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Sun Transits and the Solar Cycle

Sun Transits and the Solar Cycle

Author: Alison Price   –   Published: April 2024

Sun Transits and The Solar Cycle

Follow the Sun

Did you know the Sun creates the seasons? You probably do. 

If you carefully follow the Solar Cycle, you can get a better feel for the general energy throughout any forecast period. 

In fact, tuning into the Sun’s transit through your chart will help you use your energy in a better way, in line with the solar energy. 

Exciting, hey? But only if you do it right. 

Here’s how to do it right… 


Transiting Solar Dates

These solar transit dates will be the same, give or take one day, every single year. Which is why it is such a valuable exercise.

Sun House Ingress

  • Find all the dates that the Sun will enter each of your natal houses.
  • Write them in your astrology journal.

You can use my handy tracker to help you get organized.



Sun to Natal Conjunctions


  • Find the dates every year that the Sun will conjoin all of your planets.
  • Write them in your journal.

Use the handy Solar Transit Tracker to help you list all the aspects that the Sun will make to your chart each year.



Extend Yourself

At this point, you can go deeper and list not only all the solar conjunctions, but all the oppositions, trines and squares and sextiles as well, and even the lesser-used aspects, but that may be overkill to start with.

Below is the Sun trine transit page from the tracker which you can fill in.

The tracker has all the Ptolemaic aspects.


The Sun’s Vitality

As each year unfolds, follow the transiting Sun as it illuminates each house and area of your life. Watch how it invigorates each planet in your chart in turn.

You can monitor this vitality from one year to the next. In this way you will learn so much about yourself, your chart and how solar transits work.


Vitality is the state of being strong and having active energy.

When looking at general health for someone in a chart, we usually consider the 6th house of recoverable health and the 12th house of chronic health, but one other planet to study is the Sun for vitality.

Vitality is your innate ability to bounce back from what life throws at you be it health issues, job insecurity, romantic breakups, irritating teenagers or mean co-workers.

Your natural vitality is shown by the Sun and its complex in your natal chart.

Seasonal Vitality

As the Sun transits your chart is triggers each planet in turn and vitalizes them. There is no downside to a solar transit.

When the Sun comes through your chart:

  • Life is good.
  • You feel uplifted, confident and happy.
  • The Sun beams life, warmth and light into all situations.

This is why it’s important to follow the Sun as it transits your chart.




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Author Bio

Alison Price: Professional Astrologer

Alison helps you uncover your individual creativity and lead a fulfilling life using your own astrology. She shares her wisdom from the heart with a touch of humor. She offers Consultations for everyone and Coaching for Aspiring Astrologers.

If you’d like to get in touch with Alison, you can reach out to her via email at

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2024 Astrology Events

2024 Astrology Events

Discover the main astrology events of 2024 including; lunations, retrograde and direct dates and planetary ingresses for the whole year.

Advanced Astrology Classes: Forecasting

Advanced Astrology Classes: Forecasting

Because each of you has learnt astrology through many channels and you have varied knowledge by now, you don’t have to do everything at once, or at all, if it doesn’t suit you. The 16 lessons in this course can be taken individually and in any order. You can pick and choose and go at your own pace.

Solar Eclipse: April 8, 2024

Solar Eclipse: April 8, 2024

Author: Alison Price   –   Published: March 2024

Solar Eclipse

April 8, 2024

The Eclipse Path: Red Line

The path of a solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, refers to the path along which the eclipse’s shadow travels as it crosses the Earth’s surface.

This particular eclipse is will follow a distinct path. It will provide places within its track with the opportunity to witness either a partial or total solar eclipse. How much you can see depends on your location relative to the eclipse’s path.

The path of the solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, crosses across North America. It gives observers in some areas the chance to experience the awe-inspiring spectacle of a total solar eclipse.

The eclipse’s path begins in Mexico, near the Pacific coast, then extends northeastward across the United States. In the USA it passes through states of Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

Finally, the eclipse’s path crosses into eastern Canada before reaching the North Atlantic Ocean.

Totality: Blue Line

The path of totality is where the Moon completely obscures the Sun’s disk. Observers are treated to the breathtaking sight of the Sun’s corona. The solar corona is the outer atmosphere visible only during a total solar eclipse.

Outside the path of totality, regions will experience varying degrees of partial eclipse. A partial eclipse is where only a part of the Sun is covered by the Moon.

As the eclipse progresses along its path, the duration of totality varies depending on your specific location within the path.

If you are closer to the centerline of the eclipse’s path you will see longer durations of totality compared to those near the edges.


Solar Eclipses in General

Solar eclipses occur when the Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun. The Moon blocks the Sun’s light from reaching certain parts of the Earth.

During these events, the Sun and Moon will form both the conjunction aspect and parallel aspect in astrology.

The type of solar eclipse is categorized based on the extent to which the Sun is covered by the Moon and the distance of both celestial bodies from the Earth at the eclipse moment.

There are six distinct types of solar eclipses, each determined by these factors. Only people who are on the path of the Moon’s shadow across the Earth’s surface can witness a solar eclipse.

It’s worth noting that there are typically at least two or more solar eclipses each year. Eclipse seeasons give everyone many opportunities to observe this awe-inspiring events.



Solar Eclipse: Interpretation

A solar eclipse is symbol of intensified focus on a specific position within the Zodiac. It infuses heightened energy into the area of the birth chart where the eclipse takes place.

Understanding the ruling planet of the zodiac sign hosting the eclipse is crucial. Mars is the disposing planet becasue the eclipse is in Aries.

Think of a solar eclipse as like a super conjunction. It acts as a cosmic focus and draws together and harmonizes various circumstances.

However, the eclipse’s energy is modified by the aspects with other planets in the eclipse chart. These planetary interactions contribute to shaping the subtle expression of this solar eclipse’s influence.


Solar Eclipses: Influence Timing

Typically, the influence of a solar eclipse extends for a time in months equal to the length of the eclipse itself, measured in minutes.

