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Chiron’s Meaning

Known as the “Wounded Healer” Chiron relates to any wounds which can be physical or emotional or spiritual healing like nursing, self-work and forgiveness. In the myth Chiron was a teacher and so it has correspondences with teachers, gurus, guides, clerics and mentors. Chiron shines the light on the path for you and others.

Chiron’s Sign Rulership

Chiron does not rule any sign.


Chiron’s Meaning

Where we have wounds (both physical and emotional) are shown by Chiron.

Chiron rules healing and the healing process. It is also about where things scab over but are then picked at again. Chiron governs all weeping wounds. It shows where you can heal others as well.

Chiron is the gift in your chart, but you have to be healed to see it.

Chiron is a teacher and where you can learn. It shows where a teacher will appear when you are ready. It is the symbol of a guru from whom you can learn. Chiron can be your muse.

Chiron shows any weakness, it is where we perceive our own weakness and shortcomings.

Chiron depicts your own Achilles’ Heel and where you are weak and can be brought down by your actions or the actions of others.


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Chiron in the Signs

Chiron in Aries: You are defensive.

Chiron in Taurus: You can appreciate your inherent gift.

Chiron in Gemini: You benefit from therapy.

Chiron in Cancer: You can heal your relationship with your mother.

Chiron in Leo: You can help your children.

Chiron in Virgo: You can be nervous.

Chiron in Libra: You want to heal your partner.

Chiron in Scorpio: You have deep anxiety.

Chiron in Sagittarius: You will explore your weaknesses.

Chiron in Capricorn: You have a gift of discipline.

Chiron in Aquarius: You can help humanity.

Chiron in Pisces: You can help others.



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Chiron: Bridging Planet

Transiting Chiron

Chiron is considered the bridging planet because it bridges the gap between the visible and the invisible planets.

Chiron’s orbit lies between Saturn and Uranus.

Chiron’s elliptical path allows it to move near both Saturn’s orbit, and Uranus’ orbit thus affording it the feature of sometimes being an outer planet and sometimes not.

Chiron’s Speed

Due to Chiron’s elliptical orbit, Chiron travels faster when it is closer to the Sun in the sign of Libra and moves slower when it is farther from the Sun in the sign of Aries.

Chiron transits through Libra in under two years and transits through Aries in over eight years.

The sign in which Chiron is placed in the natal chart determines how long it will take to make the squares and oppositions to its natal position.

However, the Chiron return (when Chiron returns to the natal position) is always at age forty-nine to fifty-one.

Your Only Chiron Return

Chiron returns happen once at around age fifty.

You may experience and one or three hit Chiron return.

The Chiron return is about themes of healing, learning lessons, giving back and grandparental roles.

Transiting Chiron by House

Chiron will pass through all the houses in your chart in your lifetime as it takes around fifty years to orbit the Sun. The natal placement sets the tone for your experience of Chiron. It is important to understand Chiron’s message in your chart.

This planet does not have a sign to rule and so can easily be a background planet in your chart.

Chiron has a reputation as the wounded healer, and this can manifest easily. In a way there seems to be more on the downside for Chiron, but I urge you to look for the upside of a Chiron transit.

Chiron Negative Traits

The negative Chiron keywords of wound, pain, Achilles’ heel and sadness may dominate the understanding of Chiron. This is a predominant habit in the popular astrology.

Chiron: Positive Traits

By using the positive Chiron keywords of teacher, gift, key, healer and guru you may find better interpretations for this planet.

Transiting Chiron by House

Transiting Chiron in the First House

You become aware of your personal weaknesses when Chiron enters your first house. This can be a time for self-improvement on many levels. At this time, you are your own best teacher and you may discover what you really need in your life.

Transiting Chiron in the Second House

Transiting Chiron in the second house can suggest you have a gift for managing money. You may give more or you may be the recipient of support from others by them giving you a position to earn some money. This is a time for not really being paid what you are worth. It also indicates you somehow find healing in your self-esteem.

Transiting Chiron in the Third House

Transiting Chiron in the third house can suggest that you are happy to teach others in your neighborhood, this can be the local kids or the people in your immediate surroundings. You may find a thought leader now and enjoy their teachings.

Transiting Chiron in the Fourth House

Transiting Chiron in the fourth house suggests that you will discover weaknesses in your family and home. This could indicate that you can address any problems and become a person that your family can turn to in times of their need. You are seen as the family counsellor.

