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Author: Alison Price   –   Originally published: April 2021   –   Revised: January 2024


Mars In Your Chart

Mars, in astrology, is a dynamic and fiery planet that holds a prominent place in the chart. Representing the god of war in Roman mythology, Mars is associated with energy, action, and assertiveness.

Mars is a key plant in any chart. It influences various aspects of your personality and shapes the way you approach life.


Mars’ Meaning

Mars is often described as the planet of action, and its position in your birth chart can offer valuable insights into your drive, ambition, and how you pursue their goals.

If Mars is strongly placed, it can signify a person who is proactive, assertive, and unafraid to take risks. On the flip side, challenging aspects to Mars (like squares and oppositions) may manifest as impatience, impulsiveness, or a tendency to become easily frustrated.


Mars and Desire

The red hue of Mars is not only symbolic of its association with war but also of its connection to passion and desire. In matters of love and relationships, Mars plays a significant role in expressing your romantic and sexual desires.

It can provide clues about your approach to intimacy and the kind of energy you bring into your partnerships with others.


Mars’ Rulership

Mars is the ruling planet of Aries and co-ruler of Scorpio. Its influence is palpable in these signs, imbuing them with a potent dose of vigor and determination.

Aries, driven by the impulsive and fearless nature of Mars, charges ahead with enthusiasm, embodying the pioneering spirit of this planet.

On the other hand, Scorpio, with Mars as its co-ruler, channels the energy in a more intense and strategic manner, diving into the depths of emotions and transformation.


Mars’ Key Themes


Mars is the planet of energy, action, drive, effort, traction, friction and heat.

The Chase

It rules the chase to find a mate, excitement and adrenalin rushes.


Strategy, courage, the pioneering spirit, to conquer and gladiators, in general, are all under the influence of Mars.


Implements, tools and sharp tools like knives, awls, scissors, scalpels, weapons, and bayonets come under Mars.

Mars’ rulership of sharp implements also includes sewing and knitting needles.


Mars symbolizes young men, brothers and Brothers in Arms.

Her Mars placement in her natal chart shows the type of man she is looking for.


Mars rules the urge to copulate, sex, libido, virility and testosterone.

Mars Shows Your Drive

In essence, Mars in astrology is a celestial force that propels you forward, urging you to pursue your passions, face challenges courageously, and embrace the vibrant and assertive aspects of your nature.

Understanding the role of Mars in your chart allows you to navigate your path with greater self-awareness and harness the dynamic energy of this red planet in a mindful and purposeful way.

Podcast Episode

Listen as Alison and Arwynne discuss Mars in the Signs.

Mars in the Signs

Mars in Aries: You initiate sex (sign ruler).

Mars in Taurus: You stand your ground.

Mars in Gemini: You compete in conversations.

Mars in Cancer: You do home improvements.

Mars in Leo: You make an effort to be generous.

Podcast Episode

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Mars in Gemini: 

Mars in Virgo: You combat germs.

Mars in Libra: You are an ardent lover.

Mars in Scorpio: You are robust (classical ruler in sign).

Mars in Sagittarius: You strive towards new horizons.

Mars in Capricorn: You have the endurance for the long haul.

Mars in Aquarius: You are aroused by inequality.

Mars in Pisces: You are a sensitive lover.

Mars in the Houses

The placement of Mars in specific houses of the natal chart also holds significance.

For instance, Mars in the first house may prodide you with a strong, assertive presence, while Mars in the seventh house can influence  partnerships, making them dynamic and potentially intense.


Listen to podcast episode >>> Mars in the Houses

Mars in the First House

Mars in the 1st: You want to be first.

Mars in the Second House

Mars in the 2nd: You spend as quickly as you earn.

Mars in the Third House

Mars in the 3rd: You use strong language.

Mars in the Fourth House

Mars in the 4th: You are patriotic and may join the army.

Mars in the Fifth House

Mars in the 5th: You are good at metal work.

Mars in the Sixth House

Mars in the 6th: You rush and compete at work.

Mars in the Seventh House

Mars in the 7th: You actively chase your partner.

Mars in the Eighth House

Mars in the 8th: You enjoy your intimate life.

Mars in the Ninth House

Mars in the 9th: You support the law.

Mars in the Tenth House

Mars in the 10th: You work hard at your career.

Mars in the Eleventh House

Mars in the 11th: You are a team player.

Mars in the Twelfth House

Mars in the 12th: You expend energy in prayer.

Mars Aspects



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Mars Returns

The concept of “Mars Returns” is another fascinating aspect of Martian astrology. Similar to the well-known Saturn Return, Mars Return occurs approximately every two years, signifying a period when the energy, motivation, and assertiveness associated with Mars are heightened.

This can be a time of significant personal growth, as you may feel a surge of vitality and a renewed sense of purpose.


Mars in Forecasting

In predictive astrology, the transits and progressions involving Mars can serve as indicators of periods where you may feel compelled to take action, face challenges head-on, or experience increased vitality.

However, it’s crucial to approach these influences with mindfulness and awareness, as Mars’ energy can be intense and may require a balanced and conscious channeling.



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