Venus Trine Neptune

Venus Trine Neptune

This is a Guest Post from Arwynne O’Neill, research astrologer and the co-host of the Starzology Astrology podcast.


Venus trine Neptune

by Arwynne O’Neill

Today we’re going to be talking about Venus trine Neptune which will be exact on Christmas Day this year, December 25, 2023.

Venus will be at 25° Scorpio and Neptune will be at 25° Pisces.

So this is a water trine between Scorpio and Pisces, which has a very flowing, romantic, intense, spiritual sort of energy which is kind of perfect for Christmas because it’s all about this soft, mystical, snowy (if you’re living in the northern hemisphere) sort of feeling.

It could be great aspect to have around the holiday season because it will create warm, fuzzy feelings between people and smooth out the edges that might otherwise be rough.

So whether you’re getting together with family, having a romantic dinner with your partner, seeing the kids or bringing together a lot of people who may normally have conflicts throughout the year, this aspect could just smooth all that stuff out and make it a really lovely evening.

There might be a bit of delusion in that because Neptune is kind of like the old trope of adding Vaseline to the camera lens to smooth out all the wrinkles in an aging actor or actresses’ face, but that’s what Venus-Neptune aspects do brilliantly.


Podcast Episode

Listen to the full conversation about Venus trine Neptune with Arwynne and Katia on teh Starzology Astrology podcast.

Venus in Transit

Venus only takes about 10 to 12 months to move through the entire zodiac and depending on the retrograde periods.

It can spend as little as two to three weeks in a sign and as many as five months, so its aspects are not uncommon but when it touches an outer planet, I think it’s much more interesting to talk about.

If it’s in aspect to Uranus, Neptune or Pluto then we definitely want to look at it because the effects will be felt for a couple of days on either side.

And of course it’s super interesting when someone has this or any Venus aspect to an outer planet in their birth chart.

Some keywords for Venus and Neptune aspects are idealizing, spiritual, imaginative, living in a dream world, artistic, creative, sympathetic, warm and deep emotions, but not always seeing things as they are.

If you meet someone under a Venus Neptune soft aspect, you might not be seeing them as they really are, and if you have this aspect in your birth chart, you might struggle with seeing people as they are on a day-to-day basis.

If you have a certain vision of someone which very different from what they really are, that’s obviously going to cause problems once the honeymoon phase has worn off.

“Projection” is another Neptune buzzword, both for its association with psychology and self-delusion but also with cinema and the projection of images on screen that are larger than life yet completely illusory.


In Your Chart

People with Venus trine Neptune are going to be seeking perfection and a sort of heavenly inspiration from their partners.

They’re going to elevate them on the pedestal and they might not see them clearly, so there’s that soft focus lens which diffuses the details and can create a wonderful, creative, dreamy sort of individual.

Getting outside the realm of relationships, this can be an incredibly artistic expression of Venus, which we can see in the following celebrity examples:


Celebrity Examples

Arianna Grande, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, James Dean, Miles Davis, Anthony Bourdain, F. Scott Fitzgerald, JRR Tolkien, and Alan Watts, so we really see the creative and spiritual sides of this aspect, but a dark side that includes addiction, escapism, self delusion, and in some cases even suicide.

Also, Abraham Lincoln, which is interesting because he famously had a very loving and egalitarian relationship with his wife.

He’s best known for being the president who freed the slaves, which speaks to his idealism and sensitivity, but we also know him as a tragic figure who was emotionally devastated by the death of his young son while he was in office.


Venus trine Neptune Movies

This is absolutely the aspect that rules the fairy tale and the happy ending!

Some movies that exemplify this aspect include Splash,

The Shape of Water, La La Land, and The Little Mermaid.

If you think of any other great examples, feel free to share them with us. We’d love to hear from you!



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Author Bio

Arwynne O’Neill: Research Astrologer

Arwynne O’Neill works as a research astrologer in Vancouver, with a focus on delving into historical cycles and how they relate to societal transformations as influenced by the energies of the outer planets.

Arwynne’s artworks

Arwynne’s Instagram @mspinkdotcom



Venus Square Pluto

Venus Square Pluto

This is a Guest Post from Arwynne O’Neill, research astrologer and co-host of the Starzology Astrology podcast.

Venus square Pluto

by Arwynne O’Neill

Today we’re talking about the Venus Pluto Square coming up on December 3, 2023.

Venus will be at 28° Libra and Pluto will be at 28° Capricorn.

