Author: Alison Price   –   Published:  January 2024

Which Sign to Read?

I’ve written these Starzology horoscopes for Ascendant signs. If you know your Ascendant sign then read that horoscope. Otherwise, read your Sun sign, and while you’re at it, think about getting your chart cast so you will know your Ascendant sign for the future.


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Virgo February 2024

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February 5th, Mercury enters your daily activities sector you can once again focus on the details of your life. Anticipate hearing good news about something that happened at work a while ago.

Venus enters your work zone on the 16th to bring some relief to your work-a-day life. This is the perfect time to spruce up your office, or home office, and bring in some flowers, art or other beautiful objects. Your employment environment will be important now to support your inner peace. This also indicates there will be ease at your job and you should be paid fairly for work you have done.


On February 19th, the Sun enters your main relationship sector. The solar energy thaws your close personal relationships even further to light up and bring warmth and love to this area of your life.


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On February 24th, the Full Moon is in your sign. This indicates you will be clear and open with people you meet face-to-face. Use this time to put your personal agenda out there. This is a time when you are personally being illuminated. It is a period when you can clearly see the difference between your wants and needs and at the same time it is clear what must be done.

You may experience emotional insights into what you are doing with your life now. Spend a few days in the last couple of weeks of the month to review what you are doing and where you would like to be going in the next year.


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Horoscopes for All Signs

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