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Author: Alison Price   –   Published: November 2023   –   Revised: January 2024

Freebies: Gifts for You

As a strong Leo creative and arty person, for many years, I have generated countless free resources (freebies) on Starzology. These guides, lists and templates are to help you read your birth chart, get to grips with astrological forecasting and build your astrology business. But these freebies are scattered all over my website and so, to help you out even more, I have put all my Starzology Freebies in one place, right here. From now on you can easily look through all of them and get the ones you want (Sun) and need (Moon) right now.



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Sun Transit Tracker

  • Sun Transit Tracker: My Sun Transit Tracker is a PDF download to help you get organized and track the Sun’s transits to your natal chart throughout the year.

Freebie: Astro Bingo Cards

  • Astro Bingo Cards: I created these Astro Bingo cards to help you cover all the parts of astrology that you need to know at the different stages of your learning journey.

2024 Forecasting

  • 2024 Lunations List: This exclusive list focuses on the New and Full Moon dates for 2024. It offers you a roadmap to harness the cosmic energies and embark on a journey of self-discovery, manifestation, and mindful living.

Freebie: Astro Art – Wheel of Fortune

  • Wheel of Fortune: Create yourself a Wheel of Fortune to help you learn some more astrology. This visual aid will be the crowing artwork in your unique astrology workspace. Make it in your brand colors and let your creativity shine through.

Freebie: Astro Art – Binder (File) Cover Page

  • Cover Page: Create yourself a binder/file cover page for your astrology learning. As you learn astrology you’ll probably get a binder/file to keep all your notes and if so, this is the perfect cover page to color and slip in the plastic sleeve in the front.


I am going to be 100% upfront and honest here. All of these freebies are opt-in offers (AKA lead magnets) – their purpose is to get you onto my email list!

Why would I want to give away some of best my stuff in exchange for your email address? Because getting someone onto your email list is the holy grail when it comes to astrology!

My hope is that, once on my list, you’ll stay there a while, so I can send you loads more helpful tips, advice, astrology news and subscriber exclusives via email…

Little by little, I hope you’ll get to know, like and trust me… and eventually become a passionate fan who loves to share my stuff with all your friends and followers… Maybe one day you might even become a customer!

(But no worries if you are not interested in my products – you can still absolutely enjoy all my value-packed emails for free… and if at any time you decide they are not for you, there’s a nice clear unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email!)


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