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The Celestial Garden

The Celestial Garden

The Celestial Garden by Jane Hawley Stevens

Book Review

“The Celestial Garden Growing herbs, vegetables, and flower in sync with the Moon and Zodiac” by Jane Hawley Stevens is a delightful journey through the techniques of blending gardening activities with the Moon and zodiac signs.

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This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jane Hawley Stevens about her latest book, which focuses on growing herbs, vegetables, and flowers in sync with the Moon and the Zodiac.

As someone deeply passionate about herbalism and gardening and having created two herb gardens myself I was particularly drawn to Stevens’ approach in her book.

Podcast Episode

Lifelong gardener and herbalist Jane Hawley Stevens explains how the Moon’s cycle provides a detailed calendar of optimal times for planting seeds, roots and transplants, as well as for pruning, weeding, propagation, harvesting, and even starting new garden projects or throwing garden parties. 🌱 In this episode, Alison enjoys a fireside chat with Jane as she discusses her new book The Celestial Garden.

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Solar and Lunar Cycles

What sets it apart is her alignment not only with the solar cycle for the year of gardening but also with the lunar cycle for each month.

Stevens offers practical tips on gardening activities based on the Moon’s presence in different signs and seasons, creating a comprehensive guide for aligning your garden with the phases of the Moon.

One aspect that resonates with me is the fundamental recognition of the Moon as a significant indicator. It serves as an expression of how astrology can be practically applied.

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Lunar Alignment

I often use the analogy that you can’t surf into the shore when the tide is going out.

This emphasizes the importance of being in alignment with the Moon and, consequently, understanding the influence of other planets in your earthly activities.

Stevens’ book guides readers on how to work with the stars rather than against them, providing a thoughtful and insightful perspective on gardening in harmony with celestial rhythms.

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Natural Calendar

Within The Celestial Garden, Jane Hawley Stevens, a seasoned lifelong gardener and herbalist, illuminates the profound influence of the Moon cycle on the art of gardening.

In her book, she presents a meticulous calendar that guides gardeners through optimal times for various activities, including planting seeds, roots, and transplants.

Moreover, Stevens extends her expertise to encompass essential practices like pruning, weeding, propagation, and harvesting.


Garden Projects

“The Celestial Garden” doesn’t just stop at the basics; it goes above and beyond by offering insights into opportune moments for initiating new garden projects or hosting garden parties. Stevens’ holistic approach to gardening, aligning with the rhythm of the Moon, opens up a realm of possibilities for enthusiasts to enhance their gardening experience.

This celestial guide is a treasure trove of excellent tips suitable for all types of gardeners, whether their passion lies in cultivating vibrant vegetables, luscious fruits, fragrant herbs, or captivating flowers. By intertwining the wisdom of the Moon cycle with practical gardening advice, Stevens provides a resource that not only nurtures the soil but also cultivates a deeper connection between the gardener and the celestial dance above.

Whether you’re a seasoned horticulturist or a budding green thumb, “The Celestial Garden” serves as a valuable companion on your journey to a more mindful and bountiful gardening experience.



Jane Hawley Stevens


Moon Element

Additionally, the book delves into every facet of astrological gardening, unraveling the mysteries behind various elements. It elucidates the significance of Moon signs and explores the reasons behind their impact on plant growth and development.

The guide provides insights on aligning the Moon’s journey through the constellations of the Zodiac with your daily garden tasks and projects.

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Lunar Phase Activities

Moreover, “The Celestial Garden” offers specific tips and advice tailored to each phase of the Moon, guiding gardeners on the best activities to undertake during these distinct periods.

It goes beyond the practicalities, incorporating simple and creative seasonal rituals into the astrological gardening practice, adding a touch of mindful and uplifting engagement.


Chakra Garden

Notably, the book shares guidance on designing a unique Chakra Garden, allowing readers to infuse a sense of harmony and balance into their outdoor spaces.

