Author: Alison Price   –   Published: March 2023

Advanced Natal Chart Readings

Advanced natal astrology involves a more detailed analysis of a birth chart than a basic chart reading will.

When reading a birth chart, advanced practitioners use sophisticated techniques to unearth deeper insights in birth charts.

As an advanced astrologer, you can refine your ability to interpret charts with precision and depth.

By using advanced techniques, you will enrich your readings and give your clients a comprehensive perspective on their life paths.

Through continuous practice and study, you as an aspiring astrologer, can refine your skills as you hone your craft.

Then you can give insightful and polished readings which resonate profoundly with the people who seek your guidance and understanding.


The Most Elevated Planet

Most Elevated Planet: Your most elevated planet its meaning and how to find it.


Lunar Phases

Understanding the 8 Lunar Phases and what the phase means in a chart.


Gauquelin Sectors

Gaquelin Sectors: Learn about the two main Gaquelin sectors and their importance.


Planetary Motion

How Planets Move: Learn about Kepler’s 2nd law of planetary motion and how it affects your chart readings.


Morning Planets

Morning Planets: Discover the morning planet for perception and vocation.


Essential Dignities

Essential Dignities: Explore the weights of the planets through essential dignity, including term and face.

The Part of Fortune

Find out about the Part of Fortune and how to calculate it. Consider its complex and what your chart says about your fortune in life.

Lunar Nodes

Learn about the lunar nodes and their complexes.

Dispositor Trees

Discover how to draw a dispositor tree. Explore your own dispositor tree. Learn about the 3 positions a planets may have in a dispositor tree and the 5  types of dispositor trees. 

Fibonacci Aspects

Learn about the Fibonacci aspect set, the select aspects in it and why only these natural aspects matter.

Synodic Cycles

Explore the many ongoing synodic cycles and which ones affect you.


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