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The 6th House and Herb Gardens

Herbs and herb gardens are shown in your sixth house.


Uranus conjunct Neptune

During the Huge Conjunction of 1991/93. Uranus conjoined Neptune for the first time in 170 years this time in Capricorn.

At the time I was a mamber of the Cape Town Astrologroup.

They had a particular meeting to celebrate the conjunction of Uranus and Neptune.

The activity that night was to get into huddles depending on which house the conjunction occurred in our natal charts.

6th House

For myself it was the 6th house.

I joined with the other astrologers in the clutch who had the Uranus Neptune conjunction in their 6th houses as well.

This is not the most exciting house in a chart because it is about health, daily rituals, service and work.

They began discussing their work and how busy they were, but it did not resonate with all the group members.

Someone said they had started gardening.

Well that was the catalyst for an animated discussion as we all had taken up gardening recently.

Then we got onto herbs… 🌱


My First Herb Garden – Cape Town

I was able to tell them about the new herb garden I had recently designed and had constructed in my garden.

It was down a narrow strip of land behind our house.

I explained how herbs had suddenly had more meaning for me.

That year I had been growing and cooking with fresh herbs and making interesting meals for my family.

Cooking with fresh herbs was something I had never done before.

It was glorious. I loved it.

Small plants are shown in your 6th house.

My Second Herb Garden – Phalaborwa

We later moved to another house right on the Tropic of Capricorn (that is another story) and again the garden needed care.

My husband and his guys laid out a beautiful 10m x 10m square herb garden with appropriate circles and a birdbath in the middle.

At the time of construction, we made sure that money, yes cold hard cash, was buried below the concrete of the water feature.

This was to provide for the garden.

A nice touch.

I often wonder what those gardens look like today having had thirty and twenty-five years to establish themselves.


The inspiration for both layouts was based on the designs in Margaret Robert’s book Guide to Growing Herbs in South Africa.

Below is a simple plan for a four square herb garden.

See more about the sign elements and herbs.

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