This is one of the final aspects Pluto will be making while it’s in Capricorn before it enters Aquarius in January, where it will stay for the next 20 years.

This is the first time on the podcast that we’ve talked about specific Venus aspects.

Until now we’ve focused on some of the big Mars aspects and of course Venus has a very different character from Mars so let’s talk a bit about what Venus is.


Podcast Episode

Listen on the go to our special podcast episode Venus square Pluto.

In this episode, Arwynne and her guest Katia discuss what to anticipate as the aspect of Venus square Pluto forms. And as always they offer some celebrity examples.



Venus Transits

Just like you might expect, Venus is the planet that rules love, relationships, beauty, harmony, grace and of course is named after the Roman goddess, who was known as Aphrodite in the Greek pantheon.

In your personal chart Venus is about your attractiveness if you’re female, or about the type of women you’re attracted to.

Venus has a fairly interesting orbit due to retrograde periods, so it can stay in a sign for about 2 to 3 weeks or, in some cases, as long as 5 months.

It typically takes from 10 to 12 months to go through all 12 signs but it can be longer depending on the retrogrades.


Venus in Libra

Right now, Venus is in Libra which is a placement I have, which you can really see in my choice of makeup and fashion.

I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to never leaving the house without lipstick and fussing over my hair, etc.

Relationships are very important to me, both romantic and friendships, and Venus rules both Taurus and Libra so it is very comfortable in both of those two signs.

Since Venus moves so quickly it does make a lot of aspects while it moves through the zodiac, and not all of them will have earth-shattering effects, it will basically only be active for a day or so.

But when Venus contacts an outer planet like Uranus, Neptune or Pluto the effect is much stronger and certainly if either planet makes an exact connection to your personal chart.

As we’ve discussed in the past, squares are the most difficult and intense of the aspects, so when a planet like Pluto, which rules transformation and destruction, contacts Venus, we can expect sparks to fly.

This aspect rules power trips, sexual violence, obsession, extreme and life-transforming relationship encounters and events.

Things that happen under this aspect can feel karmic, like there’s a spiritual importance to them that we don’t normally feel unless of course we have this aspect in our natal chart.


In Your Chart

So let’s talk about what this aspect looks like in someone’s chart.

Very strong feelings and emotions, a need for a depth of involvement can be seen any time you have Venus in aspect to Pluto and the square is the strongest of those effects.

Pluto encourages us to delve deep into relationships. There’s an all or nothing, life or death feeling.

When these people make friends or fall in love, their emotions can be so extreme that they can attract or repel people with equal intensity.

Depending on the other person’s chart, some people love this kind of intensity and in fact they don’t feel like they’re in a relationship unless there’s a super-intense attraction or repulsion, but other people are absolutely not interested in that kind of intensity and find it scary.

So these people have a harder time with relationships, especially at a young age.

They will tend to attract other people who have intense Venus aspects in their chart.

We talked about people with Mars-Uranus aspects and how they tend to attract the opposite type, a more easy-going, accepting, peaceful, stable type.

But people with strong Venus-Pluto aspects will tend more to attract each other… or they will get into relationships with people who can’t handle their intensity with the result that both people can come away hurt and damaged.


Celebrity Examples

Some famous people with Venus Square Pluto include Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Hillary Clinton, Bruce Lee, Elizabeth Taylor, Jack Nicholson, Naomi Campbell Sean Connery, Warren Buffett — and this is an interesting one because Venus and Pluto are also known as the money planets so that’s an intense aspect in a different way for him.

We also have William Shakespeare, Woody Allen, Johnny Cash and Sinead O’Connor.

So a lot of intensity there for sure.



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Author Bio

Arwynne O’Neill: Research Astrologer

Arwynne O’Neill works as a research astrologer in Vancouver, with a focus on delving into historical cycles and how they relate to societal transformations as influenced by the energies of the outer planets.

Arwynne’s artworks

Arwynne’s Instagram @mspinkdotcom


Mars in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus

Mars in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus

This is a Guest Post from Arwynne O’Neill, research astrologer and the co-host of the Starzology Astrology podcast.

Mars in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus

By Arwynne O’Neill

Last month we talked about the transit of Mars square Pluto which occured on October 8, 2023 and the potential for violence and destruction when the planets come into tense alignments.

Unfortunately, as so often happens in human history, that potential is often the easiest and most obvious interpretation, and this time was no exception.

Within less than 24 hours of the exact square, we heard reports of the Hamas attack that sparked the conflict in Israel and Gaza which continues to intensify, with mounting casualties every day.