By exploring these various aspects, the book not only serves as a comprehensive guide to astrological gardening but also inspires readers to deepen their connection with nature, the cosmos, and the beauty of their own cultivated spaces.

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Your Sign

Furthermore, Stevens motivates readers to discover how their individual astrological signs can guide them towards greater satisfaction in both their gardens and their lives.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced gardener, this unique and highly practical book offers fresh and unexpected insights, presenting itself as an inspiring love letter to nature.


Contact Jane

You can visit Jane Hawley Stevens at for more information.

Or purchase her book The Celestial Garden at Amazon.

Author Bio

Alison Price: Astrology Coach

Alison specializes in guiding Aspiring Astrologers. Her aim is to help you uncover your individual creativity and lead a fulfilling life using your own astrology. She shares her wisdom from the heart with a touch of humor.

Learn more about Alison’s journey.

If you’d like to get in touch with Alison, you can reach out to her via email at

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2024 Astrology Events

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Moon Phases

Moon Phases

Moon Phases

Your Astrology Journal

I love making my astrology journal and creating interesting pages that are zodiac themed. At the moment I’m using a Leuchtturm1917 journal. I chose the one with a yellow cover as I like that.


Moon Phase Keywords Page

On this page, I’ve listed the eight Moon phases.

The lunar phases in order are:

  • New Moon
  • Crescent
  • First Quarter
  • Gibbous
  • Full Moon
  • Disseminating
  • Last Quarter
  • Balsamic

I’ve drawn how each phase appears like when you look up at the Moon. At the New Moon, the Moon is all dark and you cannot see the Moon. At the Full Moon the whole of the Moon is illuminated, and you can see it clearly in the night sky.


Moon Phase Keywords for each lunar phase. Moon Phase Keywords[/caption]


The Lunar Cycle

The Sun and Moon’s Synodic Cycle

The Moon takes one month to orbit the Earth.

The Moon phase cycle, known as the synodic cycle, starts at New Moon when the Sun and the Moon are conjunct.

This happens once every month.

At New Moon, we cannot see the Moon as it is close to the Sun

The Moon starts to grow in light every day in the waxing part of the cycle.

Around day fourteen it reaches the Full Moon when we can see the most light from the Moon.

It begins the waning part of the cycle reducing in light back to the New Moon.

The Light and Dark of the Moon

The Moon is mainly dark for half of the month and mainly light for half of the month.

The darker half is during the last quarter, balsamic, new moon and crescent phases.

The light half is the first quarter, gibbous, full moon and disseminating phases.

This light/dark difference is symbolic and has much to say about the meaning of the Moon and its phases.


Lunar phase aspects showing the light and dark sides of the Moon's cycle.

Lunar Phases in the Chart

The lunar phases are based on the angular relationship between the Sun and the Moon.

If the luminaries are in aspect to each other, the aspect between them must be considered highly in the chart interpretation.

Moon Timing

The synodic cycle is around twenty-nine and a half days.

The Moon is in each phase for around three and a half days.

The Moon is in each sign around two and a half days.

Planetary Phases

The planets also have phases shown by their relationship to the Sun and particularly the inferior planets Mercury and Venus.

Eight Lunar Phases

There are eight lunar phases, four in the waxing period and four in the waning period.

Even if the Moon is not in aspect to the Sun, it will be in the phase shown below.




Lunar Phase Table

There are no orbs with the lunar phase. Each phase begins at the exact aspect and runs through until the next aspect. Lunar phases are closely related to the aspects between the Moon and the Sun.



Moon Phases and the Growth Cycle

The cycle of the Moon can be symbolically correlated to a plant’s life-cycle. It can also be related to the yearly solar cycle and the seasons. This correlation shows the driving essence of each lunar phase which is expressed through individual charts.

New Moon Phase: Germination

The seed is in the dark, underground and germinates. It is a delicate time, and it can be touch and go if the seed and plant will survive. It is the beginning.

Winter Solstice – December 21st.

