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“The Celestial Garden Growing herbs, vegetables, and flower in sync with the Moon and Zodiac” by Jane Hawley Stevens is a delightful journey through the techniques of blending gardening activities with the Moon and zodiac signs.

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This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jane Hawley Stevens about her latest book, which focuses on growing herbs, vegetables, and flowers in sync with the Moon and the Zodiac.

As someone deeply passionate about herbalism and gardening and having created two herb gardens myself I was particularly drawn to Stevens’ approach in her book.

Podcast Episode

Lifelong gardener and herbalist Jane Hawley Stevens explains how the Moon’s cycle provides a detailed calendar of optimal times for planting seeds, roots and transplants, as well as for pruning, weeding, propagation, harvesting, and even starting new garden projects or throwing garden parties. 🌱 In this episode, Alison enjoys a fireside chat with Jane as she discusses her new book The Celestial Garden.

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Solar and Lunar Cycles

What sets it apart is her alignment not only with the solar cycle for the year of gardening but also with the lunar cycle for each month.

Stevens offers practical tips on gardening activities based on the Moon’s presence in different signs and seasons, creating a comprehensive guide for aligning your garden with the phases of the Moon.

One aspect that resonates with me is the fundamental recognition of the Moon as a significant indicator. It serves as an expression of how astrology can be practically applied.

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Lunar Alignment

I often use the analogy that you can’t surf into the shore when the tide is going out.

This emphasizes the importance of being in alignment with the Moon and, consequently, understanding the influence of other planets in your earthly activities.

Stevens’ book guides readers on how to work with the stars rather than against them, providing a thoughtful and insightful perspective on gardening in harmony with celestial rhythms.

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Natural Calendar

Within The Celestial Garden, Jane Hawley Stevens, a seasoned lifelong gardener and herbalist, illuminates the profound influence of the Moon cycle on the art of gardening.

In her book, she presents a meticulous calendar that guides gardeners through optimal times for various activities, including planting seeds, roots, and transplants.

Moreover, Stevens extends her expertise to encompass essential practices like pruning, weeding, propagation, and harvesting.


Garden Projects

“The Celestial Garden” doesn’t just stop at the basics; it goes above and beyond by offering insights into opportune moments for initiating new garden projects or hosting garden parties. Stevens’ holistic approach to gardening, aligning with the rhythm of the Moon, opens up a realm of possibilities for enthusiasts to enhance their gardening experience.

This celestial guide is a treasure trove of excellent tips suitable for all types of gardeners, whether their passion lies in cultivating vibrant vegetables, luscious fruits, fragrant herbs, or captivating flowers. By intertwining the wisdom of the Moon cycle with practical gardening advice, Stevens provides a resource that not only nurtures the soil but also cultivates a deeper connection between the gardener and the celestial dance above.

Whether you’re a seasoned horticulturist or a budding green thumb, “The Celestial Garden” serves as a valuable companion on your journey to a more mindful and bountiful gardening experience.



Jane Hawley Stevens


Moon Element

Additionally, the book delves into every facet of astrological gardening, unraveling the mysteries behind various elements. It elucidates the significance of Moon signs and explores the reasons behind their impact on plant growth and development.

The guide provides insights on aligning the Moon’s journey through the constellations of the Zodiac with your daily garden tasks and projects.

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Lunar Phase Activities

Moreover, “The Celestial Garden” offers specific tips and advice tailored to each phase of the Moon, guiding gardeners on the best activities to undertake during these distinct periods.

It goes beyond the practicalities, incorporating simple and creative seasonal rituals into the astrological gardening practice, adding a touch of mindful and uplifting engagement.


Chakra Garden

Notably, the book shares guidance on designing a unique Chakra Garden, allowing readers to infuse a sense of harmony and balance into their outdoor spaces.

By exploring these various aspects, the book not only serves as a comprehensive guide to astrological gardening but also inspires readers to deepen their connection with nature, the cosmos, and the beauty of their own cultivated spaces.

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Your Sign

Furthermore, Stevens motivates readers to discover how their individual astrological signs can guide them towards greater satisfaction in both their gardens and their lives.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced gardener, this unique and highly practical book offers fresh and unexpected insights, presenting itself as an inspiring love letter to nature.


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