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This is a Guest Post from Arwynne O’Neill, research astrologer and the co-host of the Starzology Astrology podcast.

Mars in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus

By Arwynne O’Neill

Last month we talked about the transit of Mars square Pluto which occured on October 8, 2023 and the potential for violence and destruction when the planets come into tense alignments.

Unfortunately, as so often happens in human history, that potential is often the easiest and most obvious interpretation, and this time was no exception.

Within less than 24 hours of the exact square, we heard reports of the Hamas attack that sparked the conflict in Israel and Gaza which continues to intensify, with mounting casualties every day.


Podcast Episode

For a deeper understanding of this aspect, you can listen to the full podcast episode of Mars opposition Uranus with Arwynne and Katia.



You can’t go too far wrong predicting that humans will act out aggressively and this is one of the most historically troubled regions in the world.

Decades of tension have erupted into horrific violence time and time again, followed by retaliation, escalation, and all the other countries ramping up financial support in the form of weapons and divisive rhetoric, which is what we’re seeing now.

Of course, on this podcast, we try to focus on the positive, so we mostly talked about the potential for transformation through action in our individual lives, which is another meaning of Mars and Pluto when they come together. 


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If you are interested in the astrology of politics, a couple of great astrologers who are talking a lot about the current planetary conditions are Jessica Murray, based out of San Francisco, and Eric Francis based out of New York State.

They both focus a lot on transpersonal astrology, politics and historical Cycles which of course I find fascinating so if you want to go down that rabbit hole you can check out their blogs.

Rob Brezsney of Free Will Astrology has also posted some beautiful words of wisdom about healing historical wounds and how we can talk to each other about these types of events without falling into the traps of tribalism and extreme polarization… which has become increasingly difficult these days.

Mars and Uranus are another volatile planetary combination, with perhaps an even worse reputation for sudden events that mix the martial quality of Mars and the unexpected lightning strike quality of Uranus.

This month on November 11, Mars will oppose Uranus. Mars will be at 21° Scorpio and Uranus will be at 21° Taurus.

Since this aspect happens every two years it’s not uncommon but it is something to look out for and be aware of because of its potential for sparking conflict and breakthroughs, both positive and negative.

Mars opposite Uranus is an aspect that’s characterized by volatile excitement, tension and the urge for freedom as well as a feeling of enormous energy being focused through aggressive action.

With Mars in Scorpio this action can be extraordinarily vicious and calculating.

Mars rules both Aries and Scorpio and in Aries it tends to be characterized by the firefighter, the warrior, the boxer, etc.

In Scorpio it can take a much darker form.

Mars in Scorpio is the placement of the sniper, the super-spy and the secret agent, but also the detective, the private detective and the investigative journalist. 

In a positive sense, Mars in Scorpio could be a great time to dig deeper, look beneath the surface (or the propaganda), find your own truth, expose lies and “fake news.”

Famous people with Mars in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus include music legend Frank Zappa, actor Jon Voight, and the Dutch Impressionist painter Rembrandt who was born in 1606.

Some people with the Mars opposite Uranus aspect but not in those signs include Seth MacFarlane, the creator of the Family Guy and The Orville, which is a show I quite enjoy, the actor Peter Falk, otherwise known as Colombo, Kanye West, Alec Baldwin, Roman Polanski and Roseanne Barr.

Clearly, this aspect is prominent in the charts of people who speak their minds and don’t give a damn who they offend, for better or worse.

You may know some people like this in your personal life and they can be challenging but they can also be incredibly brave when standing up for what they believe in or championing the rights of others.

It’s all about harnessing these volatile energies in a positive constructive way.



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