This is a Guest Post from Arwynne O’Neill, research astrologer and the co-host of the Starzology Astrology podcast.


Venus trine Neptune

by Arwynne O’Neill

Today we’re going to be talking about Venus trine Neptune which will be exact on Christmas Day this year, December 25, 2023.

Venus will be at 25° Scorpio and Neptune will be at 25° Pisces.

So this is a water trine between Scorpio and Pisces, which has a very flowing, romantic, intense, spiritual sort of energy which is kind of perfect for Christmas because it’s all about this soft, mystical, snowy (if you’re living in the northern hemisphere) sort of feeling.

It could be great aspect to have around the holiday season because it will create warm, fuzzy feelings between people and smooth out the edges that might otherwise be rough.

So whether you’re getting together with family, having a romantic dinner with your partner, seeing the kids or bringing together a lot of people who may normally have conflicts throughout the year, this aspect could just smooth all that stuff out and make it a really lovely evening.

There might be a bit of delusion in that because Neptune is kind of like the old trope of adding Vaseline to the camera lens to smooth out all the wrinkles in an aging actor or actresses’ face, but that’s what Venus-Neptune aspects do brilliantly.


Podcast Episode

Listen to the full conversation about Venus trine Neptune with Arwynne and Katia on teh Starzology Astrology podcast.

Venus in Transit

Venus only takes about 10 to 12 months to move through the entire zodiac and depending on the retrograde periods.

It can spend as little as two to three weeks in a sign and as many as five months, so its aspects are not uncommon but when it touches an outer planet, I think it’s much more interesting to talk about.

If it’s in aspect to Uranus, Neptune or Pluto then we definitely want to look at it because the effects will be felt for a couple of days on either side.

And of course it’s super interesting when someone has this or any Venus aspect to an outer planet in their birth chart.

Some keywords for Venus and Neptune aspects are idealizing, spiritual, imaginative, living in a dream world, artistic, creative, sympathetic, warm and deep emotions, but not always seeing things as they are.

If you meet someone under a Venus Neptune soft aspect, you might not be seeing them as they really are, and if you have this aspect in your birth chart, you might struggle with seeing people as they are on a day-to-day basis.

If you have a certain vision of someone which very different from what they really are, that’s obviously going to cause problems once the honeymoon phase has worn off.

“Projection” is another Neptune buzzword, both for its association with psychology and self-delusion but also with cinema and the projection of images on screen that are larger than life yet completely illusory.


In Your Chart

People with Venus trine Neptune are going to be seeking perfection and a sort of heavenly inspiration from their partners.

They’re going to elevate them on the pedestal and they might not see them clearly, so there’s that soft focus lens which diffuses the details and can create a wonderful, creative, dreamy sort of individual.

Getting outside the realm of relationships, this can be an incredibly artistic expression of Venus, which we can see in the following celebrity examples:


Celebrity Examples

Arianna Grande, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, James Dean, Miles Davis, Anthony Bourdain, F. Scott Fitzgerald, JRR Tolkien, and Alan Watts, so we really see the creative and spiritual sides of this aspect, but a dark side that includes addiction, escapism, self delusion, and in some cases even suicide.

Also, Abraham Lincoln, which is interesting because he famously had a very loving and egalitarian relationship with his wife.

He’s best known for being the president who freed the slaves, which speaks to his idealism and sensitivity, but we also know him as a tragic figure who was emotionally devastated by the death of his young son while he was in office.


Venus trine Neptune Movies

This is absolutely the aspect that rules the fairy tale and the happy ending!

Some movies that exemplify this aspect include Splash,

The Shape of Water, La La Land, and The Little Mermaid.

If you think of any other great examples, feel free to share them with us. We’d love to hear from you!



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