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Author: Alison Price   –   Published: June 2012   –   Revised: March 2024

New Moon

When the Part of Fortune is on the ascendant it means it is New Moon.

Actually it is because it is New Moon the Part of Fortune will be on the ascendant.

A New Moon is potent because it is the seed moment in the Sun / Moon positions and the beginning point of the lunar cycle.

All things are possible now as the month unfolds.

Part of Fortune

Normally the Part of Fortune indicates through which realm of activities you will benefit and this is shown by its house position.

If the Part of Fortune is on an angle it becomes prominent and when conjoined the ascendant it has top billing in the chart.

The only other better place for the Part of Fortune to be is conjunct the Sun and Moon and on the ascendant.


Part of Fortune Conjoined the Ascendant

The Part of Fortune on the ascendant colors your whole chart.

Admittedly it is not a planet but a point in space.

However when placed on the sensitive ascendant the emphasis for the Part of Fortune increases and it gains prominence.

In the first house the Part of Fortune is well placed to benefit you throughout your life.

You come across as simply fortunate and appear to have a good life even a desirable one.

You are likely to have personal looks that are deemed attractive in your era.

You will be perceived as a classic beauty for women and considered handsome for men.

You are seen by others to be well off and to be from a good background.

Others perceive you as fortunate and bestow grace and favors on you.

It can become a self-fulfilling prophesy.


Part of Fortune Condition

All this is interpreted by the backdrop of the sign in which the Part of Fortune is placed.

The planet that rules the sign in which the Part of Fortune is placed is known as the dispositor or the Lord of the Part of Fortune and is an important planet to consider for this analysis.

If the ascendant sign and the Part of Fortune sign are the same then that planet gains influence over the fortune being given over this lifetime.


Part of Fortune calculations

The position of the Moon in relation to the Sun determines the placement for the Part of Fortune.

Daytime chart formula is

Ascendant – Sun + Moon = PoF

Nighttime chart formula is

Ascendant + Sun – Moon = PoF

A daytime chart is one where the Sun is in the seventh to the twelfth houses.

A nighttime chart finds the Sun is in the first to the sixth houses.

Moon Extras


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