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Author: Alison Price   –   Published: March 2024

The Part of Marriage

Parts in General

The Part of Marriage is one of the Arabic parts or Greek lots. It is a sensitive point in any chart and can be used when considering marriages, betrothals and nuptials.

Natal aspects to this point will colour the marital urges of the person.


Part of Marriage Calculation

The Part of Marriage calculation is as follows:

ASC + DEC – Venus = Part of Marriage

The Part of Marriage is placed in the same hemisphere (north or south) of the Ascendant/Descendant axis as Venus, and at the same distance as Venus is from the closer point Ascendant or Descendant.

In other words, The Part of Marriage is as far away from the Ascendant or Descendant as Venus.



Convert the Positions to Zero Aries

You have the convert the zodiac positions of the Ascendant, the Descendant and Venus to degrees on the 360 wheel. This starts from Zero Aries. All calculations will be done from this point.

First convert the Ascendant then the Descendnat then Venus.

You make this conversion so you can do maths (adding and subtracting) on the positions. We will convert the answer back to the signs at the end.

You may get an answer that is greater than 360 (say 410) and in that case, minus 360 before you convert back to the sign.


Elizabeth Taylor: Example Chart

As we are talking about marriage, I thought of using beautiful Elizabeth Taylor’s chart as she was married 7 times.




Elizabeth Taylor

Example Calculation

POM = ASC + DEC – Venus

POM = 13°15′ Sagittarius + 13°15′ Gemini – 17°33′ Aries

POM = [13°15′ + 240° (Sagittarius)] + [ 13°15′ + 60 (Gemini)] – 17°33′ (Aries)

POM = [250°15′ + 73°15′] – 17°33′

POM = 323°30′ – 17°33′

POM = 305°57′

POM = 305°57′ – 300 (for Aquarius, see table)

POM = 5°51′ Aquarius


The Importance of Venus

Venus is hugely important in the Part of Marriage calculation. Venus is the planet of romance, love and marriage among other things.

Depending on how far above or below the horizon Venus is found, it will be the same distance as the Part of Marriage.


Venus Ascendant Aspects

Venus Conjoined the Ascendant

If Venus is conjoined the Ascendant the the Part of Marriage will be conjoined the Descendant.


Venus Sextile the Ascendant

If Venus is sextile the Ascendant the the Part of Marriage will be sextile the Descendant.


Venus Square the Ascendant

If Venus is square the Ascendant the the Part of Marriage will be square the descendant (and so also square the Ascendant).

In fact, if Venus does square the Ascendant then Venus will be very close to the Part of Marriage and they will be conjoined,

This special placement provides a powerful message in any chart regarding love and marriage. Take special note of this aspect when working on relationship charts with your clients.



Part of Marriage Eyeball Calculation

You can find this point by looking at the chart.

  • Find Venus.
  • Draw a line parallel to the Ascendant/Descendant Line across the chart.
  • That point will be the Part of Marriage.


  • If Venus is 10° above the Ascendant then the Part of Marriage is 10° above the Descendant.
  • If Venus is 25° below the Ascendant the Venus is 25° below the Descendant.
  • If Venus is 10° above the Descendant then the Part of Marriage is 10° above the Ascendant.
  • If Venus is 25° below the Decsendant the Venus is 25° below the Ascendant.


Parallel Lines

In the chart below for Elizabeth Taylor, note the red line parallel to the Ascendant / Descendant line that is drawn from the point of  her natal Venus.

This is an easy way to work out the Part of marriage quickly. Of course if you want the exact position for the Part of Marriage you will have to do the calculations.

Solar Fire lists the Part of Marriage so I recommend that program for this type of work.


Part of Marriage Meaning

This sensitive point represents the qualities and experiences you seek or encounter in relationships, marriage and long-term meaningful partnerships.

Its placement in the natal chart can give insights into your approach to marriage, the type of partner you are attracted to, and the dynamics of your romantic relationships.

Here are some key points to consider when interpreting the Part of Marriage:


The sign in which the Part of Marriage falls can reveal important qualities and characteristics desired or sought after in a partner.

For example, a Part of Marriage in a fire sign like Aries may suggest a preference for adventurous and dynamic partners, while a Part of Marriage in an earth sign like Taurus may indicate a desire for stability and security in relationships.


Always consider the Part of Marriages dispositor which is the planet that rules the sign which the Part of Marriage is in.

In Elizabeth Taylor’s chart her Part of Marriahe is in Aquarius so there are two dispositors. The firt is Saturn as the traditional ruler of Aquarius and teh Second is Uranus as the modern ruler of Aquarius.


Part of Marriage House

The house placement of the Part of Marriage highlights the area of life where one is most likely to seek or experience significant partnerships and marital experiences.

For instance, if the Part of Marriage falls in the 7th house, which traditionally governs marriage and partnerships, it suggests a strong focus on committed relationships and marriage in the individual’s life.


Aspects between this point and other planets or points in the chart can provide further insights into the dynamics of relationships and marriage.

Harmonious aspects may indicate ease and compatibility in partnerships, while challenging aspects could suggest areas of tension or growth in relationships.

Transits and Progressions

Transits and progressions can trigger significant events or developments in one’s romantic life, such as marriage, divorce, or significant relationship milestones.

Pay attention to transits and progressions to help you navigate important relationship phases and transitions.


The Part of Marriage gives valuable, if subtle, insights into the area of partnerships, marriage and committed relationships.

It provides guidance on the qualities, dynamics and experiences people may experience in their romantic lives.


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