For instance, if a solar eclipse lasts for four minutes, its energy will be in effect for approximately four months after the eclipse event.

This time relationship shows that the intensity and duration of a solar eclipse’s impact are directly proportional to the length of time it lasts.

In short, the longer the time of the eclipse, the more prolonged its influence will be felt in our lives.



The Moon’s shadow on the face of the Earth at a solar eclipse.

Image taken from the International Space Center. Courtesy NASA


Solar Eclipses: Personal

When a solar eclipse aligns closely with a planet or point in your birth chart, it holds considerable significance for you. This alignment suggests that the themes associated with that planet or point will be emphasized and energized by the eclipse’s influence.


Solar Eclipse Conjoining Your Chart

Specifically, if a solar eclipse happens to conjoin your natal Sun, it will have a substantial impact on your life for the following twelve months. This is shown in your solar return chart.

This prolonged influence indicates that the eclipse’s effects will resonate strongly for the entirety of the upcoming year. Eclipses in solar return charts will shape various aspects of your life and personal growth.


Solar Eclipse Not Conjoining Your Chart

On the other hand, if a solar eclipse does not conjoin with any planet or point in your chart, its effects will be less and it could potentially pass by.

In such instances, while the eclipse may still carry some degree of influence, its impact is likely to be more subtle or fleeting compared to charts where it closely interacts with natal placements.


What to Expect

The solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, is anticipated to be a momentous celestial event capturing the attention of skywatchers and astrological enthusiasts alike. This particular eclipse is set to occur within the zodiac sign of Aries, infusing its dynamic and assertive energy into the cosmic landscape.

As the Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun, casting its shadow over specific regions of the Earth, observers within the eclipse’s path will witness the mesmerizing sight of the Sun obscured by the Moon. This alignment signifies a potent convergence of cosmic forces, symbolizing a heightened focus on themes associated with the sign of Aries.

Aries Sun People

For individuals born under the sign of Aries or with significant placements in Aries within their birth charts, this solar eclipse holds particular significance. Its influence is likely to resonate strongly with their personal identity, ambitions, and desires for self-expression. The eclipse’s effects may catalyze new beginnings, spur decisive action, or prompt a reevaluation of individual goals and aspirations.

Moreover, the broader astrological context surrounding the eclipse, including aspects formed with other planets and celestial bodies, will further shape its impact on both collective and individual levels. Aspects such as conjunctions, squares, and trines with planets like Mars, the ruler of Aries, or transformative Pluto, can provide additional insights into the unfolding dynamics of this cosmic event.

Given the duration and intensity of the eclipse, its effects are expected to reverberate for several months beyond its occurrence. Therefore, individuals attuned to the rhythms of the cosmos are encouraged to pay close attention to any developments or themes that emerge around the time of the eclipse, as they may herald significant shifts and opportunities for growth in the months ahead.

The solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, promises to be a pivotal moment infused with the fiery energy of Aries, signaling a period ripe for personal and collective transformation. As the celestial spectacle unfolds, it invites us to embrace the spirit of courage, initiative, and innovation, as we navigate the unfolding journey of our lives amidst the cosmic dance of the planets and stars.


April 8th, Solar Eclipse in Aries

The upcoming solar eclipse is positioned at 19 degrees Aries and is set to impact individuals born between April 6th and 10th of any year. This celestial event will play a significant role in shaping their Solar Return chart for the upcoming year. However, even for those outside this specific birthdate range, the effects of the eclipse’s energy are expected to linger for approximately three months. It’s crucial to keenly observe any developments that transpire on the day of the eclipse, as they are likely to resonate as personal themes in your life.


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Author Bio

Alison Price: Professional Astrologer

Alison helps you uncover your individual creativity and lead a fulfilling life using your own astrology. She shares her wisdom from the heart with a touch of humor. She offers Consultations for everyone and Coaching for Aspiring Astrologers.

If you’d like to get in touch with Alison, you can reach out to her via email at

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2024 Astrology Events

2024 Astrology Events

Discover the main astrology events of 2024 including; lunations, retrograde and direct dates and planetary ingresses for the whole year.

Advanced Astrology Classes: Forecasting

Advanced Astrology Classes: Forecasting

Because each of you has learnt astrology through many channels and you have varied knowledge by now, you don’t have to do everything at once, or at all, if it doesn’t suit you. The 16 lessons in this course can be taken individually and in any order. You can pick and choose and go at your own pace.

2024 Astrology Events

2024 Astrology Events

2024 Astro Events

Welcome to an exploration into the main astrology themes for 2024.

In the realm of astrology, each year unfolds like a unique chapter in the grand book of the cosmos.

If you are an aspiring astrologer, or someone who loves astrology then together we will explore the astrological landscape of 2024.

In this overview of 2024, we’ll concentrate on three pivotal forecasting triggers that top world class astrologers follow.


Podcast Episode

Listen to our full conversation where Arwynne and I discuss some astrological highlights for the year 2024.

In this episode, Alison and Arwynne consider all the major ingresses, retrograde and eclipses of 2024.

Learn about the main TRANSITS, INGRESSES, ECLIPSES and RETROGRADES  of 2024 how you can interpret them in your charts.

This is a New Year look ahead which summarises what you, as an astrologer, need to focus on in the next twelve months.


What is Included

The high-level astrological indicators we’ll be focusing on include:


A planetary ingress occurs when a planet changes its sign. For instance, Venus could move from Aries (where it is in detriment and can’t express itself well) into Taurus (where it is in dignity and can express itself well). Planetary ingresses signify a shift in cosmic energies.



I also note the planetary stations which are the moment when a planet changes direction.

For example Mercury will go from direct to retrograde motion and enter its retrograde period. Then in about three weeks mercury will again station and change from retrograde to direct motion.

Planetary stations herald significant developments in astrological dynamics because a planet bring excrutiating focus to one particular degree of a sign for a brief period.



