Author: Alison Price   –   Published:  January 2024

Which Sign to Read?

I’ve written these Starzology horoscopes for Ascendant signs. If you know your Ascendant sign then read that horoscope. Otherwise, read your Sun sign, and while you’re at it, think about getting your chart cast so you will know your Ascendant sign for the future.


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Sagittarius February 2024

Sagittarius Family Life

On February 19th, the Sun moves into your home life sector, making family the primary focus for you. The comforting atmosphere of home will contribute to your overall well-being. Take the time to appreciate the presence and efforts of those who are close to you and contribute to your daily life.

Around the 19th, consider organizing a special homecooked meal as the Sun illuminates your home zone, enhancing the positive energy in your living space. This period will involve much planning and organizing regarding family arrangements, making it an opportune time to arrange family get-togethers and strengthen your familial bonds.

For you, this energy is best utilized by expressing warmth, love, and positive energy towards your close ones. This includes not only blood relatives but also those who live with you and are like family to you. Celebrate and cherish these special individuals during this time. Show your gratitude and love to those who have supported you in both the present and the past, fostering a deeper connection with your loved ones.

Sagittarius Career

This month offers you an excellent opportunity to gain clarity about your career path and life direction. The Full Moon on the 24th will bring heightened clarity and insights into your professional journey. However, it’s essential to remain grounded and realistic about your influence and position. Be cautious not to overestimate your impact. Instead, take this moment to be honest with yourself and assess your career situation accurately.

By being truthful with yourself, you can gain a clearer understanding of where you stand in your career and make informed decisions moving forward. Embrace this period of clarity and self-reflection to pave the way for a more purposeful and fulfilling career path.


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