Mars in PiscesĀ 

Mars as the ruler of Aries and Scorpio is not particularity at home in Pisces.

Mars in Pisces will slow the pace for a few weeks. You will have some breathing space but if taken to extremes the days can drift by with you lolling about in your pj’s watching old movies.

So what to do now?

This placement inclines towards creative expression like a step session, Zumba or Dance, Dance Revolution. Go with the flow of the music or shuffle round the house in your slippers but let it drive itself.

Energy needs an outlet and the Mars powerhouse within us all has to come out somehow even when Mars in the soft sign ruled by Neptune.

Submarine volcanoes

Another analogy of Mars in Pisces are the undersea volcanoes. These mainly lie between the tectonic plates, for example in the atlantic ocean, where the Earth’s crust is opening up as the continents of America and Africa drift apart.

The gap allows magma to ooze or gush (depending on the place) and the red hot volcanic flow (Mars) is immediately cooled and hardened by the cold sea (Pisces). This product can sometimes be referred to as volcanic glass and Neptune rules mirrors and glass.

Heat is released and warms the deep ocean creating a haven for obscure fish and marine creatures to live. These animals do not exist anywhere else on Earth.

Flash mobs

It seems the flash mob phenomena was born during a Mars transit of Pisces. This is where a large group of people get together and dance in synch to blaring music. These events appear spontaneous (but clearly are well rehearsed behind the scenes) and are usually held in a public place.

If you’ve ever seen this dance in action it gives the impression of a shoal of fish swimming through the ocean, changing direction sharply and in unison trying to evade predators.

Mars goes back to square one

When Mars enters its own sign of Aries at the start of the zodiac it will be back to full steam ahead.

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