Podcast Episode

For a deeper understanding of this aspect, you can listen to the full podcast episode of Mars opposition Uranus with Arwynne and Katia.



You can’t go too far wrong predicting that humans will act out aggressively and this is one of the most historically troubled regions in the world.

Decades of tension have erupted into horrific violence time and time again, followed by retaliation, escalation, and all the other countries ramping up financial support in the form of weapons and divisive rhetoric, which is what we’re seeing now.

Of course, on this podcast, we try to focus on the positive, so we mostly talked about the potential for transformation through action in our individual lives, which is another meaning of Mars and Pluto when they come together. 


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If you are interested in the astrology of politics, a couple of great astrologers who are talking a lot about the current planetary conditions are Jessica Murray, based out of San Francisco, and Eric Francis based out of New York State.

They both focus a lot on transpersonal astrology, politics and historical Cycles which of course I find fascinating so if you want to go down that rabbit hole you can check out their blogs.

Rob Brezsney of Free Will Astrology has also posted some beautiful words of wisdom about healing historical wounds and how we can talk to each other about these types of events without falling into the traps of tribalism and extreme polarization… which has become increasingly difficult these days.

Mars and Uranus are another volatile planetary combination, with perhaps an even worse reputation for sudden events that mix the martial quality of Mars and the unexpected lightning strike quality of Uranus.

This month on November 11, Mars will oppose Uranus. Mars will be at 21° Scorpio and Uranus will be at 21° Taurus.

Since this aspect happens every two years it’s not uncommon but it is something to look out for and be aware of because of its potential for sparking conflict and breakthroughs, both positive and negative.

Mars opposite Uranus is an aspect that’s characterized by volatile excitement, tension and the urge for freedom as well as a feeling of enormous energy being focused through aggressive action.

With Mars in Scorpio this action can be extraordinarily vicious and calculating.

Mars rules both Aries and Scorpio and in Aries it tends to be characterized by the firefighter, the warrior, the boxer, etc.

In Scorpio it can take a much darker form.

Mars in Scorpio is the placement of the sniper, the super-spy and the secret agent, but also the detective, the private detective and the investigative journalist. 

In a positive sense, Mars in Scorpio could be a great time to dig deeper, look beneath the surface (or the propaganda), find your own truth, expose lies and “fake news.”

Famous people with Mars in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus include music legend Frank Zappa, actor Jon Voight, and the Dutch Impressionist painter Rembrandt who was born in 1606.

Some people with the Mars opposite Uranus aspect but not in those signs include Seth MacFarlane, the creator of the Family Guy and The Orville, which is a show I quite enjoy, the actor Peter Falk, otherwise known as Colombo, Kanye West, Alec Baldwin, Roman Polanski and Roseanne Barr.

Clearly, this aspect is prominent in the charts of people who speak their minds and don’t give a damn who they offend, for better or worse.

You may know some people like this in your personal life and they can be challenging but they can also be incredibly brave when standing up for what they believe in or championing the rights of others.

It’s all about harnessing these volatile energies in a positive constructive way.



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Aspect Orbs

Aspect Orbs

Aspect Orbs

In astrology, aspect orbs play a significant role in interpreting the relationships between celestial bodies in a birth chart. These orbs are essentially a range of degrees within which an aspect between two planets or points is considered to be effective. Understanding aspect orbs is crucial for a more nuanced interpretation of an individual’s astrological profile.

Each planetary aspect has its own specific orb range. The orbs influence how strong or weak the connection between two planets or points is.

The most common aspects include conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions. Let’s delve into each of these and explore the importance of aspect orbs.



Standard Aspect Orbs

To start with use these orbs. They are the standard aspect orbs I use..

Astrologers debate aspect orbs as a matter of course and it is one of the constant topics for discussion (along with houses systems) when astrologers get together.

Ultimately every astrologer finds the orbs that best resonate with their type of astrology, research or work.

But in the meantime…

Aspects of Longitude

  • Conjunction  0° – orb 8°
  • Square 90° – orb 8°
  • Trine 120° – orb 8°
  • Opposition 180° – orb 8°
  • Sextile  60° – orb 4°
  • Semi-sextile  30° – orb 2°; Quincunx  150° – orb 2°
  • Semi-square 45° – orb 2°; Sesquiquadrate 135° – orb 2°
  • Quintile 72° – orb 2°; Bi-quintile 144° – orb 2°


Explore more >>> Conjunction Aspect

Explore more >>> Opposition Aspect

Aspects of Declination

  • Parallel – orb 1°
  • Contraparallel – orb 1°



Forecasting Aspect Orbs

For transits and secondary progressions use an orb of 1° applying and separating.

