Chart Interpretation Guide

Chart Interpretation Guide

Chart Interpretation Guide

As a private astrology teacher, I often receive inquiries about where to begin with chart interpretations and what holds more significance in a chart reading.

I am delighted to present my Chart Interpretation Guide, which aims to assist you in initiating and refining your consultations.

When it comes to chart interpretation styles, there is no universal approach that suits everyone.

I strongly encourage you to continue utilizing your own knowledge, insights, and intuition in your readings.

However, if you ever find yourself in need of some guidance, this guide is here for you.

New Chart Interpretation Guide

There are numerous approaches to conducting a chart reading, but the method I prefer involves initially extracting the crucial elements and saving the remaining details for later exploration.

To put it simply, it’s like sticking to the main roads and leaving the less prominent ones for another time.

Your clients are likely to be aware of prominent features in their charts, such as the chart ruler or challenging aspects to their Sun. It is sensible to address these obvious components first.

I’m not suggesting disregarding all the other features that appear in a chart, but rather prioritizing the information displayed in each chart.

This way, you can organize it into manageable portions and present it in a manner that your clients can easily comprehend.

Ideally, it would be best to schedule three to five sessions over a six-month period for each client.

This allows for a comprehensive interpretation of their natal chart potential in various areas, including general life, romance, career, and health.

Margin and Body

Section 1 of the Guide provides a comprehensive explanation of the Margin and Body method, which is an effective technique for extracting initial details from a chart.

To assist you in prioritizing information, the individual Parts 1 to 6 are listed in order of importance.

Feel free to write by hand and make use of the astrological glyphs as you delve into the chart interpretation process.

Report Headings Guide

Section 2 of the guide offers valuable starting points to help you piece together the various elements of a chart reading.

I have carefully organized the different features in a chart to facilitate your interpretation process.

It’s completely understandable if you’re not familiar with all the details mentioned in the guide.

Don’t worry! Utilize this resource to the best of your current abilities, and rest assured that as you continue your astrology journey, you will gradually uncover and comprehend the more advanced components.

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Feedback on My Chart Interpretation Guide

“I just wanted to let you know how thoughtful it was for you to send the Chart Interpretation Guide. Thank you so much! Chart synthesis can be overwhelming and has caused me much anxiety in the past, truth be told. But now, with the help of this guide, I have a newly found confidence with it. I just inputted my own personal natal data into the guide to try it out, and I was extremely impressed with its thoroughness. This is such an awesome guide!  l can’t wait to utilize it more. Its going to make my efforts more streamlined and cohesive, which is a huge benefit. So thank you, I really  appreciate it. Thanks again,” Stacy

Author Bio

Alison encourages you to explore your unique creativity and live a satisfying life through your personal astrology. She offers her insights from the heart and with a sense of humor.

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Astrological Ethics and Privacy

Astrological Ethics and Privacy

“It is not possible that particular forms of events should be declared by any person… it is necessary for [astrologers] to adopt inference. Only God can predict particulars.” ~ Ptolemy


We as astrologers would certainly be wise to adopt inference about our readings especially in regard to our clients.

Here we will discuss some ethical predicaments in which an astrologer, or student, can easily find themselves.


The privacy laws are always in effect and you need to be aware that they affect your work as an astrologer.

You cannot discuss the chart details of one person with another – even another astrologer.


If you want to use an individual’s chart details and personal storyline you may not do so without first obtaining their written permission and clearly stating whether the data will be used for research, teaching or for publication.

The public do not know the breadth and depth that an astrological interpretation can entail and how chart analysis will reveal features and motivations in someone’s life.

As an astrologer, you need to tread carefully here.


A new mother comes to you and wants her baby’s chart read.

What do you do?

Obviously, parents make decisions for their offspring all the time.

Perhaps one way of dealing with interpreting children’s charts is to be found in the transits.

Prior to the first Jupiter return (age 12) the parents may request a child’s chart to be read and after the Jupiter return the child should agree to you doing the reading.

“Is he the one?”

A woman arrives at your office clutching the birth details of Mr. “Fifth Boyfriend this Year” and demands, “Is he the One?”

What do you do?

This really is an ethical situation where you are being asked to interpret charts for those who are not there and are unaware that it is happening.

There may be justification in some instances, but you will have to decide where to draw the line.

The Deceased

We often select famous people who are dead for chart interpretation practice such as Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein or Michael Jackson.

If a private person has died and you wish to work with their chart details this usually is acceptable unless the death has occurred recently, and the family is still working through their grief.

You have to decide what type of astrologer you are and again you have to make the call.


You have just left an energetic astrology meeting and are standing at the door casually chatting about the weather and someone thrusts their chart into your face and says breathlessly, “I have no planets in the seventh house, I was told it means I won’t get married, what do you think?”

Well, what do you think?

For a start you can’t stand there discussing her chart in front of other people.

What gets me about this scene is that during some point in her past someone told her the grim news and she has been carrying the baggage with her up until now.

There is no point to respond with another hit-and-run consultation as you stand at the door.

The way to handle this situation is to explain that many factors influence marriage and invite her to make an appointment to meet with you at a more appropriate time where you can gently go over how it all works and put her straight on this matter.


You are the Authority

Remember, as an astrologer (and as an astrology student) you are deemed the authority in all matters of an astrological nature.

From the point of view of your clients and the general public you are the wizard and as such you need to be careful to do no harm.

Your Chart

Look at your chart to see what your Saturn (respect and boundaries), Uranus (astrology) and Pluto (secrets) reveal about you and your approach to ethics and privacy.

Give some thought to the issues discussed above and it could help you decide where you stand.


Every astrologer has their own opinion on these introductory matters. It would do you well to think about what your views are before attempting a chart interpretation.


Aspiring Astrologer Activity: Ethics and Privacy

In your astrology journal, please do the following:

  • Consider three possible ways you may be challenged in your astrology business with family and friends surrounding ethics and privacy.
  • Decide if you will reveal information about a client’s chart to the person who pays for the consultation.
  • Consider which types of requests you will decline e.g. “Why did he die, can you look at his death chart?” “I’m sixteen years old, will you read my chart and not tell my parents?” “I think my partner is having an affair, will you read their chart for me but not tell them, I have the details for you?”

Extend Yourself

  • Write an astrological personal privacy statement which can be used on your website and in correspondence with potential clients (100 words).


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