Finally I watch out for the influence of New and Full Moons. I pay special attention to eclipses, both solar and lunar, which are either New or Full Moons as eclipses carry unique and potent energy because of the parallel aspect of declination baked into eclipses.

By exploring these three specific astrological movements, I aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the celestial currents that will shape the landscape of 2024.

Remember, for a more in-depth exploration, my 2024 Astro Guide and Planner is at your fingertips, ready to unravel the intricacies of the cosmic dance that lies ahead.


Get your 2024 Astro Guide and Planner from Amazon.


January 2024 Astro Events


January 4th, Mars enters Capricorn

The Red Planet’s energies mesh well in the sign of the Sea-goat as the principles of drive (Mars) and ambition (Capricorn) combine in a supportive manner. We also note that Mars is exalted here.

If you have a Capricorn Sun or Ascendant, you will get a burst of energy as Mars rolls through.

January 11th, New Moon in Capricorn

The Capricorn New Moon promises serious reactions and measured responses to all situations.

Plan new strategies now.

January 14th, Mercury enters Capricorn

Now the focus shifts to communications of a serious nature. Choose to say what must be said but be kind. There is no point in upsetting people who are not yet ready for the real truth.

January 20th, The Sun enters Aquarius

The life-giving Sun enters its opposite sign of Aquarius. This is not a favorable placement for the Sun.

Expect issues of thwarted independence and the urge to breakout from the herd. Individuals will require support to go it alone now.

The truth will be more readily seen and appreciated.

January 21st, Pluto enters Aquarius

This is the time when the Pluto in Aquarius energy becomes solidified.

Now we can begin to see the ramifications of this transformational planet as it passes through the sign of the silent majority.

January 23rd, Venus enters Capricorn

This change of planetary energy draws the focus to serious relationships and the role of money in the balance of power between the sexes.

All Sea Goats will be more loving and social. Anticipate good relations with those in authority, like your boss or your parents.

January 25th, Full Moon in Leo

The Moon is ambivalent in Leo. Now you can explore your feelings clearly, if briefly.

Always pay attention to your gut reactions at the Full Moon as they reflect are your true responses coming out.

January 27th, Uranus Stations Direct

Uranus has been in Taurus for a few years now and will remain so until 2025.

This brings some relief to social issues and abstract problems. This placement has a lot to say about the highly volatile global crypto market.


February 2024 Astro Events

February 5th, Mercury enters Aquarius

Now good news will arrive quickly through social channels.

Conversations will be heightened as information flows. There could be so much data that you miss the vital ingredients in amongst the inundation of facts. Some people may try to slip an untruth or something shady past you now.

February 9th, New Moon in Aquarius

A New Moon in Aquarius is a time to align yourself with how you feel about where you go and where you belong.

This is a time to think about how your reactions affect others.

February 13th, Mars enters Aquarius

You may desire to lead your pack but there is the energy of being a part of something bigger than yourself.

Be aware of pushing your agenda onto others who perhaps will not appreciate the intrusion. Take a breath before plunging in and choose your battles strategically now.

February 16th, Venus enters Aquarius

Now, financial affairs will favor the group.

All Aquarians will feel romantic, and love is likely to come their way. For the rest of us, new love will blossom from friendships.

Finances seem fixed right now, so avoid excessive spending. Donations to causes are appreciated at this time.

February 19th, The Sun enters Pisces

As the solar light begins to illuminate Pisces, there is an urge towards sacrifice and doing things to help others.

Most Fish will be happy and contented for the next four weeks. Everyone will warm towards art and music as entertainment.

Practice meditation and inner work.


February 23rd, Mercury enters Pisces

Messages can be confusing so be as clear as possible. Misunderstanding may plague your days.

Avoid making pronunciations that are wide reaching. You do not have all the facts clear yet. Deals that seem certain may drift apart or collapse.

A picture is worth a thousand words now.


February 24th, Full Moon in Virgo

The Virgo Full Moon can easily illuminate the whole picture. Now you can see in detail any flaws in your people, projects or plans.

Others may not appreciate your comprehensive criticism of their projects either. Look to celebrate the positive in everything and all will be well.


March Astro Events

March 10th, Mercury enters Aries

Good ideas will probably pop into your head as Mercury enters Aries. The knack will be to assess and filter the good concepts from the not so good.

Give yourself time to pause before taking action. Anticipate that the urge to make snap decisions may get you in hot water.

If in doubt, sleep on it. This is the time to talk things through ahead of time.

March 10th, New Moon in Pisces

This month’s New Moon is in sensitive Pisces.

This indicates it is time to begin something where you sacrifice something else in your life. Consider starting a meditation regime or a daily yoga practice.

March 11th, Venus enters Pisces

This is a wonderful time to find meaningful romance.

Even longstanding couples can renew their spark acquisitions on purchases may have more meaning than you originally thought.

Be generous this week and it will pay off later.

Finances might be a mystery during this transit, so take care to check all your payments due so as not to miss anything.

March 20th, The Sun enters Aries

This day is the beginning of the astrological year.

It heralds the start of Spring in the northern hemisphere and the start of Autumn in the southern hemisphere.

Potential is high and your life-force is robust now.

Initiate independent activity to best serve yourself. Choose to get out and about in the sunshine daily.

March 22nd, Mars enters Pisces

As Mars enters Pisces is loses some of its fiery nature. Direct your energy inwards and towards the core of you.

Be sensitive to others around you. If you need to rant and rave do it somewhere where no one can see.

Your actions will affect bystanders just as much.

Make sure you are emitting positive energy into the world. Themes of karma are all around now.

March 25th, Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Take a pause in your headlong rush of life.

Reflect on the saying, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, take a friend.”

The lunar eclipse in Libra urges you to see with whom you are travelling through life and to acknowledge their contribution to your personal success.

April Astro Events

April 1st, Mercury Stations Retrograde

This will affect people with birthdays on the 8th, 9th and 10th of April more intensely.

Avoid rash decisions now.

You are likely to revisit conversations that you thought were over and done with.

Anything that comes up from the last few weeks needs careful consideration.

