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The Best Time to Go Professional as an Astrologer

An astrology business usually blossoms when your natal Uranus (astrology) and your Midheaven (going public with a business) are stimulated. This can happens usually by transit, secondary progression or other forecast technique contact.

It can just be on the day you finally ‘get’ astrology, which usually occurs at a transit or progressed contact. If you know the exact day your life changed and started your astrological awakening, write it down in your notebook.

You can answer the following questions and gather the information in your notebook or astrology journal.

Your Uranus Transits

The years when transiting Uranus makes an exact Ptolemaic aspect to your Midheaven are important, but if you can get the dates of the transits three passes, that is very good.

  • When does transiting Uranus conjunct your Midheaven?
  • When does transiting Uranus sextile your Midheaven?
  • When does transiting Uranus square your Midheaven?
  • When does transiting Uranus trine your Midheaven?
  • When transiting Uranus conjoins two other points and planet in your chart it is a good indicator for starting to go pro.
  • When does transiting Uranus conjunct your Midheaven ruler?
  • When does transiting Uranus conjunct your natal Saturn?

Your Solar Return Chart

The year when your solar return Sun falls in the 10th or 6th house of your solar return chart.

  • Which upcoming year is your solar return Sun in the 6th house?
  • Which uncoming year is your solar return Sun in the 10th house?

Your Secondary Progressions

The years when your secondary progressed Moon conjoins your natal Midheaven and passes through your tenth house are good indicators for starting to go professional as an astrologer.

  • Progressed Moon conjunct natal Midheaven.
  • Your progressed New Moon (previous).
  • Your progressed New Moon (next).
  • When does your secondary progressed Uranus station direct?

Your Solar Arc Directions

In solar arc directions the year when your natal Uranus is stimulated by a conjunction from any of; the solar arc Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Midheaven, Ascendant or Midheaven ruler suggest a growing interest in going pro with astrology.

Find the dates when the following occur:

  • Solar arc directed Sun conjunct your natal Uranus.
  • Solar arc directed Mars conjunct your natal Uranus.
  • Solar arc directed Jupiter conjunct your natal Uranus.
  • Solar arc directed Midheaven conjunct your natal Uranus.
  • Solar arc directed Ascendant conjunct your natal Uranus.
  • Solar arc directed Midheaven ruler conjunct natal Uranus.

Planning a Two-Year Window with Mars

Mars is the planet of beginnings, pioneering action, expended effort and it shows where you are happy to burn energy. Mars rules the sign Aries the Ram, which it the first sign of the tropical zodiac, and is the traditional ruler of Scorpio the Scorpion. As the first planet further from the Sun than the Earth, Mars takes about two years to make one complete pass through the zodiac. Because of this orbital period Mars can be used to kick start events and courses of action in your life.

Transiting Mars: Timing is Everything

Having two years to do something may seem a long stretch but if you plan to start a micro-business it can offer a convenient time span. The trick is to begin what you want to do when Mars transits the planet in your chart that rules the activity you want to start.

  • When Mars contacts your Sun, Moon, Uranus, Ascendant or Midheaven directly it may be time.
  • Mars conjoining your natal Sun is good for doing what you want and getting to the heart of the matter.
  • As Mars approaches your natal Moon it suggests active, and not reactive, behavior and you can use this emotionally charged time appropriately for taking the plunge.
  • When Mars nears radix Uranus it can create a spark for astrology and this may be the ideal time to overcome inertia if you have been thinking about an astrology business but not actually done anything about it – yet.
  • If Mars crosses your birth ascendant your personality gets fired up and you display confidence.
  • The red planet crossing your Midheaven indicates it is time to act on your career by taking a stab at competing for the career you want and being in the competition for the glory.

Mars: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

If you are lucky enough to receive a Martian three contact transit (direct, retrograde, direct) to an important natal planet or your Ascendant or Midheaven, it shows the time is ripe to expend the effort required to get that particular project started. Sometimes a Mars transit passes by quietly. If you look ahead and get the important dates in the next two years it can show the best time to launch your astrology career.

The Mars Three Pass Transit

At the first direct transit you may initially be enamored by the idea and inspired. During the retrograde pass doubt can set in about the validity of the venture. Finally, on the last contact your plans should be steaming along and well under way.


Aspiring Astrologer Activity

Find the dates when transiting Mars makes these aspects:

  • Transiting Mars conjoins your Sun.
  • Transiting Mars conjoins your Moon.
  • Transiting Mars conjoins your Uranus.
  • Transiting Mars conjoins your Ascendant.
  • Transiting Mars conjoins your Midheaven.

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