by Alison Price


Venus rules two signs, Taurus and Libra.

Venus Keywords

Love The planet Venus rules romance, courtship, engagements, betrothals, dowries. love, marriage, weddings and wedding anniversaries.

Partner Your spouse, husband and wife. Common law wife. Committed partnerships and significant others.

Women It is the woman in a man’s chart. Women in general and women’s things. Cosmetics, clothes, and perfumes. Attractiveness and femininity. Venus also rules women in general, female products, adornment, jewelry, beauty, style, taste, and fashion.

Money Venus rules money, cash, credit you can raise. Your assets and what you own,

Art, collections and stuff Your collections, treasures and that in which you invest. Art you can touch – sculpture, pottery, painting and mosaic are all under Venus’ influence.

Fertility It has much to say about fertility, estrogen and all that which is fruitful and sweet.

Flowers Venus rules all five petal flowers and fragrance.

Venus in the Signs


Venus Extras

Venus oriental

Venus Book Review

The 2012 transit of Venus

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Astrology Basics – The Planets

by Alison Price

The Meaning of the Planets

The Sun

The Sun is your identity, your heart and your character. It shows where you are honest and true to yourself. It is where you can shine in life. It represents your father.

More on the Sun.

The Moon

The Moon shows your feelings, reactions, gut instincts and your behavior. It rules food, how you care and who you nurture. It represents your mother, mother figures and caregivers.

More on the Moon.


Mercury shows your thinking, talking and communication style. It has to do with all buying and selling. It represents your schoolteacher and neighborhood people.

More on Mercury.


Venus shows beauty, art, style, love and money. It has to do with your values and what you invest in both things like jewelry and people. It represents young women and sisters.


Mars is about sex, energy, drive, challenges and where you compete in life. It shows when you will get off the couch and do something. It represents young men and brothers.


Jupiter is about growth, expansion, reaching and even overdoing things. It shows your vision and potential. It represents uncles, teachers and preachers.


Saturn is the planet of achievement, honors, control, limitations and fears. It represents your father, older men and authority figures.


Uranus is the planet for the future it rules trends, technology, computers and the space age. It represents adolescents, immigrants, those on the fringes of society and rebels.

More on Uranus.


Neptune is the planet of illusion, intuition, mysticism, art, magic and the unknown. It represents the psychic, the invisible, the underdog and the homeless.


Pluto is the planet of power, influence and sex. It represents people who have power over you through your use of their resources or those whom you have the drop on. It represents the loan shark, surgeon, psychiatrist, undertaker, criminal and therapist.


Chiron is the planet of wounds and healing. It suggests where you are weak and wanting. It represents people who help you like nurses, teachers, gurus and charity workers.


Eris is the planet of the female warrior. It represents the fight instinct in women. It suggests those who will fight for you simply because they are on your team, group or crew. It represents sisters-in-arms.

Astrology Basics for Beginner’s

This is part of the special Starzology Astrology Basics series for you all. Many of you ask where to start and here are the planet’s meanings.

You can check out the rest of the series:


Book review: Venus Signs – Discover Your Erotic Gifts and Secret Desires Through Astrology by Jessica Shepherd

UnknownBook review by Alison Price

This book is about how your Venus placement will express itself through your chart and it is an easy read. There is much thought given to the many facets of Venus which is refreshing.

Venus in your chart is not typically a difficult planet and can be often ignored in favor of understanding more demanding planets like Saturn or Pluto.

Shepherd has brought each Venus sign placement to life and we can all benefit from a more rounded understanding of the brightest planet in the sky. I found my personal Venus in sign beautifully expressed which brought me another dimension to understand this much loved planet.

This is the type of book that you may not read from cover to cover but dip into as and when you need more understanding of the twelve possible Venus sign placements.

My copy was a PDF eBook suitable for an iPad or iPhone. The pages are clearly formatted and it is easy to read.

It is a beginner’s book and could be understood by all. There is a handy list of the Venus placements in the back although if you are over 65 you can’t get your Venus sign here and you will have to search elsewhere.

I recommend it as a Venus specific book for your astrological bookshelf.

* * *

Venus as the Oriental Planet in Astrology

by Alison Price

The Oriental Planet

When a planet rises before the Sun it is known the oriental planet. Oriental means east and all the planets rise in the east over the ascendant.

In this series I considering two meanings for the oriental planet

  • As your natal vocational indicator
  • As your tribune, or herald, announcing your imminent arrival (the Sun).

Your vocation is what you would do all day, if you didn’t have to work.

Venus Oriental as a Vocational Indicator

If you have Venus oriental in your natal chart you have the potential to benefit financially from your vocation. You often desire to work on valuable projects or those which you perceive as having value. You are an asset in your company and others like you. Venus oriental people appear gracious and have attractive personalities. You may be a people pleaser which can be to the good or not depending on your industry.

