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Aspect Orbs

In astrology, aspect orbs play a significant role in interpreting the relationships between celestial bodies in a birth chart. These orbs are essentially a range of degrees within which an aspect between two planets or points is considered to be effective. Understanding aspect orbs is crucial for a more nuanced interpretation of an individual’s astrological profile.

Each planetary aspect has its own specific orb range. The orbs influence how strong or weak the connection between two planets or points is.

The most common aspects include conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions. Let’s delve into each of these and explore the importance of aspect orbs.



Standard Aspect Orbs

To start with use these orbs. They are the standard aspect orbs I use..

Astrologers debate aspect orbs as a matter of course and it is one of the constant topics for discussion (along with houses systems) when astrologers get together.

Ultimately every astrologer finds the orbs that best resonate with their type of astrology, research or work.

But in the meantime…

Aspects of Longitude

  • Conjunction  0° – orb 8°
  • Square 90° – orb 8°
  • Trine 120° – orb 8°
  • Opposition 180° – orb 8°
  • Sextile  60° – orb 4°
  • Semi-sextile  30° – orb 2°; Quincunx  150° – orb 2°
  • Semi-square 45° – orb 2°; Sesquiquadrate 135° – orb 2°
  • Quintile 72° – orb 2°; Bi-quintile 144° – orb 2°


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Aspects of Declination

  • Parallel – orb 1°
  • Contraparallel – orb 1°



Forecasting Aspect Orbs

For transits and secondary progressions use an orb of 1° applying and separating.

As you become more experienced you can tighten this orb down to 30′ coming and going.


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Note for Solar Fire users

If you have Solar Fire you will need to set up these aspect details as an Aspect set and save the settings.



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Polish Your Readings

It’s important to note that while these orb ranges provide a general guideline, individual preferences among astrologers may vary. Some astrologers may use smaller orbs for a more precise analysis, while others may prefer larger orbs for a broader perspective.

As a professional astrologer, your creative and upbeat approach can bring a unique flavor to the interpretation of aspect orbs. Consider the orbs as the varying degrees of a musical scale, with each aspect creating a distinct chord in the symphony of an individual’s life.

Mindfulness in considering the orbs allows for a more compassionate and holistic understanding of the complexities within a birth chart.


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