Capricorn June 2021

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At the start of the month Venus enters your partnership area to bring beautiful things into your relationships.

Midmonth Mars swoops into your intimate sector, and this is likely to spice things up quite a bit in the bedroom.

The spotlight shifts onto your main personal relationships at the solstice around June 21st which is a powerful point in the year.

Now you can expect more warmth, light and love between you.

Finally on June 27th, your private life will improve as positive celestial energy is being brought to bear on the most intimate parts of your life.

If you are single, June will offer you select opportunities to find quality romantic partners.

This is not to say that you will find the love of your life, but you will be exposed to several people who are potential lovers for you.

If you are already in a happy and meaningful relationship, this is the month to reach out and rekindle the early love you once had.

Robust relationships will go from strength to strength during this time frame.



You may receive challenges in your creative life this month that stem from money issues.

It is likely that you will have to compromise your creative expression due to financial constraints.

This may simply be that you do not have the cash to buy the new paints, yarns or the craft materials that you require or, if you are a commercial artist, you may feel obliged to take a lesser commission from a potential buyer for an artwork that you are forced to negotiate down to retain the sale.

Anticipate these days as a passing phase, but they may give you pause for thought about the value you place on your creative projects


This month you are likely to feel under pressure financially from your wild lifestyle.

Your planetary ruler, Saturn, is in a tense relationship with the hooligan planet Uranus.

If you have been financially savvy in the past, you may find yourself splurging on games and fun tech gear.

However, if you do not have a grip on your finances, this month may bring more challenges surrounding money for you.

Be on the alert to sudden urges to make online purchases for stuff you don’t need.


This month you have the opportunity for a restart in your physical and mental well-being as the solar eclipse on June 10th stimulates your health zone.

Around Tuesday the 22nd, anticipate that your self-care and wellness regime will start to work better for you.

If necessary, discuss your wellbeing plans with someone who can help you.

This is a brilliant time to reach out and engage a trainer or nutritional to look over what you are doing.


Capricorns usually have a vision for their life mapped out from when they are very young.

But there is no harm in making some tweaks.

If this is your plan, the best days for you to do fine-tune your world domination strategy will be on the Wednesday, 16th and Thursday, 17th of June.

On these couple of days, Luna will stimulate your vision sector, so you can make a deep emotional connection with your life plan which will sustain you through difficult days ahead.