Transiting Chiron in the Fifth House

Transiting Chiron in the fifth house suggests that you may acknowledge your children’s imperfections for the first time. This also indicates that your children may take advantage of your weakness because you love them. You may overindulge your children now which may not be for their good.

Transiting Chiron in the Sixth House

This is the perfect time to take refresher courses in your industry and find a mentor at work. You are likely to find advisors in the job market now. These people may be recruiters or peers it depends. If you are over fifty you can become the mentor for a younger protegè.

Transiting Chiron in the Seventh House

When Chiron enters the seventh house your partner may need your help. It is a time to see the cracks in your relationships and try to patch them up. New relationships started at this time will be a learning process for you. You may meet a potential partner who becomes a burden to you.


Transiting Chiron in the Eighth House

As Chiron passes through your eighth house you may become aware of your own mortality and frailness. This is an excellent time to get therapy (or rehab) for yourself. It is a good time for psychoanalysis as you are eager to learn from a good teacher. During this period you could take too much (and take for granted) from your partner like money, food or emotional demands. Make sure to give support to any joint and shared resources.

Transiting Chiron in the Ninth House

This is the perfect time to start an adult education program or go back to college. You are open to knowledge and will find a great teacher now. Religion and philosophy may become one of your study areas. Travel to areas where you can help other people such as teaching, aid or educating people is good now.

Transiting Chiron in the Tenth House

Promotion that happens under a Chiron transit of the tenth house can be a two edged sword. You are glad of the opportunity but the reality of the extra responsibility. and what is required of you, may make you feel overwhelmed. You can suffer from “imposter syndrome” where you can’t believe that someone is paying you to do the job, because you like it so much, and can that be right? Or can it?

Transiting Chiron in the Eleventh House

Transiting Chiron in the eleventh house brings friends that need help. You may be asked to assist your friends and associates which you are happy to do and rightly so as this is the time for you to give this type of aid. Make sure you do not become their doormat as at this time you can do more for them than is actually helpful. Becoming your friend’s enabler will not help them in the long run.

Transiting Chiron in the Twelfth House

When Chiron enters your twelfth house it is a time for quiet contemplation. You may spend peaceful times and help your dark side whatever that is. If you have secret problems (like addictions) you can address them now. This is the time to heal your inner self which could be simply getting more sleep so you can face the day. Prayer and meditation will help calm you now.

Chiron’s Background and Supporting Role

Transiting Chiron is not usually at the forefront of any interpretation, but it can underscore or enhance particular messages that are shown through the other chart details in the forecast material. As a forecasting astrologer bear that in mind.

Transiting Chiron by Aspect

The aspects Chiron makes back to its natal position are most telling in forecast work and specifically, the square, opposition and conjunction.

Chiron Waxing Square

The transiting Chiron waxing square to natal Chiron occurs between age eight to twenty-two years.

Chiron Opposition

The transiting Chiron opposition to natal Chiron occurs between age twenty-two to forty-two years.

Chiron Waning Square

The transiting Chiron waning square to natal Chiron occurs between age twenty-seven to forty- five years.

Chiron Return

The transiting Chiron return to the natal Chiron position is between age forty-nine to fifty- one years.

Transiting Chiron Aspects

Transiting Chiron Conjunctions

When Chiron conjoins a natal planet, it brings a chance for you to fix things. You become aware of what needs doing and you may or may not actually do anything about them. You could simply discover that you need glasses or a hearing aid for example. You can help others now in the nature of the natal planet.

Transiting Chiron Sextiles

When Chiron sextiles a natal planet you discover your latent talents in the helping and healing fields in the nature of the natal planet. This can be a gentle transit where you may just think of doing something but not actually do anything. The road to hell is paved with good intentions which is the nature of this transit.

Transiting Chiron Squares

As Chiron squares a natal planet you can expect the difficult side of Chiron to come out in the nature of the natal planet. This could expose a weakness or a crack in whatever the natal planet rules and means in your chart. It can be a time to mend fences and shore up weaknesses you may have. This transit will not fix things but bring them to your attention as a learning process.

Transiting Chiron Trines

When Chiron trines a natal planet is brings a time for you to give back, support the weak and learn how to teach others in the nature of the natal planet. You will become good at helping others and this is good if you are naturally a counsellor or teacher. You have skills. life experience and knowledge to pass on to others now.

Transiting Chiron Oppositions

Transiting Chiron oppositions are a time when you are expected to help when you do not feel like it. You will have to draw on resources that you did not know you had to get through some challenging periods with other people and situations. This is not the time to be contrary although that just maybe how you feel. Preparation is key to managing this transit.


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