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Capricorn January 2023

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Capricorn Creativity

The first three days of 2023 promise to be hugely creative for you. This is the time to let your output flow and be loose with your craft. If you are a painter, get a bigger brush. If you are a musician reach for the drums. Don’t hold back, rather lean into the urge to make something special.


January is a super month for your serious relationships. On the 6th at the Full Moon, you can be honest with your partner about exactly how you feel and how things are going from your side.

Later around the 22nd, the quirky and unpredictable planet, Uranus, will once more move forward in your romance sector. This has happened every year for the past few years. It signals some unease in romance and can show up as a niggle with your love interest. Roll with it and avoid making any rash decision to break things off tempting as it may be.

Capricorn Money

Your work is likely to improve especially your relationships with male colleagues as this month unfolds. Sea Goats are traditionally careful with money. In January, there will be a little extra if you feel the urge to splurge, but only a little mind.

Later, around the 20th you are fortunate to have the life-giving Sun beaming down on your finances. The peak of your financial success this month will occur at the New Moon on the 21st.

Capricorn Wellbeing

Mid-January you will feel better about decisions that you may have been grappling with for the past few weeks. Make any final commitments after the 18th as that is when the universe will support your decisions.

Capricorn Vision

Only in the last week will you have the time or energy to consider your life plans. This part of your life may have taken a back seat for a while and this trend continues into February. You are not yet at the point of making changes for your future. Be patient and the time will come.

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