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Don’t take our word for it, find out what some of our students and clients have to say about their learning and astrology consultation experiences with Starzology.


Kind Words from My Community

I received all the personal testimonials on this page from satisfied astrology students, astrology peers and related new age professionals whom I have had the pleasure to work with in recent years. My heartfelt thanks go to all those who have commented as I really appreciate that you took the time to provide positive feedback. Some comments are edited for brevity. ~ Alison ⭐️


On My Free Chart Interpretation Guide

“I just wanted to let you know how thoughtful it was for you to send the Chart Interpretation Guide. Thank you so much! Chart synthesis can be overwhelming and has caused me much anxiety in the past, truth be told. But now, with the help of this guide, I have a newly found confidence with it. I just inputted my own personal natal data into the guide to try it out, and I was extremely impressed with its thoroughness. This is such an awesome guide!  l can’t wait to utilize it more. Its going to make my efforts more streamlined and cohesive, which is a huge benefit. So thank you, I really  appreciate it. Thanks again,” Stacy


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On My YouTube Channel Shows

I Just want to reach out and say that I love all of your videos, and I just received your book. It is so insightful! Thank you for all you do, and I look forward to seeing more of your videos!” Lumi – Astro-styles

Great video Alison! 🔆” Tatiana – Life in Glow Wellness

“Thank you for a wonderfully clear and simple procedure for New Moon watching.  And I especially enjoyed your interpretation of Nadiya’s and your composite chart. I enjoy and appreciate your posts – Thank you.” – Marlene 

“Great video! Very informative and inspiring. Thanks” – Lydia

On My Newsletters

“My mother really loves astrology and since I was a child I remember conversations, magazines, and books in our home.  I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiring messages which help each one of us to have faith in ourselves, in a general basis!” – Vicky, Greece – 

“Dear Alison. Thank you so much for these beautiful and informative newsletters. I am really happy that I signed up. With lots of good wishes. Nazish :)”

“Love your newsletters Alison! You’re inspiring me. You are always so sharp, spot on and engaging.” – KSLB Toronto, Canada

“Once again I have been reading your fabulous newsletter and links. Your website and newsletter are developing beautifully, I don’t know if you do it yourself or have someone do it for you but whoever is doing this it’s getting to be really first class, I enjoy reading your news.” ~ Andrew M – London, England

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Comments about my Books:



“Alison covers a lot of detail and also several little sections on how to use your own birth chart to help you as an astrologer. I would highly recommend this book, if you are starting an Astrology Business.”   D Beck – Amazon

“I have just purchased and downloaded your Introduction to Astrology – Beginner’s Workbook and I am very impressed with what I have received.” – Andrew K. 

This lady gives you all the info you need to start an astrology practice. Short and to the point. Recommended.”   Carrie

“I have just finished reading your e-book, “Introduction to Astrology.”  As a newbie to the subject, I found your book to be very helpful.  Now that I have read it, I will go back and do the work assignments. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.” – J.R.F. 

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Comments about my Astrological Consulting:

“Thank you so much, Alison! I am deeply grateful for your insight 🙂 “ J.M, – Cincinnati – OH

“Alison is a forward-thinking, professional astrologer whose depth of knowledge is only eclipsed by her professionalism and compassionate help.” ~ Louise F. – Oakville, ON



“I was very impressed by Alison’s dedication in creating my astrology chart.  I’ve benefited greatly by her caring nature and expertise.” ~ Christine. F. – Burlington, ON

“Alison is an excellent astrologer with advanced methodologies that can be accessed for astrological requirements. She is an expert in her field. I would recommend her to anyone seeking advice regarding astrology.” ~ Sarah – Johannesburg, RSA

“Believe it or not I was quite nervous…everything you said was true. Thank you.” ~ Jacqui E. F. Cambridgeshire, UK


On my Speaking Engagements, Workshops and Lectures:

What can I say but THANK YOU!  I so enjoyed today’s workshop. Norma L. – Kelowna, BC, Canada

Thank you for such a wonderful workshop. – Lydia W. Vancouver

I enjoyed your workshop, and it was really pleasant to meet the other attendees, as well as spend time with you and Toby. It was quite fun and informative. – Dianne, New Westminster

Thank you very much for an awesome presentation. I learned lots about fixed stars and vertex. and how important they are in a natal chart. I hope to see you sometime in the near future. By the way, you have a beautiful daughter. Karen M. – North Vancouver

