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The Ascendant: Your Face to the World

Your ascendant is the impression you make on others.

It shows how others see you. It projects the “self” and your personality and the façade or mask you wear.

It indicates the vehicle you use to get through life.

The Ascendant fronts for you.

Other people initially see your Ascendant before they get to know you and then they see your Sun.


The second thing you need to learn is your Ascendant sign. This is likely to be different to your Sun sign although it could be the identical. You will only know your Ascendant sign if you cast your chart.

Your Personality

The Ascendant is a symbol of your one-to-one, face-to-face, meet-and-greet personality that you employ to socialize.

It is a vehicle you use to interact with others.



It is your personal interface and is like a cloak you wear to ‘appear’ to others when you walk out of your front door.

Your Ascendant is your opening position and obvious agenda.

Your Ascendant is a collection of expectations you have of the world and your immediate place in it.


First Impressions

Your Ascendant reveals the first impressions you make and receive which start out as early messages about your behavior (are you good or bad, or right or wrong).

How you strive to meet the expectations of others through your actions when you were a child is indicated by your Ascendant.

Your personality is seen in your Ascendant complex, and most importantly its sign and major planetary aspects to its degree.

It is the variable means by which you negotiate your needs with others (as seen by your Moon) and formulate or build something we can identify as character (as seen by your Sun).

Your Ascendant acts as an interface between the Sun or Moon (or other parts of the chart) and the immediate world around you.

Your personality has energy.

You have a particular attitude, humor, engagement and interaction.


Ascendant Energy

The Ascendant energy is quite different from the accumulation of early behaviors (Moon) or the formation of your character (Sun).

Personality is easy to pick up on, quick to read and decipher.

You can usually see it when you first meet someone (Ascendant).

Personality traits have little to do with our true character.

They are what we show to others.



Your appearance, and how you come across and the means you use to get through life.

Astrologically, the Ascendant is often seen as the vehicle by which we reach the Sun’s destination which is your life goal.

The Ascendant is the route to getting your needs (Moon) met in relationships and how you negotiate these personal needs in a one- to-one environment.

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