Crescent Phase: First Leaf

The fresh sprout breaks through the soil into the light and the first leaves form. During this time the little seedling grows and strengthens.

Imbolc – February 1st.

First Quarter Phase: Roots and Growth

Stronger roots appear to stabilize the plant. Fast growth happens as the plant strives to reach full potential. Bigger leaves form and branches thicken.

The Vernal Equinox around March 21st and the start of spring in the northern hemisphere.


Gibbous Phase: Buds and Blossom

The plant starts to bloom as buds and blossom form showing potential. The plant is now established, and you can see what it will become.

This time relates to Beltane around May 1st when the Sun is at 15 degrees Taurus.

Full Moon Phase: Flowers and Fruit

The flower becomes the fruit. The plant puts forth its full sweet bounty. The fruits of its efforts are available for all to see. The fruit ripens.

The summer solstice is around June 21st and signals the start of summer in the northern hemisphere.


Disseminating Phase: The Harvest

This is the harvest phase where fruits are harvested. It is the culmination of the plant as it gives up its bounty to others.

This relates to Lammas around August 1st and when the Sun is at 15 degrees Leo.


Third Quarter: Decomposition

Now the planet begins to decompose and withers. The leaves fall, and the remaining flowers make seed pods for next year. Seed pods explode as the plant casts forth its life potential for the next cycle.

This is known as the fall or autumn equinox around September 21st and signals the start of Autumn in the northern hemisphere.

Balsamic Phase: Rest and Lying Fallow

Seeds become buried in the dark and bulbs stay hidden underground. The plants rest. Nothing is happening as the ground lies fallow. The wait.

This relates to Halloween on October 31st and when the Sun is at fifteen degrees Scorpio.



Four Waxing Moon Phases

In the waxing half of the Moon’s cycle, the four phases are new moon, crescent, first quarter and gibbous. During the waxing half of the month, the light of the Moon is growing.


New Moon


You see life through your own eyes, and not the eyes of others.



You are subjective and struggle to see another person’s point of view.


Starts Projects

You enjoy beginning new projects. You are good at starting jobs but not so good at finishing them. You have lots of energy and are independent.



You have the potential to emerge and do good things. At this stage, we don’t know.



You are mainly concerned with your life and your issues.




You feel compelled to move forward in your life. You can do this when you have a strong foundation underneath from which to launch.



You have an opportunity to grow in your belief in yourself. As your life unfolds and expands, you will become more comfortable with the feelings you have about your future path.


Eager Confidence

You will probably face the future eagerly. In time you possibly will develop inner confidence.



First Quarter


You perhaps have the forcefulness of youth, and there will likely be much subjective activity throughout your life. You prefer to lay a good base for your future and will take action to make this so.


Growth and Building

You are likely to construct your own plans to suit yourself. Your life is expected to be filled with lots of personal growth and experiences with which you can build a firmer foundation for your personal future.



You are usually strong-willed, and some may even say ruthless.


Crisis in Action

You have controlled energy expenditure which comes in bursts, and much can be done.





You generally have a desire to contribute something of value to society. You probably understand broad concepts and may have an impulse to clarify and work towards your personal goals or for a cause.



You are an individual who can overcome obstacles. You have a youthful approach to life.



There is effort spent to get better at what you do.



Four Waning Moon Phases

The four phases in the waning half of the Moon’s cycle are full moon, disseminating, last quarter and balsamic. During the waning half of the lunar cycle, the light of the Moon is diminishing.

Full Moon Phase


You can see the other person’s point of view, and it is clear to you. You are very self-aware. You can discriminate between truth and lies.



You can see the big picture and use broad strokes. It is all quite clear to you now.



You are supremely confident and have a mature outlook on life. You are realistic and accept things as they are.



You can build fulfilling relationships confidently. You approach life through an adult’s eyes, and there are no illusions.


Disseminating Phase

Transmit information

You are likely to have the desire to transmit what you have learned through both study and your personal, worldly experiences. Probably you quickly disseminate ideas to pass on to others. It is as though you are on a crusade to share your learning.