THANK you both for Saturday’s workshop. I came away inspired and FULL of new ideas and information—as well as good solid homework. Thanks for the challenge, Alison. It sent me to the ephemeris (of course) which I need practice working with and of course, it draws me back to transits which uses what I’ve been learning about in Toby’s workshops—so there was a LOT of integration and applying the learning. Something about being led by two Leos made it especially sparking and fun and playful and—as I say—inspiring. – Alfred

I want to thank you again for the interesting and insightful presentation on March 9th, 2017 and for so graciously and generously sharing your knowledge and research on the subject. What a tremendous amount of background work went into presenting that workshop. I do intend to have a closer look at those transits as they apply to my now adult children. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise and for forwarding the .pdf version of your presentation. Blessings, Marlene M – Winnipeg, Canada

The (eclipse) workshop was great! It gave us a lot of valuable information and I am sure we all learned some new things. Also, the organization was excellent, and I enjoyed the whole event. Thank you! – Goran V. – Vancouver, Canada



Thank you for an inspiring and informative talk last night. Thoroughly enjoyed it, as we all did. Really intriguing. – Claire M. 

I want to thank you again for the interesting and insightful presentation on March 9th, 2017 and for so graciously and generously sharing your knowledge and research on the subject.  What a tremendous amount of background work went into presenting that workshop.  I do intend to have a closer look at those transits as they apply to my now adult children. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise and for forwarding the .pdf version of your presentation. – Marlene M. Winnipeg

Very valuable insights into interpretation of most kinds of relationship, whether business, family or partners.

So glad I went, and would like to thank Alison and Thomas for all the hard work that went into arranging this workshop. – Annie P. 

It was so nice of you and appreciated more than words can say! On behalf of Astrology Toronto, a warm thank you for being our speaker today and bringing new insights into a popular and complex subject. ~ Sincerely, Anne-Marie MacDonell, Treasurer, Astrology Toronto

“Dear Alison! Your Fantastic Presentation of Relationships Was Outstanding! Thank You very much!” ~ Andrew M. –  Toronto

“Alison is a knowledgeable, professional and exceedingly competent astrologer. As a teacher/presenter she is thorough, clear and easy to follow. Here writings reflect the abilities she demonstrates in on-on-one encounters and when speaking to a large audience. Alison is always a pleasure to work with and in all other interactions.” ~ J. B. Toronto, 

“Alison is a skilled astrologer and a wonderful lecturer who can capture an audience’s attention. I highly recommend Alison for either a reading or to present a workshop for your organisation.” ~ F. M. 

“The class you gave was fabulous – I loved it! I’d love to see a class on the dispositor tree….and now you have it… to go about interpreting it more…” ~ SOTA  H. P.

“Alison gave a terrific talk on the Oriental Planet for Astrology Toronto…” ~ Wendy G.

“I did indeed enjoy your workshop on Saturday particularly your calling-card concept… ‘Tis informative and fun.” ~ Bette

Testimonials On my Teaching and Courses:

“Alison’s Mentorship and training program has been instrumental in helping me to understand Astrology and put the knowledge into practical ways to help my understanding of Astrology and give my clients the best consultation possible. This educational experience with Alison is by far superior to the education in Astrology have had to this point. Alison is engaging down to earth and fun, but at the same time, her 35 plus years of knowledge and in-depth understanding of Astrology makes her a force and a wealth of information that very few people have had the good fortune to learn from. I will continue to refer back to Alison for future courses and continuing education and cannot say enough about the learning experience up to this point!! Thank you, Alison for your contribution to the Astrology Community.”

Deborah Nugent – Victoria, BC

“I started my studies with Alison in the fall of 2018 and continued through Level 1, 2 and 3 of the CAAE curriculum as well as the relationship elective. My understanding, comprehension and appreciation for astrology was heightened by the teachings from Alison. Every semester was planned with a detailed syllabus, excellent class notes and pertinent homework exercises.  All lessons were individual and online so that I could work at my own pace.  Alison is extremely knowledgeable, patient and most all, she held me to a high standard!  I consider myself quite fortunate to have found a supportive and inspiring mentor who only wants me to succeed as an astrologer.”

