not dismiss this positive energy and clear time in your schedule for love.

Virgo Vision

Many Virgos struggle to find their life path and vision, and this has not been helped recently by the very disruptive planet Uranus hanging around in this area.

In the latter part of January, Uranus will shift direction in your favor. Any crazy ideas you get in the third week of January you will need to consider and not just dismiss out of hand as being impractical for you. Do yourself a favor and allow possibilities to be contemplated for your future.

Virgo Wellbeing

The 3rd, 4th and 5th of January are the best three days this month for your wellbeing. If possible, take time to rest and rejuvenate then.

Virgo Creativity

Virgos are not the most genial people. If possible, around the Full Moon on the 11th, make time for a social gathering with friends or colleagues.

People you associate with around the Full Moon will probably be your true friends because they know exactly who you are and have no illusions about you. By the same token, you can clearly see their flaws as well.

This is a time to accept them. The veneer and polish in your friendships will be removed around the days of the Full Moon. Use this time to better understand the people who are close to you in your life.

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