Knowledge dispersal

Perhaps you wish to spread your wisdom and knowledge with other people as a disciple would. You can probably use demonstration as a tool to impart your grasp of situations.


Convey Awareness

It is vital for you to let others know what you know and share your beliefs with them. You wish to make contact.


Last Quarter Phase


This indicates that you are fundamentally objective and can pass on your experience and sow seed for the future.


Crisis in Consciousness

You may spend much time reorienting your outlook. You may have a crisis in consciousness and be able to change your beliefs into concrete thoughts. Old values become useless.



You perhaps can be a pioneer in your day, and, with time, posterity will appreciate you. You may be tiresome and stubborn.


Readjustment and Reorientation

You may feel it has all come to naught and that it was not worth the bother. A transformation emerges as you process life’s cycles.



Balsamic Phase


You can become released from issues. You are likely to be visionary and have a confident belief in the future.


Sacrifice and Surrender

You may be called upon to sacrifice something in your life as a martyr perhaps. You need to surrender to the karmic cycle of life.



You are good with the closure of both relationships and situations but will mourn for what has past.



Author Bio

Alison Price: Astrology Coach

Alison wants to help you uncover your individual creativity and lead a fulfilling life using your own astrology. She shares her wisdom from the heart with a touch of humor.

Learn more about Alison’s journey.

If you’d like to get in touch with Alison, you can reach out to her via email at

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Explore the polarity in a chart. This is the broadest sweep that you can give to a chart. It may have more active or more passive energy.

New Moon

New Moon

The New Moon

New Moon Cycle

When two planets form an exact conjunction it heralds the start of their cycle. When those two planets are the Sun and Moon it is the New Moon.

The New is the first of the eight lunar phase and it is the beginning of the Sun Moon cycle as both celestial bodies are at the same place in the zodiac.

The Sun/Moon synodic cycle is a “meeting” of the two planets.

The Moon travels around the Earth through the tropical zodiac and it takes around twenty-nine and a half days for the Moon to catch up with the Sun. Each year there will be thirteen New Moons so one month in any given year will have two New Moons.

From the New until the Full Moon in a fortnight we experience the waxing half of the month. The Moon is becoming bigger in the sky each day. It is a time to focus on things that require growth.


Seed Moments

These special moments are known as seed moments during the month. They are times to literally plant seeds for your future. Things germinate in the dark of a New Moon.

Every month (well almost) the new cycle happens in a different sign as the Sun moves through the zodiac. The type of things you can “sow” are shown by the house in your chart in which the New Moon occurs.


Dark Night

On the night before, the night of and the night after a New Moon the Moon cannot be seen. These are the dark nights of the month.

Naturally nocturnal animals are less active at this time. When the light again begins to be reflected by the growing crescent Moon the night time creatures go back about their business.


Planting by The New Moon

Those of you into gardening can take note of planting seeds at the dar part of the lunar cycle for optimum growth and fruition. Farmers do this as a matter of course.



We experience high tides as both the Sun and the Moon exert gravity from the same position on the seas and oceans of the Earth.

Taking this one step further (and as the human body is largely water) it follows that the cycle beginning gravity will affect us as well.

The Moon provides us with the shortest of the planetary cycles.

It may sometimes go unnoticed by us.

Maybe this is the month to pay attention.


More on this topic

You can try some New Moon wishing and get in closer contact with the cycles of the Moon.


Moon Extras

Here are some articles on the Moon.

Author Bio

Alison Price: Professional Astrologer

Alison helps you uncover your individual creativity and lead a fulfilling life using your own astrology. She shares her wisdom from the heart with a touch of humor. She offers Consultations for everyone and Coaching for Aspiring Astrologers.

If you’d like to get in touch with Alison, you can reach out to her via email at

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Explore the polarity in a chart. This is the broadest sweep that you can give to a chart. It may have more active or more passive energy.