Read more >>>  Mercury Retrograde

April 5th, Venus enters Aries

Love and money affairs become somewhat subdued, although a little rash.

This is the time to hold onto your investing and wait for next month when economic activities will improve in general.

Romantically, you could be attracted to more dangerous types as the temptation for hot and lusty fling is genuine.

April 8th, Solar Eclipse in Aries

The solar Eclipse is at 19° Aries and will affect people birthdays this week as it will form a part of their Solar Return chart for the next year.

For the rest of us, the energy of the eclipse will last for around three months.

Pay close attention to anything that unfolds on eclipse day as it is likely to be a personal theme for you.

April 19th, The Sun enters Taurus

As the Sun enters the sign of the Bull, situations and relationships begin to stabilize.

The excessive energy of previous weeks now gives way to a steadier and sustainable pace.

Make sure your heart is in everything you do.

If you need more time, slow things down and do not allow yourself to be rushed as sure and steady wins the race.

April 23rd, Full Moon in Scorpio

While the principles of the Full Moon itself are of fruition and illumination, the nature of Scorpio is to be secretive which poses an energy dilemma.

At the evening Full Moon sighting you are likely to witness deep emotions around other people’s hidden opinions, situations and projects.

April 25th. Mercury Stations Direct

This station will specifically affect people with birthdays on the 4th, 5th and 6th of April as Mercury will be conjoined their Sun in their solar return chart for the next 12 months.

Now holdups will be released on all negotiations, agreements and discussions.

April 29th, Venus enters Taurus

Loving Venus goes home to Taurus this month.

Now is the moment to establish your financial future.

Budgets and spending plans will be of benefit now.

This is a suitable time to evaluate your life and the people with whom you invest your time and energy.

Enjoying meaningful moments with special loved ones in this period.

April 30th, Mars enters Aries

On the last day of the month, Mars crosses the beginning of the Zodiac and enters its own sign.

The Red Planet is at its most powerful and dynamic now as it can express itself completely.

Anticipate high energy levels, competition and being a witness to the genesis of things.

May Astro Events

May 2nd Pluto Stations Retrograde

This station will affect anyone with a birthday between 19th to 21st or January as Pluto will be conjunct your Sun.

This will tap into your Solar Return forecast and will probably be the biggest transit for the year for you overshadowing everything else.

Powerful transformative energy is available now.

May 8th New Moon in Taurus

This New Moon is a signal to start to build and appreciate what your natural assets are.

Play to your strengths this month.

This is a practical New Moon which helps you feel good about building the foundations for whatever you are pursuing.

May 15th, Mercury enters Taurus

Start the conversation around you are paying hourly rates now cut back on your overheads and find a place where you can.

To live with a lower financial footprint. Broker deals for high ticket possessions that you want.

Be ready to pay what things are worth. Avoid bargaining the life out of every purchase.

Tip others and those who serve you well.

May 20th, The Sun enters Gemini

The solar light beams from the sign of the Twins for four weeks to illuminate all duality in life.

The concept of good and evil and night and day will be in people’s hearts.

We cannot be one thing without containing seeds of the opposite.

Acknowledge that there are multiple features to situations and various faces to people.

May 23rd, Full Moon in Sagittarius

This month’s Full Moon asks you to broaden your beliefs through clearly seeing, in the complete light, where you are already.

This can be a personal relationship, work or creative project which you can assess and develop even further now.

Tune into your feelings and expand on what you have.

May 23rd, Venus enters Gemini

Now you can see two sides to your loved ones, and you may not enjoy both.

People are likely to show another face of their personality, especially to loving partners.

Double check all financial accounting as you might suppose your credit limit unknowingly.

May 25th, Jupiter enters Gemini

Lucky Jupiter moves into Gemini where it blends knowledge and information.

Learn something new or polish your knowledge on your interests. Lean in to growing your comprehension of the world around you.

Create a vision board and imagine a bright future for yourself.


June Astro Events

June 3rd, Mercury enters Gemini

Now conversations really heat up. Discuss everything. Explore your ideas and opinions with others.

This is the time to gather information, make sales and purchase important goods and services.

You can do the numbers to confidently sign on the dotted line.

Share your views.

June 6th, New Moon in Gemini

This month’s New Moon in Gemini suggests there will be a blend of emotional and factual events which unfold.

Any lies can easily be slipped into the good news.

Read the fine print.

Be aware of how you feel when you blurt out.

Start a writing project like a journal, book or article now.

June 9th, Mars enters Taurus

As Mars leaves fiery areas for Taurus there is an overall energy shift down a notch.

Mars is in detriment in Taurus and cannot express itself well here.

All Sun in Taurus people will be stimulated as they, above everyone else, will have the drive, vitality and energy to get them off the couch.

June 17th, Venus enters Cancer

As Venus enters the sign of the Crab many people’s financial situations can be helped by a more frugal approach.

Romance will be closer to home now.

Look to people you live with and those who visit your place for amorous encounters.

June 17th, Mercury enters Cancer

There will be much a conversation surrounding important things that really matter.

Big decisions about your residents can be aired now.

This is the moment for clear discussions.

You will do well to listen closely to everyone who lives in your home, fears and concerns.

Avoid assuming you know how they feel.

June 21st, The Sun enters Cancer

The summer solstice in the northern hemisphere and the winter solstice in the southern is a turning point in the year.

Themes of circling the wagons and preservation of family will be strong.

Focus on your foundations and thank those who really support you.

There is an air of quiet confidence now.

June 22nd, Full Moon in Capricorn

This Full Moon is a time to clearly see your achievements good or bad.

You can see the flaws in your work and the good things as well.

Avoid beating yourself up and focus on the micro wins.

Present your projects or plans to your close circles of friends now for a reality and viability check.

June 29th, Saturn Stations Retrograde

This indicates there is a new way of looking at what you are trying to achieve in life.

Take time to pause and think about your next strategic move.

The plan you had before may need tweaking as you move forwards.

