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Mars in Libra

Mars’ Orbit

Mars is the first of the superior planets as it is at a further distance from the Sun than the Earth.


Mars’ Sign Rulership

The red planet rules the signs Aries and Scorpio. Libra is the sign of its detriment (because it is opposite Aries) which means it cannot expend its energies to their full potential. Almost as if the brakes and on and the foot is on the accelerator.


Mars The Lesser Malific

Mars was traditionally known as the lesser malefic because of its tendencies to be difficult. Saturn was the greater malefic.


Mars Rules

Mars rules all activities which are often shown by verbs, as in “to do” things.

Mars is the planet that gets you off the couch and doing activities.

Mars is associated with gladiators and the competition of the Olympic Games where you represent your country but you can win medals for yourself and by your own efforts.


Mars in Libra

In Libra it is a gentle Mars, with style and is somewhat reminiscent of Steam punk prepared for battle but in a calmer way.

Mars in Libra looks the part.

This can be seen when soldiers wear their uniforms and, by their presence peace is maintained, without a shot being fired.


Mars in Libra – What to Expect 

  • Arms negotiations
  • Cessation of war- Amnesty
  • Active peace
  • Mediation kickstarted
  • Marital conflicts put on hold
  • Energy being expended between the genders
  • Male and female harmony
  • Balanced challenges
  • Male goddesses come forth?
  • Peaceful collaborations


Mars in Libra – Who this Affects

  • Those with the Sun in Libra
  • People with Mars in Libra
  • If you have Venus aspecting Mars
  • Anyone with Libra rising


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