As you become more experienced you can tighten this orb down to 30′ coming and going.


Explore more >>> Why Transits are Different for Everyone


Note for Solar Fire users

If you have Solar Fire you will need to set up these aspect details as an Aspect set and save the settings.



Read more >>> Aspects applying and separating

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Polish Your Readings

It’s important to note that while these orb ranges provide a general guideline, individual preferences among astrologers may vary. Some astrologers may use smaller orbs for a more precise analysis, while others may prefer larger orbs for a broader perspective.

As a professional astrologer, your creative and upbeat approach can bring a unique flavor to the interpretation of aspect orbs. Consider the orbs as the varying degrees of a musical scale, with each aspect creating a distinct chord in the symphony of an individual’s life.

Mindfulness in considering the orbs allows for a more compassionate and holistic understanding of the complexities within a birth chart.


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Author Bio

Alison Price: Astrology Coach

Alison wants to help you uncover your individual creativity and lead a fulfilling life using your own astrology. She shares her wisdom from the heart with a touch of humor.

Learn more about Alison’s journey.

If you’d like to get in touch with Alison, you can reach out to her via email at

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The Opposition Aspect

The Opposition Aspect

The circle divided by two. 360°/2 = 180°

Same polarity

Planets in opposition are usually in the same polarity.

The opposition can be disassociate if one planet is in an active sign and the other in a passive sign.

Opposition Aspect Meaning


The opposition is an aspect of projection between the self and the other.

This aspect tends to flip-flop between holding a stance in the principle of the first planet and then standing on the other side looking back from the viewpoint of the second planet.


It is an aspect that causes resistance between the two planets.


It can be difficult, and this aspect needs work to integrate the energies.

Strives for equilibrium

The person will strive for equilibrium within the boundaries of the energies shown by the planets.


The individual may very well disown the opposite first from one side and then from the other.


It can be frustrating to be constantly alternating the viewpoint.


Oppositions to Other Planets

Sun oppositions create much tension and stress in life.

Moon oppositions make emotional reactions the default response to challenges.

Mercury oppositions result in arguments and verbal conflict and mental stress.

Venus oppositions suggest romance and financial affairs are very difficult to stabilize.

Mars oppositions create general resistance and an abrasive attitude.

Jupiter oppositions grow big problems and need opportunities for resolution to stabilize.

Saturn oppositions can stonewall the individual so they cannot get past the issue.

Uranus oppositions make the individual contentious and uncompromising for others.

Neptune oppositions develop escapist attitudes when the tension rises and coping is hard.

Pluto oppositions can be very difficult to find a resolution, they may be the main theme of the life.



The Square Aspect

The Square Aspect

by Alison Price

The Square Aspect

The circle divided by four. 360°/4 = 90°

Same Mode

Planets in square aspect to one another are usually in the same mode.

More about the modes.

Read The Modes at the Movies.

Disassociate square

A disassociate square is found when the planets are in different modes.

For instance, the Sun at 29° Virgo and the Moon at 3° Cancer finds them still square but in different modes, the Sun in mutable and the Moon in the cardinal mode.

Square aspect meaning

Internal dilemmas

Two planets in a square aspect face internal dilemmas.

Difficult conflict

It can be difficult to work with the energies for the individual.


The individual continuously attempts to address the issues but sometimes it is hard to define the actual conflict.


The square offers resistance between the two and tension is present.


It is an aspect of unease where on-going change and constant attention is required to the two planets involved by the person.

Squares with other planets

Sun squares create stress.

Moon squares feel difficult.

Mercury squares make indecisiveness.

Venus squares attract unease.

Mars squares add much tension.

Jupiter squares grow awkwardness.

Saturn squares severely restrict.

Uranus squares can be unpredictable.

Neptune squares create internal confusion.

Pluto squares can be very difficult to manage.


Square Extras

Sun square Jupiter

Uranus square Pluto

Other Major Aspects






Author Bio

Alison Price: Astrology Coach

Alison specializes in guiding Aspiring Astrologers. Her aim is to help you uncover your individual creativity and lead a fulfilling life using your own astrology. She shares her wisdom from the heart, often sprinkled with a touch of humor.

To learn more about Alison’s journey, visit this page.

If you’d like to get in touch with Alison, you can reach out to her via email at

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