Use this moment to seriously review things which you are trying to realize.

July Astro Events

July 2nd, Mercury enters Leo

Open your mind for some fun conversation as you meet interesting people.

You do not have to be bosom buddies with everyone.

Now you will be discerning about with whom you choose to associate.

Try to be one of the team as there is a mutually creative theme to group dynamics.

July 2nd, Neptune Stations Retrograde

This is a time for a pause.

You may do well to rest and reflect but don’t spend too much time swinging in a hammock sipping a pina colada without getting anything done.

Your muse may arrive at any time and the best ideas need to be captured either as sketches or words in your dream book.

July 5th, New Moon in Cancer

The Cancer New Moon is a perfect time to start new things related to your inner family dynamics.

Be aware of how you react to triggers from those close to you and try to see how your responses may escalate situations or not.

Share more compassion and love now.

July 11th, Venus enters Leo

Now there is a shift of energy as you look for creative solutions around your love affairs.

If you are single, you will be more open to a romantic encounter. It may not get heavy immediately as this is the time to play it cool.

If you are in a meaningful relationship, this.

Will bring more heart to the affair. You can now engage yourself wholeheartedly with your fun-loving partner.

July 20th, Mars enters Gemini

Now the edge to make connections is strong as Mars enters Gemini.

Choose to reach out where you want to bond.

Others are amenable to collaborations.

Now find your voice.

Multitasking can be an attractive option, but they also lead to burnout.

Energy can come in spurts, so plan some rest periods as well.

This is the time to push forward on any fresh ideas.

July 21st, Full Moon in Capricorn

This lunation can be a valuable help to see clearly aspirations mainly in the public domain and at work.

Capricorn is a sign which is always aware of the impact people and events can have on business and personal reputations.

Avoid rash reactions.

Wait to see what is brought for you now.

July 22nd, The Sun enters Leo

Get ready for some creative fun and play.

Take time for leisure activities and focus on what makes you happy.

Use this dynamic celestial energy of the Sun in Leo to do something that warms your heart and the souls of others.

Be generous of spirit and you will experience contentment.

Now you can easily find joy in ordinary tasks.

July 25th, Mercury enters Virgo

Now you can focus on the nitty gritty of life.

All the little things will have great emphasis.

Now your mind will burst with innumerable ideas.

You may wish to start a journal to capture every brilliant thought.

August Astro Events

August 4th, New Moon in Leo

The Leo New Moon indicates new starts in all creative pastimes.

You may have multiple projects on the go, and this will be the moment to add even one more.

Lean into your ingenious pursuits be they music, art, dance, writing or poetry.

It doesn’t matter what but that you do begin now.

August 5th, Venus enters Virgo

This is not the best placement for Venus, the last planet, as there can be a tendency to pick on your love interest.

Although you can clearly see their imperfections, you must ask yourself if nitpicking and complaining is worth straining your relationship for.

August 5th, Mercury Stations Retrograde

This will affect anyone with a birthday on 26th, 27th and 28th of August as Mercury will pause over your natal Sun and it will be a part of your Solar Return forecast for the next year.

Mercury is strong now and will create the urge to revisit, return and replace people, situations and stuff.

August 12th, Mercury re-enters Leo Retrograde

Look at what happened in your life recently around July 21st to 25th as these themes, people and conversations will resurface again.

Be ready to lick old wounds once more even if you thought they were all over.

Other people will need to dramatize past events again so be cool and calm.

August 19th, Full Moon in Aquarius

Choose to not get embroiled with gossip or situations, perhaps on the news, which you can do nothing about, and which may upset you deeply by bringing up memories.

Focus on your own life and express feelings of love, care and companionship with the people in your close circle.

August 22nd, The Sun enters Virgo

This is a time when the little things in life can become big deals.

Pay attention to all details and this month will be smooth for you.

If you choose to be kind and considerate the world will serve you well.

Modesty is everything now.

August 28th, Mercury Stations Direct

This will affect people with birthdays around the 13th, 14th and 15th of August.

For the rest of us you can anticipate clearer thinking and solutions to creative problems will come easier than before.

Decisions can be made now if you are honest about your motives.

In general, this is a positive time.

August 29th, Venus enters Libra

Love is in the air.

If you are single, there is a good chance you will meet a potential partner now.

If you are already in a committed relationship, you can expect meaningful connections with your partner.

Offer stylish and elegant gifts to your loved ones as they will appreciate the gesture.


September Astro Events

September 1st, Uranus Stations Retrograde

This annual station of Uranus will specifically affect you if your birthday is between 16th to 21st of May.

For the rest of us is indicates a time to pause for a moment with innovation and originality.

If you are launching something new or fashionable than take the time for consideration before pushing forward with your plans or chucking in the towel before you have fully explored all your options.

September 2nd, Pluto re-enters Capricorn Retrograde

Pluto is hovering at the end of Capricorn and the beginning of Aquarius for most of September and into October.

This will affect anyone with a birthday around 17th to 22nd of January.

Review your old, buried or default killer approaches as they can be transformed to develop your inner power.

September 3rd, New Moon in Virgo

Begin a new cleaning regimen and sort out your stuff.

This is a good time to make a list of needs and wants to be aware of what you are working on in your inner life.

Choose to feel optimistic about how you are living and avoid being self-critical now.

Celebrate the wins, you deserve them.

September 4th, Mars enters Cancer

Expect some activity on the home front as Mars enters Cancer.

Family can get agitated now, so count to ten before snapping back.

Use this hot and pushing planetary drive to protect your close family.

Stop all raised voices and arguments immediately as they may get harsh. Guard your kinfolk with your life.

September 9th, Mercury re-enters Virgo

This second entry of Mercury into its own sign of the Virgin makes the planet strong and able to be at its best.

Now there will be good conversations and exchanges of ideas.

Plans and minor details can be fleshed out now even if the projects are not acted upon just yet.

Get all paperwork in order.

September 18th, Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

The mid-month Lunar Eclipse occurs at the North Node indicating there are things being brought in towards us.

