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Electional Astrology

In this episode, we’re going to have a look at our Starzology Astrology Podcast start chart.

Every entity can have a birth chart and in this case it’s our podcast.

This is the birth chart for the business of the Starzology Astrology Podcast.

It is the chart we chose as the start time and date with which to launch this podcast.

I’m going to explain why we chose the chart that we did and the main features within in it which I believe will support a prosperous podcast business model.

Electional Astrology

To start with this is electional astrology.

It has nothing to do with politics, or who will be the next president or prime minister, but rather it is about electing to do something at some point in the future.

Electional astrology and election charts are often used for business launches and to pick wedding dates.

Electional Chart Principles

Principles of a good election chart are that you reinforce the house that pertains to the activity.

So for example, for a marriage chart it’s the seventh house and for a business chart it is the tenth house.

To reinforce a house you want up place as many positive planets in that house as possible.

As this is a business, we focus on the tenth house of businesses you start yourself.

You also want the Midheaven ruler to be a positive planet or the planet that rules the endeavor.

For instance, if you were opening a restaurant, you would want the Moon in the tenth house because the Moon rules restaurants, food and cooking and if you were opening a beauty salon you would want Venus in the tenth house as Venus rules cosmetics and beauty products.

As this is an astrology podcast business, I wanted Uranus, as the ruler of Astrology, strongly positioned in this chart.

I did this by moving the time to place Uranus in the tenth house.

I also wanted Mercury as the ruler of podcasts, podcasters and podcasting, to be in the tenth house as well.


Planets to Avoid

As a general rule, with Electional astrology you want to avoid the malefic or troublesome planets, so that is Mars, Saturn and Pluto in the tenth house if possible.


Retrograde Planets

You don’t want the planet that rules the subject, in this case Uranus for astrology and Mercury for podcasting, to be retrograde.

When a planet is retrograde it cannot express energy at its highest peak performance.

For any planet, the state of being retrograde brings in a hesitation to the venture and we don’t want that.


The Moon

It is nice to have the Moon growing in light, so waxing, and perhaps in a favourable aspect with the Sun and the ruler of the endeavor in this case Uranus.



The Ascendant and chart ruler could align with the business or even the person’s natal chart who is opening the business.



You usually get a window for an election.

Perhaps you need to open the business in April anytime or if it’s a wedding they usually want it on a Saturday.

So, there are usually some constraints to the time line.

In my case, I wanted to launch the podcast asap and if possible, in April 2023.

I had the first episode already recorded and ready to go, but I waited for a good time and date.

This was my elected time and date.


Launch Date

I launched the Starzology Astrology Podcast at 1:12pm on April 5th in Vancouver.

I give you this chart data so you can erect the chart yourself and follow along.

This elected time and date returned a reinforced tenth house with a Leo Ascendant and an Aries Midheaven.


Tenth House Planets

The planets I managed to squeeze into the tenth house are:

  • The Sun
  • Chiron
  • Mercury
  • Jupiter
  • Venus
  • Uranus


The Sun

The Sun is most the most elevated planet. It is in its exaltation in Aries and closely conjoined the Midheaven at 15° Aries.

This also places it in the Midheaven Gauquelin sector.

The Sun is at the heart of the business and yes, I want to bring my heart and optimism to this venture.

I don’t see it as a doom and gloom astrology podcast, but rather as an uplifting resource for everyone who finds it.

This will bring light, warmth and creativity to the podcast and maybe some fame in the public domain as well.



Chiron is not the easiest of planet to have in the tenth house, but I’m leaning towards the healing and teaching aspect of Chiron.

I hope to tap to this energy from Chiron.

I anticipate sharing astrologer’s journeys and speak to aspiring astrologers around the world to inspire them to live a satisfying life through the energy in their charts.

There may be some lessons to be learned here.

Probably this podcast will not appeal to everyone and that is ok.

I hope the people who do find us can appreciate my message.



The planet of broadcasting and growth, Jupiter, is in the tenth house. And conjoined the Midheaven in the Midheaven Gauquelin sector along with the Sun.

This indicates that the reach of the podcast will be far and wide.

We anticipate expansion and even some luck with this placement of the Greater Benefic in the company’s business house.



Mercury is the planet that rules communication, talking and podcasting.

Mercury is the focal planet of a mini grand trine between Mars, Saturn and Mercury.

This suggests that the slow burn energy from Saturn trine Mars, will be funnelled up to Mercury to get the word out.

Mercury represents the actual podcast and the message which we are trying to bring through this podcast.

How people will hear of our podcast is through word of mouth and people like you sharing your positive experiences when you download an episode and listen in.

I could anticipate the conversations started by the podcast to continue in your minds and lives as you fully digest what has been said.

I also see this podcast as a teaching point for some of you.

If I can get a few listeners like you, to think more about how astrology can benefit you, I will be happy.



The lesser benefic the planet of attraction and money planet, Venus, is also well placed high in the chart in the tenth house.

This augers well for attracting good things including money and attention to the business.

This suggests there will be a good impression of the podcast.

It also suggests that women may be the main audience.

Venus rules the eleventh house of business income which bodes well for a prosperous business income.



Uranus is the one planet that rules astrology.

It is high on the chart, again in tenth house.

This placement supports any business related to astrology.



The Ascendant is Leo the Lion.

This means the Sun is the start chart ruler again reinforcing the sunny and creative nature of this venture.

It is also to be noted that my Sun sign is Leo and this Ascendant correlates to my chart in many ways.


The Midheaven

The Midheaven is Aries ruled by Mars.

This indicates a start-up and an independent businesss venture.

This could suggest a good start but a certain flagging over time.

Time will tell. 


The Moon

The Gibbous Moon is opposite the Sun.

This may suggest some tension between the drive to be public and the need to keep it close to home.

In a way, the nature of podcasting is that an episode is recorded privately at home and then broadcast, publicly to get it out there and into your consciousness.

This is the one feature that I was not sure about.

The Sun opposite Moon aspect.

I felt the rest of the chart was positive for a business launch for an astrology podcast.