Norma Lachance – Kelowna, BC


“I chose Alison Price as my CAAE teacher because I had previously taken a workshop with her and was impressed with how she conveyed information. When I learned more about her, I recognized her immense background of knowledge. She is a great teacher, she is passionate about Astrology, has a wealth of information to share and makes learning easy to comprehend.  We also have a great time! 
I highly recommend her one to one sessions as it deepened my understanding and practice of Astrology. She helped me fill in a lot of gaps! I am definitely a better Astrologer because of Alison. My techniques are more refined and the structures in my practice are more effective. I see immediate results with my clients as we focus on where the action is happening and I can express with more confidence, structure and clarity. Another bonus is having plenty of insights about myself in the process!  I have finished level 1 and I’m halfway through level 2.  I look forward to continuing my studies with Alison until I complete my diploma with the CAAE for 2021.”
– Jeassea, Vancouver

“I was impressed with Alison’s knowledge of Astrology, probably from her years’ of experience teaching and from all her schooling. She made learning Astrology fun and informative. I would definitely recommend her and her courses. You’ll be amazed at all that you’ll learn. I was. Thanks again Alison.”

Dianne – Astrology student – New Westminster


“I scoured the internet to find the right teacher and in working with Alison I did. I looked forward to my weekly classes and felt that I definitely learned a lot. I liked that there were assignments and felt that they helped me learn more. As a teacher, she is kind, warm, funny and incredibly professional. For me, I couldn’t think of a better way to start than having a one on one tutor. I would absolutely recommend Starzology”K. P. Toronto

“I have taken previous courses on astrology but these were of the internet webinar type where you could see and hear the presenter but the chance to interact with them was very limited. So I was delighted to find and then take Alison Price’s Introduction to Astrology course. The personal two-hour lessons gave me every opportunity to get my questions answered and make sure that I really understood the material. The chance to have such one-to-one sessions with a very knowledgeable astrologer meant that I could make very good progress and cleared up a lot of the problems and queries I had.” – Andrew K, – London, UK 

“Alison is a passionate and devoted teacher. She never hesitates to pass down her experience and knowledge to her students. Also, she encourages her students to think about controversial astrological topics and develop their own style as an astrologer. I enjoy being her student and hopefully I can study under her again.”  ~ W.Y.W. , Hong Kong

“I came to Alison as a novice astrology student with little to no expectations as to where a class with a professional astrologer would take me. Not only did I complete her introductory course and learn concepts not yet explored through self-teaching, but her encouragement and enthusiasm led me to enrol in natal interpretation, synastry and forecasting classes with her as well. She went above and beyond in her lessons and ensured I received the best education possible, even offering private lessons when the classroom didn’t meet my individual needs. Her lessons were clear and insightful, as were her analyses of my own natal chart and current transits. I highly recommend both her teaching and consultation services.” ~ Stephanie. Z.  Oakville

“I studied with Alison in Oakville taking 3 of the courses she offers her students – Natal Analysis, Intro to Forecasting & Synastry. She is an excellent teacher – well prepared with excellent study notes, and a wonderful sense of humor. I also use her Second Opinion services on a mentoring basis to confirm and expand my own astrological forays on client charts. Overall a beautiful woman, wish I lived closer to continue to experience her energies through her work with the Fraser Valley Astrological Guild.” ~ Shirley. W. March 2012 – Southern Ontario

“The material presented was well organized, understandable, knowledgeable and detailed. In particular I was most appreciative of the handouts… what an incredible reference guide.” ~ P. C. Etobiko

“Alison, you are a gifted teacher, who is very organized and have a great environment to be in. Thank you.” ~ M. M. – Burlington, ON

“Thank you.  I feel more grounded [since taking the course] and felt you were extremely professional yet very warm and giving.” ~ M. M.

Alison is a very informative and patient instructor. She understands the needs of her students.” ~ D. S. – Hamilton, ON

“I really enjoy your lessons, you provide a wealth of information.” ~ M. W. – Milton, ON


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On Our Podcast

Axis Astrology Podcast (Now Starzology Astrology Podcast is a new site for podcasts. Arwynne O’Neill and Alison Price are Vancouver, B.C. astrologers and they have conversations on various topics, i.e., current transits, book reviews, etc. They also have guests, e.g., Andrew Morton and Nina Gryphon. There are also graphics and relevant links for their topics at the site.” – The Mountain Astrologer – Oct 2014

Author Bio

Alison Price: Astrology Coach

Alison specializes in guiding Aspiring Astrologers. Her aim is to help you uncover your individual creativity and lead a fulfilling life using your own astrology. She shares her wisdom from the heart with a touch of humor.

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