The 5 Levels of Astrologer

The 5 Levels of Astrologer

Author: Alison Price   –   Published: July 2013   –   Revised: January 2024

Your Astrology Business

Amateur versus Professional Astrologer

To go pro, means to become a professional. The difference between an amateur and a professional is that amateurs do not get paid but professionals do get paid.

To change your status as an astrologer from amateur to professional is a huge step and requires adjustment on many levels and particularly mental, financial, psychological and physical levels. This post explores what is required to go pro and how you can reach this status in your astrological career.

The Path to Becoming an Astrologer

Your personal astrological development can take years. You may remain at one stage or level for decades and this happens when life gets in the way. Many people start astrology as adults and may have a day job and other commitments that demand their time and energy. You can always pick up where you left off and continue your journey towards astrology.

The process of becoming an astrologer includes particular milestones. Some are based on your knowledge of astrology some are mental states that change, and others are professional decision you make. I am not saying that aspiring to become master astrologer is everyone’s goal, but the process of becoming an astrologer is clear.

The 5 Levels of Astrologer

There are five levels of astrologer and different criteria or milestones to be reached at each stage of the astrologer’s evolution. Consider where you are today as you start this journey and check back in six and twelve months’ time to see how far you have come.

Level 1: Hobbyist Astrologer

  • You read your horoscope every week
  • You know your own and your family member’s Sun signs
  • You can discuss astrology at a dinner party
  • You know enough to be dangerous (ha ha)

Level 2: Student Astrologer

You are considered a Student Astrologer when you have all of the above Hobbyist astrologer skills and the following:

  • You have attended an astrology lecture.
  • You own five astrology books including an ephemeris.
  • You subscribe to The Mountain Astrologer.
  • You have taken at least one astrology lesson.
  • You are considering attending a conference.
  • You own Astro Gold.

Level 3:  Amateur Astrologer

You are considered an amateur astrologer when you have all the hobbyist and student astrologer skills and attributes and the following:

  • You can read the glyphs in a chart.
  • You know the signs, planets, houses and aspects.
  • You own ten astrology books including a Table of Houses.
  • You have at least one planet specific book.
  • You are a member of your local astrology group.
  • You have taken a formal astrology education course.
  • You can interpret charts for family and friends.
  • You can debate houses systems.
  • You have attended an astrology conference.
  • You own the latest version of Solar Fire.
  • You know at least four forecasting techniques.
  • You are invited to speak locally.

    Level 4: Professional Astrologer 

    You are considered aprofessional astrologer when you have all the hobbyist, student and amateur astrologer skills and attributes and the following: 

    • You can construct a chart from scratch (without a computer).
    • You can calculate forecasts from scratch (without a computer).
    • You have an extensive astrology library with duplicate editions.
    • You subscribe to all the trade periodicals.
    • You are a member of the international astrology associations.
    • You accept payments for your work.
    • Your income surpasses US$12000 a year from astrology.
    • You are invited to speak internationally.
    • You have appeared on TV, radio or a podcast.
    • You write a column/blog.
    • You own your self-hosted astrology website.
    • You have published an astrology book.

    Local Astrology Group: Vancouver

    Meet Sukhwinder Gadey who has created, operates and facilitates THE ASTROLOGER’S DEN which is Vancouver’s premier astrology group. This group meets online twice a month and focusses on general and mundane astrology. Everyone is welcome.

    Listen to podcast >>> Sukhwinder Gadey: The Astrologer’s Den

    Professional Astrologer and Musician

    Meet Toby Aldren, D.F.AstrolS., professional astrologer and musician. Toby is exploring the connection between astrology, music and medicine.

    Read more >>> Toby Aldren: Professional Astrologer and Musician


    New Moon Group

    Meet Norma Lachance professional astrologer and teacher. At every New Moon Norma hosts a vibrant online meeting to guide and explore the potentials of the lunation.


    Listen to podcast >>> Norma Lachance: New Moon Group

    Level 5: Master Astrologer

    You are considered a master astrologer when you have all the hobbyist,  student, amateur and professional astrologer attributes, skills and knowledge and the following:

    • You have been a professional (accepting payments) for at least ten years.
    • You are considered a guru in the astrological community.
    • You have written more than one book.
    • Your income exceeds US$60000 a year from astrology.
    • Your name is known by the general public.
    • You are the Keynote speaker.
    • You are a recipient of astrological awards acknowledging your contribution to the art.
    • You may have forsaken daily consultations for focused astrology research.
    • You are the Astrorati of the day.


    Aspiring Astrologer Activity

    Look over the five levels of astrologer (hobbyist, student, amateur, professional or master) and ask yourself the following questions:

    • What level are you at today?
    • Which level will you be in six months time?
    • Which level will you be in two years time?
    • At which level will you be satisfied?


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    Alison Price: Astrology Coach

    Alison wants to help you uncover your individual creativity and lead a fulfilling life using your own astrology. She shares her wisdom from the heart with a touch of humor.

    Learn more about Alison’s journey.

    If you’d like to get in touch with Alison, you can reach out to her via email at

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    Art Connecting to the Stars 

    Art Connecting to the Stars 


    “We are all made of starstuff” – Carl Sagan



    This fantastic quote from Carl Sagan relates to how the universe formed, and that the heavier elements were birthed through the life and death of stars.

    I’m not saying I fully understand the actual scientific process, but I like the idea.

    Starz in Art

    I use stars in many of my patterns.

    But not all stars are created equal.

    The number of points in a star is critical to the meaning and ultimately the vibration of the star.

