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Writer’s Guidelines for Guest Posts

Write a Guest Post for Starzology

From time-to-time Starzology publishes material from selected guest post writers.

We are looking for astrology guest writers although you do not need to be an experienced astrologer to write for us.

The process of becoming an astrologer has many interesting twists and turns along the path.

We want to hear from you and your journey towards astrology.


Our Audience

Our audience are people who dabble in astrology, new students, lifetime students, and those good folk we like to call Friends of Astrology. 


Starzology is a niche astrology site that helps you create a successful astrology business and shows you how to overcome the two main issues facing astrologers of how to move from student to professional astrologer status and how to develop, establish and manage a small business.


We try to present a light tone and like to bring in humor.



Guest Post Writer’s Guidelines

  • Write a piece on your chosen topic (minimum 1000 words).
  • Format in a Word.doc file.
  • Please do not embed hyperlinks or footnotes into the file.
  • Attach a copyright free topic related .JPG image (can be a chart).
  • Include your choice promotional headshot photo .JPG.
  • Provide an optional mini-bio preferably in the third person (50 words).
  • Add your contact details specifying your URL.
  • Forward all the above via email using the contact form below.
  • Write Proposed Guest Blogger in the subject line of the email.
  • Upon acceptance you add a reciprocal link to
  • You give permission for publication on the Starzology blog


Choose Your Guest Post Topic

You may care to discuss something close to your heart or any astrology related issue of your choice. For further ideas you may request a copy of our editorial calendar.


We are always interested in:

  • Tip and tricks that can be immediately used in interpretations
  • Astrology book, software, product or conference reviews
  • Astro poetry
  • Current transit configurations (up there right now)
  • Ingresses
  • Astrologers from history (Ptolemy and co.)
  • Quirky things going on (OOB, GC, Rx etc)
  • How to interpret… (chart features)
  • Personal narrative on “The Astrologer’s Life”
  • Humour


Don’t simply talk about something, tell our readers how it affects them.

What we Don’t Publish

  • We do not publish political commentary or tragedy stories.
  • We do not accept material which back links to adult sites.
  • We do not take writing in related new age topics like numerology or palmistry.


Guest Post Timing

If your content is time sensitive (such as an eclipse piece) please do not leave it to the last minute.

Our posting schedule is loosely Thursdays and Mondays. Occasional additional/overflow content on Wednesday and shorter (fun, poetry, jokes or quizzes) on Tuesdays or Saturdays.

Starzology blog posts are usually scheduled two months in advance. However this is a dynamic site run by humans and every attempt is made to accept sparkling material.



We believe creating in synergy (where one plus one equals three) we believe this practice helps us all grow together.

Read our posts, listen to our podcast, be a commenter on our blog, subscribe on YouTube and understand what we are about.





We value your work and we are currently assessing this as at present, there is no honorarium offered.



Your material may be lightly edited.



Please send your submissions to