This signals a time when you can see the fruits of your labours either good or bad it depends on what you have been working towards earlier in the year.

Intuition is at an all-time high so tune in to what is going on and don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

September 22nd, The Sun enters Libra

At the equinox equilibrium returns if only for a short while.

There is an urge to find win-win situations and most people will be happy with some negotiations up to a degree.

Avoid trying to please everyone as you never can. Focus on appeasing those folks who are near and dear to you.

September 23rd, Venus enters Scorpio

Get ready for some deep and even dangerous romantic liaisons.

Temptation will be around every corner and your faithfulness can be challenged now.

New romances will begin deep and daring.

Avoid adding more unwanted debt to your credit cards. Pay back financial commitments now.

September 26th, Mercury enters Libra

You will hear some positive news this period.

All collaborative partnerships are favored for the next few weeks.

The act of affiliating with others in different ways will be the best use of this planetary energy.

Pay attention to all messages from your life partner and make sure you give them enough time to say what has to be said.


October 2024 Astro Events

October 2nd, Solar Eclipse in Libra

This is a time for initiating relationship of all kinds.

There is a window of around three months where this eclipse has influence.

Pay close attention to what unfolds on the day of the eclipse as this will set the tone for the next quarter.

If your birthday is within the week of this eclipse this influence will stay with you longer than for other people.

October 9th, Jupiter Stations Retrograde

This will affect people with birthdays on 11th, 12th and 13th of June.

It suggests a time for scaling back on your most outrageous plans and getting realistic about what you can and cannot achieve.

If you have over committed yourself in the past now you may have to rescind offers to do things or help others.

This time can be a reality check.

October 12th, Pluto Stations Direct

Pluto moves off the station in a forward motion again.

This will bring some relief for Scorpio Ascendant people as their chart ruler is moving in a positive way again.

Not much will occur now as the big shift of energy will be next month.

Look to put old issues and situations to rest.

October 13th, Mercury enters Scorpio

Expect to be discussing private matters.

Others are likely to tell you excruciatingly intimate information that you wish you had never heard.

Watch out about giving your powers away through providing too much information to all and sundry.

October 17th, Full Moon in Aries

The Aries Full Moon will be energetic, and you may see fireworks as situations come to a head.

Things that may be completely obvious to other people will come home to you now.

Be decisive, keep a cool head and avoid reacting to others emotional jabs. Above all choose the high road.

October 17th, Venus enters Sagittarius

You could find yourself blowing through your budget in a simply spectacular way.

Impulse purchases will be tempting.

In the last two weeks of October expect some larger expenses to pop up, which you can probably cope with if you curbed any unnecessary splurging earlier in the month.

October 22nd, The Sun enters Scorpio

This is the time of the year for intense connections.

You want to reach people on a deeper level.

This can expose some old bones which can either be raked over once more or reburied to chew over on another day.

The choice is yours.

Pick you battles carefully as there is limited emotional energy around now.

November 2024 Astro Events

November 1st, New Moon in Scorpio

This can be a moment when you notice who is secretly supporting you in a quiet way.

Strangers may easily become allies if you pay attention to the emotional energy swirling around situations.

Lean into any feelings of nostalgia with people as this mood will be significant for you now.

November 2nd, Mercury enters Sagittarius

Keep up-to-date with emails and make sure everyone knows what is going on.

You could meet potentially a life-changing person who perhaps will be as a guru, coach or guide for you.

Always maintain an open mind as you navigate multiple conversations which spark your curiosity.

November 4th, Mars enters Leo

Fiery Mars, enter sizzling Leo to get some bursts of action in your life.

Expect to have a few things on the go and. Eventually, what is meaningful, and worthy will rise above it all.

Keep all your options alive as long as you can and avoid closing doors on people and situations this month.

November 11th, Venus enters Capricorn

2nd time this year.

This shift of planetary energy draws the focus to serious relationships and the role of money in the balance of power.

Between the sexes, all see goats will be more loving and social now.

Anticipate good relations with those in authority, like your boss or your parents.

November 15th, Full Moon in Taurus

This Full Moon is the best day for a dinner party or to share a meal with friends and family as the Moon rises in the evening sky.

Bring together persons of value and those who have consistently fed your emotional states and not brought drama.

They could be a little boring, but they are solid.

November 15th, Saturn Stations Direct

This station will affect people with birthdays from the 1st to the 5th of May more then everyone else.

Hatch a plot.

However, be a little constrained in your vision to find something that is both achievable and practical.

Dream big but add a dash of reality to all projects which you launch now.

November 19th, Pluto enters Aquarius

Pluto will cross the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius for the last time in November.

Now the full impact of this planetary shift is upon us all.

Transformation of social issues and everyday folk who are different will be celebrated.

This may not sit well with everyone, but the future is here.

November 21st, Sun enters Sagittarius

The urge to be free and explore the world is strong now.

All travel is favored.

Educate yourself about something interesting, so you will in turn, be more fascinating this month.

November 26th, Mercury Stations Retrograde

If your birthday is on the 13th, 14th and 15th of December Mercury will be on your natal Sun and a part of your Solar Return profile for the next twelve months.

Anticipate challenges with communications, texts and conversation which go wild. Appointments will be disrupted, and plans will change at the drop of a hat.

December 2024 Astro Events

December 1st, New Moon in Sagittarius

Got moving and inspired with this dynamic New Moon in Sagittarius.

Focus on the vision for your life and tweak it where required.

Meander down some side roads and see how you feel about adding a little something else to your life.

No decision has to be made yet. Consider the possibilities now.

December 6th, Mars Stations Retrograde

This station will affect you more if your birthday is on 28th to the 30th of July.

Energy wanes now.

You may lose your natural get-up-and-go for a time. Try not to overdo things.

Take frequent rests.

Inspiration will be revived as you retrace your steps on situations and activities since October 7th.

December 7th, Neptune Stations Direct

Neptune is flowing in the right direction.

