Mars Rulerships

Mars rules Aries and Scorpio.

Mars’ Key Themes


Mars is the planet of energy, action, drive, effort, traction, friction and heat.

The Chase

It rules the chase to find a mate, excitement and adrenalin rushes.


Strategy, courage, the pioneering spirit, to conquer and gladiators, in general, are all under the influence of Mars.


Implements, tools and sharp tools like knives, awls, scissors, scalpels, weapons, and bayonets come under Mars.

Mars’ rulership of sharp implements also includes sewing and knitting needles.


Mars symbolizes young men, brothers and Brothers in Arms.

Her Mars placement in her natal chart shows the type of man she is looking for.


Mars rules the urge to copulate, sex, libido, virility and testosterone.

Mars in the Signs

Mars in Aries: You initiate sex (ruler in sign).

Mars in Taurus: You stand your ground.

Mars in Gemini: You compete in conversations.

Mars in Cancer: You make home improvements.

Mars in Leo: You make an effort to be generous.

Mars in Virgo: You combat germs.

Mars in Libra: You are an ardent lover.

Mars in Scorpio: You are robust (classical ruler in sign).

Mars in Sagittarius: You strive towards new horizons.

Mars in Capricorn: You have the endurance for the long haul.

Mars in Aquarius: You are aroused by inequality.

Mars in Pisces: You are a sensitive lover.


Mars Aspects

Mars Square Pluto

Mars Conjoined Saturn

Mars conjunct Saturn.


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