    My favourite star is the five pointed star which has a point at 72 degree increments. When a circle of 360 degrees is divided by five the result is 72 degrees.


    I named my business Starzology to tap into this energy.

    Every time you say a name, like Starzology, you confer the meaning of the word to the entity or person.

    This is why you should call your honey, well, “honey” or “babe” rather than “pumpkin” or “cockroach.”

    When you say, “It’s a pet name, she knows what I mean,” this nickname practice weakens the person through conference, and you want to avoid that.


    The Creativity of Five

    Five is a powerful number used in astrology for five reasons.

    1. The fifth zodiac sign is Leo the Lion which is the most creative sign.
    2. The fifth house is all about restoration, procreation and creation.
    3. The act of giving birth to your creative projects is sourced in the fifth house of your birth chart.
    4. The quintile aspect is the 72 degree aspect of creativity and genius. It indicates where the genius is in your life. Check which planets are in a quintile aspect to each other to understand how this energy is flowing in your life.
    5. The five-pointed star is a symbol of a human being and represents us at the core.


    Confer your Brand

    If you have an actual word like “star” in you business artistic name, use it to promote your art. 

    If your name is Emerald City Art, use green and crystals to promote your art.

    Look at the site RedBubble is red. The logo letters “RB” are round and fat just like a bubble.

    The principle of conference works when you sleep.

    Conferring your name, or your art business name, you will let the universe know you are in business. 


    Aspiring Astrologer Activity: Branding

    In your astrology journal, and referring to your natal chart’s Midheaven or your company start chart in general, please do the following:

    • Take your business name and find elements like shapes, colors or other ideas that are in the name.
    • Sketch three icons (25mm or one inch square) that could represent your brand.


    Share on social with hashtag #starzclass.

    Your Astrology Business: Master Class

    Your Astrology Business: Master Class

    Astrology Business Kick Start Master Class

    If you are an aspiring astrologer and want to set-up your astrology business then this is the master class for you.

    In this master class, we address the challenges experienced in the first year of your practice.

    Who This Master Class is For

    If you are an engaged astrology student, keen and attentive or you are thinking of starting to charge for your readings this master class is for you.

    Masterclass Features

    Your booking package

    When you book a spot you will receive a booking package the week before the event which includes:

    • A copy of your birth chart.
    • A 12-month graphic ephemeris.
    • A questionnaire designed to bring focus to your business journey, which you will complete beforehand and bring to the masterclass.
    • The Zoom link of the event.
    • Worksheets for in-class exercises so you can follow along every step of the way and map out your astrology business.


    Summer 2023

    Zoom webinar

    Presented by Professional Astrologer Alison Price

    Master Class Outline

    9:45 am – 10:00 am – Zoom waiting room open

    Welcome and hellos.

    10:00 am – 11:15 am – First Session

    What type of astrologer you are and what type of astrologer should you be.

    How to set up and manage your astrology business.

    The importance of your online presence.

    11:15 am – 11:30 am – Coffee break

    11:30 am – 12:45 pm – Second Session

    How to attract clients.

    Advertising, marketing and promotion of your astrology business.

    How to correctly take a client booking.

    12:45 pm – 2:00 pm – Lunch break

    2:00 pm – 3:15 pm – Third Session

    The wealth potential in your chart.

    Whether you took a vow of poverty.

    How to manage your first paid consultation.

    3:15 pm – 3:30 pm – Coffee Break

    3:30 pm – 4:30 pm – Fourth Session

    How to set fees for your products and services.

    What your money says about your values.

    How your chart shows the path for your astrology business.

    4:30 pm – 5:00 pm – Closing Summary

    Final thoughts and next steps.

    Masterclass Details: What You Need to Know

    Only a few attendee spots available

    To maintain an intimate experience and ensure personal attention the space is limited to only a few spots.


    Pricing and Payments




    Via Zoom webinar.



    All booking cancellations requiring a refund will attract a $30 administration fee.

    No refunds after two weeks prior to the start.



    If for some reason you cannot make it, you may transfer or donate your spot to someone else at no extra charge.

    Astrology Classes

    Below are the options I have for astrology lessons from beginner to advanced chart readings and more.

    Click the images on the left for more details.


    Beginner’s Astrology: Natal (16 Classes)

    Semester One: Basic Natal Charts

    Signs, planets, points, houses and aspects.

    Semester Two: Advanced Natal Charts

    Essential dignity, Lunar phases, retrograde, Nodes, chart shape etc.

    Intermediate Astrology: Natal (16 Classes)

    Semester One:

    Dignities, phases, retrograde, most elevated, derivative and oriental.

    Semester Two:

    Proximity, Anticia, synodic cycles, moiety and dexter.

    Advanced Astrology: Forecasting (16 Classes)

    Semester One: Direct Astrological Forecasting

    Transits, solar returns and eclipses.

    Semester Two: Indirect Astrological Forecasting

    Secondary progressions, solar arc directions and mundane.

    Vocational Astrology: Money and Career (4 Classes)

    Your passion, earning and soft skills.

    Chart challenges and job seeking tips.

    Relationship Astrology (4 Classes)

    Love and Romance Questions

    Synastry and chart comparison, composite midpoints, Davison charts, Wedding Elections.

    Your Astrology Business Setup (2 Classes)

    Basic Business Setup

    Start charts, website, products and services.

    Privacy and mission statements.

    Astrology Mentorship (by the hour)

    Individual sessions to focus on your knowledge gaps.

    Client work advice.

    Practise readings so you can get better.

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