If your birthday is on 17th, 18th or 19th for March this energy will be with you for the next twelve months.

Anticipate a clearer impression of life and some transparency and insights about things left unsaid.

Atmospheres will be easier to interpret now.

December 7th, Venus enters Aquarius

Now financial affairs will favor the group.

All Aquarians will feel romantic, and love is likely to come their way.

For the rest of us, new love will start as a friendship, so be on the lookout for situations like that.

Finances seems fixed right now, so avoid excessive spending.

Donations to causes are appreciated at this time.

December 15th, Full Moon in Gemini

This is the chatty Full Moon of the year.

Good conversation bordering on gossip will abound.

Make sure you do not cross a line by discussing other people’ affairs inappropriately.

Read poetry aloud or immerse yourself in a good book to open you mind.

Write down notes, tips and numbers for later.

December 15th, Mercury Stations Direct

If you are born on 27th, 28th or 29th of November you will benefit from this planetary energy shift.

Ideas released and can develop to their full potential.

They may not be acted upon just yet, but the concepts can be thrashed out and firmed up.

Discuss opinions and listen more than you speak.

December 21st, Sun enters Capricorn

As the Sun enters Capricorn it is the solstice.

This day is called Saturnalia after Saturn the ruler of Capricorn.

You need to get all outside festivities over with so you can concentrate on those special people who are your closest allies.

Assess this year’s achievements and plot your strategy for 2025.

December 30th, New Moon in Capricorn

The second New Moon in any month is known as a Black Moon.

It is the 13th New Moon in 2024 and the second New Moon in the sign of the Sea Goat the other being in January.

This suggests themes of preserving what you have.

Make do and mend is a feel good catch phrase for this lunation.


Author Bio

Alison Price: Astrology Coach

Alison wants to help you uncover your individual creativity and lead a fulfilling life using your own astrology. She shares her wisdom from the heart with a touch of humor.

Learn more about Alison’s journey.

If you’d like to get in touch with Alison, you can reach out to her via email at

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Learn a little about the pagan festival of Lammas which occurs as the Sun reaches 15 degrees of the fixed sign Leo.

Solar Eclipse October 2023

Solar Eclipse October 2023

2023 2nd Eclipse Season

There is a Solar Eclipse on October 14, 2023 at Libra 21°08′ at the South Node

This marks the start of the first eclipse in the second eclipse season of 2023. In two weeks, there will be a lunar eclipse.

Almost every year has two eclipse seasons, and 2023 is following this pattern. Eclipses happen when the Sun comes near (within 18 degrees) to one of the Moon’s nodes.

Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipses occur when the Sun gets close to a lunar node and the Moon aligns with the Sun. The lunar nodes are points where the paths of the Sun and the Moon intersect.

Synodic Cycles

Now, let’s talk about synodic cycles. Solar eclipses mark the beginning of a new synodic cycle between these celestial bodies.

What does this mean for you? Solar eclipses blend your needs and desires, bringing focus to what truly matters. They create opportunities for starting fresh with new projects, relationships, or activities.

To understand how this eclipse at 21 degrees Libra may impact you, take a look at your birth chart. Pay attention to which house it falls in and any connections to other planets or points. This will help you grasp its specific effects on your life.

South Node

Eclipses occurring at the south node of the Moon carry the theme of releasing and letting go. This release can involve attitudes, clutter, or beliefs that no longer serve a purpose in your life. South node eclipses offer you the opportunity to shed unnecessary baggage.

By letting go of these things, you create space for more valuable and meaningful experiences that are on their way to you. South node solar eclipses signify the importance of making room in your life for new opportunities and growth. It’s like decluttering your physical and mental space to allow new possibilities to enter.

Remember, if you hold onto the past (associated with the south node), there won’t be much room for fresh beginnings. It’s essential to choose wisely and consider not just how you manage your time but also your energy.

For instance, if you’re thinking about getting a new puppy (which is a symbol of a solar eclipse, representing new beginnings), you’ll need to clear some space in your daily routine (related to the south node). This might mean allocating time for a half-hour walk with your furry friend. In doing so, you open up space in your life for this new and joyful experience.

Solar Eclipse Aspects

Conjoined Mercury

This eclipse is closely linked to Mercury, which is quite common, as Mercury often aligns with the Sun.

The fact that Mercury is in close proximity to the eclipse degree suggests that there may be extensive discussions regarding the themes this eclipse brings to light.

Mercury’s presence in Libra indicates a tendency to be diplomatic and avoid confrontational speech. It’s important to consider all available options and maintain harmony with your partners and those close to you.

Thoughtfully selecting your words can play a strategic role in smoothly implementing new plans and avoiding resistance.

Square Pluto

The eclipse forms a square aspect with Pluto, indicating that the transformation highlighted by the eclipse might have profound and far-reaching consequences, potentially leading to a significant transformation in your life.

This impact is likely to be even more pronounced if the eclipse aligns closely with one of your planets or significant points in your birth chart.

Opposition Chiron

Additionally, the eclipse loosely opposes Chiron, indicating the possibility of encountering resistance or opposition to your intentions during this eclipse.

It’s worth noting that Chiron’s influence can sometimes make you feel vulnerable or less confident in your abilities. It may even trigger imposter syndrome, where you doubt your qualifications or worthiness when dealing with these celestial transits.


This solar eclipse carries the potential for significant transformation in your life.

It’s essential to observe what unfolds on the day of the eclipse, which falls on October 14th.

The impact of this eclipse is expected to last for approximately three months from the date of the eclipse itself.

Typically, there is no noticeable shift in energy until the eclipse becomes exact.

For more in-depth information about eclipses, we invite you to listen to our special eclipse podcast episode available at this link.

In this episode, both Arwynne and I delve into the details of the eclipse, providing valuable insights and discussions.

Author Bio

Alison encourages you to explore your unique creativity and live a satisfying life through your personal astrology. She offers her insights from the heart and with a sense of humor.

Go here to read more about Alison’s story.