Venus Oriental as ruler of Taurus has skills with:

  • Money
  • Accounts/credit
  • Acquisitions
  • Production
  • Assets
  • Appreciation

Venus Oriental  ruler of  Libra shows skills in:

  • Diplomacy, finesse and tact
  • Social skills
  • Front of house
  • Reception
  • Human resources
  • Public relations
  • Give and take

People you may know with Venus oriental include:

  • Ernest Hemingway
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Jane Fonda
  • Julius Caesar
  • Nicola Tesla

Typical Venusian vocations:

Accountant, aesthetician, art dealer, artist, auctioneer, appraiser, acquisitions manager, baker, banker, bee keeper, building manager, buyer, chocolatier, civil engineer, credit manager, crop sprayer, diplomat, farmer, fashion designer, financier, florist, interior decorator, hairdresser, human resources person, jeweler, judge, landlord, landscaper, land owner, lawyer, liaison manager, make-up artist, manager, mediator, merchant banker, negotiator, nephrologist, perfumer, property developer, public relations person, singer, stockbroker, throat surgeon, vineyard owner, wedding planner or wedding singer.

Venus Oriental as Tribune or Herald

There is fragrance forestalling the person with Venus oriental. The love of money colors their actions. There is the law of attraction in play here where attributes just come to them.

Other people like the Venus oriental person and may consider them to be one of the “beautiful people” of the world. Thus they may readily receive gifts of love, money and favors.

In a man’s chart Venus suggests his wife or romantic partner. In the oriental position it indicates that he wants a woman with style, beauty and assets (whatever that may mean to him). He will perhaps want a woman with social connections and one who can “open doors” for him

When Venus is oriental what they say before they see you:

“She is easy on the eye,” “Smells good,” “You’ll like her,” and “She’s a looker.”


How to celebrate the transit of Venus

By Alison Price

Astronomy of a transit

A transit occurs when a planet, moon or star passes in front of another celestial body.

We frequently observe transits by our Moon to the planets and the fixed stars as our natural satellite is relatively large in the sky and can easily obscure other bodies.

Exoplanets (planets that orbit other star systems) which transit across the face of their stars offer an opportunity for astronomers to measure the size of the planets as they dim the light arriving on Earth from their star.

Lucky us to have seen a Venus transit at 9:04pm EDT, June 5, 2012.

Latest transit pair

Venus transit 2004

Venus transits occur in pairs eight years apart.

Each couple has approximately 110-130 years between them. In the recent current pair of Venus transits the first happened on June 8, 2004 at 17° 53’ Gemini (17GE53).

We then experienced the second transit in the latest pair on June 5/6, 2012 at 15° 44’ Gemini (15GE44).

Both within two degrees of each other.

Count yourself lucky to be alive to have seen this exciting astronomical occurrence.

Previous century transit pairs

The last pair of Venus transits were on December 9, 1874 and December 6, 1882 both in the sign of Sagittarius and only 2°-3° apart.

The next pair of Venus transits will be on December 10, 2117 and December 8, 2125 again occurring in Sagittarius.

Venus retrograde

When in retrograde motion, Venus transits the Sun from the inferior conjunction. This means Venus is between the Earth and the Sun.

When Venus makes a conjunction to the Sun from the far side of the Sun it is known as a superior conjunction. In this case the Sun is between the Earth and Venus which is direct in motion.

Interpretation for a Venus transit

A Venus transit is a conjunction aspect with the Sun. It is special because the two planets are at the same declination which is a measurement north or south from the celestial equator displayed in degrees, minutes and seconds.

On June 5, 2012 the Sun and Venus were at 22° 38’ 37’’ N and were not only conjoined by longitude, but also in the parallel aspect with each other by declination.

This situation exquisitely intensifies the conjunction.

When the Sun and Venus come together it is a time for identifying (Sun) with love and money (Venus). She is known as the lesser benefic and always brings good things to the party.

The Sun consistently gives positive times. There is no downside to a Sun / Venus conjunction.

The Sun rules Leo, Venus rules Taurus and Libra.

This combination of signs suggests themes of warmth (Leo), pleasant social events (Libra) with good food and music (Taurus). Not to mention the endless chatting, texting and emails so typical of all things Gemini.

This blend of energies resulted in a great evening. In Toronto and all places on Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) the transit is after sunset at 9:04pm so an evening out was indicated.

Find this transit in your chart

The astrological community was excited about this now past transit. Find the natal house where 15GE44 is in your chart.

Below are some ideas on how you could have celebrated this special day.

First house: Celebrate by acquiring a makeover. Invest in yourself. Get the works; new hair, new clothes and a whole new attitude!

Second house: Build your collections with smart acquisitions and go on a shopping expedition. Retail therapy anyone?

Third house: Have a fun spending time with your sisters, female cousins or the girl next door.

Fourth house: Celebrate at home. Entertain your family with fine wines, featured cheeses and mood music or break out the barbecue.

Fifth house: Party, party, party! Ok, get the kids involved, but, party, party, party!

Sixth house: Cocktails with co-workers and yes, you can discuss the job, if you must.

Seventh house: Join your loved one to appreciate a romantic candlelit dinner for two. Sigh…

Eighth house: Prepare for a hot and sticky evening…

Ninth house: If you are away from home or traveling on the road find time to enjoy a cosmopolitan experience. Think Mexican, Indian or other international feasts.

Tenth house: Still at the office? Get out of there and share a laugh (yes you) with your colleagues.

Eleventh house: Enjoy the company of good friends. Those who really know who you are and can call you on it.

Twelfth house: In peace and quiet be in your own company, feet curled up with a box of chocolates and a good movie. Bliss.

Where I was

For myself the transit occurs in my eleventh house.

I was socializing and breaking bread with two wonderful astrology friends janet and Kelly. Sharing good food, good company and a laugh or two as we planned a global takeover ha-ha!