If you want to send Alison a quick message go here.

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New Moon Wishing – a self-care guide book for wishful thinkers

New Moon Wishing – a self-care guide book for wishful thinkers

New Moon Wishing – A self-care guidebook for wishful thinkers

The New Moon Wishing self-care guidebook for wishful thinkers by Pearl Pendragon contains pages that you fill in with your New Moon wishes each month.

There are “New Moon in zodiac sign” prompts to help you align your wished with the current New Moon position.

Additionally, there are “New Moon in house” prompts so you can focus your wishes on the dynamic energy in your own unique birth chart.

This guidebook has enough pages for five years of New Moon Wishing which means you can create a record of the wishes you made and reflect on how things turned out.

The self-care aspect of New Moon Wishing surrounds writing your wishes and intentions to bring them forth through the act of hand penmanship which embeds your wish deeper into your consciousness.

You are encouraged to color in, embellish and add related ephemera to each month’s pages to create a beautiful record for yourself.

Who This Book is For

This is an ideal gift for the new-age and enlightened people in your life who enjoy creating with journals and notebooks.

Available now from Amazon.

Further Resources

Read my thoughts on New Moon Wishing and get some more ideas on how to use them in this video on Nadia Shah’s Channel.

Pin this image to your Pinterest board.

Author Bio

Alison Price: Astrology Coach

Alison specializes in guiding Aspiring Astrologers. Her aim is to help you uncover your individual creativity and lead a fulfilling life using your own astrology. She shares her wisdom from the heart with a touch of humor.

To learn more about Alison’s journey, visit this page.

If you’d like to get in touch with Alison, you can reach out to her via email at

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Mars in Virgo

Mars in Virgo

Mars in Virgo In this post, we are continuing our transit series of planets moving through the signs. We are typically only going to focus on superior planet transits which are the planets from Mars outwards. Of course, there may be exceptions. This time we are taking...

Starzology 2024 Astro Guide and Planner

Starzology 2024 Astro Guide and Planner

Starzology 2024 Astro Guide and Planner

Astrology for Self-care

Available now.

A few years ago, I began writing horoscopes for various publications, including a print magazine, an online app, and a new age website.

However, each outlet required a different approach, as one catered to women, another started their week on a Monday, and the third targeted a trendy millennial audience.

As a result, I needed to organize my astrological data and focus on three specific events in the astrology calendar each month: the New and Full moons, the planetary stations, and the ingresses.

By noting these movements on a monthly chart and setting my chart on the zero Aries house system, I could see where each event would occur for each sign.


To make this process easier, I created a mini-PDF for clients with each month’s data, which I built up over five years with more valuable information, data, and tables.

However, people often had trouble printing or losing the file, so I eventually published a handy book on Amazon, which customers could easily purchase and return if necessary.

The Starzology 2024 Astro Guide is now available on Amazon, and it includes short interpretations for each lunation, station, and ingress.

These mini-insights are similar to what I would write for a horoscope column, and they can be used as a basis for creating horoscope insights for yourself or your clients.


Who This Book is For

This book is for people who wish to embrace the art of astrology into their everyday self-care practice.

The Starzology 2024 Astro Guide and Planner contains information for anyone interested in astrology.

It has material on the 2024 New and Full Moons, retrograde and direct dates and planetary ingresses (when the planets change signs) for the whole year.

Horoscopes Writers

If you write horoscopes or forecast for yourself, family and friends it will help you plan.

There is a page for you to draw in your own birth chart, so you can follow along and a few blank chart wheels.

Track Transits

Each month has a handy list of astro events including planetary ingresses, retrogrades and lunation information.

There is a lunar mood checker diagram for you to fill in each day to monitor your mood.

This is great for women and their cycles.

The handy weekly pages can be used to track, and make notes about, the transits and progressions to your own birth chart.

Personal Growth

This book will inspire you to find out more about astrology, your chart and how the celestial energy changes affect you.

As your astrology knowledge grows, you can add other astro related details which interest you.


This is a working book. You are encouraged to make it your own.

You can color in this planner, collage special days and make notes which mean something to you.

Create yourself a beautiful keepsake for the year 2024 which you can look back on later.

Customize Your Planner

The idea is that you make this planner your own.

Colour in the months pages and add your transits on the weekly pages.


Watch the Video

To get more inspiration on how to get organized to write horoscopes, or to forecast for yourself, watch the video below.

I explain how I use this planner and you can add your information, color and  embellishments as well.






The Starzology 2024 Astro Guide and Planner contains information for anyone interested in astrology


Practical Astro Forecasting

The spreads are the exact ones that I use each month for horoscope work and forecasting, which I draw in my journal and you can see more of that in this video.

It has material on the 2024 New and Full Moons, Eclipsesretrograde and direct dates and planetary ingresses (when the planets change signs) for the whole year.

If you write horoscopes or forecast for yourself, family and friends it will help you plan.

There is a page for you to draw your own birth chart, so you can follow along and a few blank charts.

Monthly Planner Pages

Each month lists the astro events like planetary ingresses, retrogrades and lunation information.

There is a lunar mood checker diagram and other fun pages.

Weekly Planner Pages

The handy weekly pages can be used to track the transits and progressions to your own chart.

Moon Mood Tracker

Each month has a 28-day Moon cycle tracker that you could use to track:

  • Your mood
  • Your lunar transits
  • Your monthly cycle


Personal Growth

This planner will inspire you to find out more about your chart and you can add other astro related details that interest you.

In this planner, you can color in and make notes that mean something to you and create yourself a keepsake for the year 2024.


Astro Guide

The Starzology 2024 Astro Guide is not only a planner with monthly and weekly calendar pages, but it also includes specific pages for the eclipses of 2024 and the retrograde periods for every planet in 2023.

Additionally, it features a short piece about the Wheel of the Year and the eight pagan festivals.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can visit my website or check out the link in the show notes.

And if you know someone who would be interested, it makes for a great holiday gift.

Thank you for spending time with me.

With love,