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Capricorn September 2023

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Capricorn Career

September brings the most auspicious time for your career, as the Sun gracefully enters your professional zone on the 23rd. This cosmic shift allows you to radiate and shine brightly in your work sphere. Embrace this moment to be your very best at your job, and let your genuine passion and dedication guide you.

Speaking from the heart will hold significant power during this period, so express your thoughts and ideas with authenticity and confidence. By staying true to yourself and showing your true capabilities, you can make a profound impact on your career growth and opportunities. Seize this chance to excel and make the most of this advantageous phase in your professional life.

Capricorn Vision

Consider taking some time to reflect on your life’s direction and aspirations. On the 15th, during the New Moon, seize this opportune moment to craft and set some meaningful New Moon wishes. By aligning your intentions with the cosmic energies of the New Moon, you can pave the way for positive changes and growth in your life’s journey. Embrace this powerful time to dream big and envision the path you wish to embark on, allowing the universe to support and guide you towards your desires.

Capricorn Home

As the month draws to a close, the Full Moon graces your private domestic area, accentuating your needs and emphasizing the importance of family time. It presents a wonderful opportunity to focus on your home life and strengthen your family relationships.

Consider preparing a home-cooked meal and extending an invitation to your closest loved ones. Embrace the cozy comforts of fluffy socks and snuggle up by the fireplace with a good book. This Full Moon on September 29th invites you to create warm and cherished moments in the comfort of your home.

Take this lunar event as a reminder to prioritize your family bonds and make time for meaningful connections. Nurturing these relationships can bring immense joy and fulfillment, enhancing the sense of harmony and love within your household. Embrace the magic of this Full Moon and let it illuminate the beauty of your home life and the joy of spending time with those you hold dear.

As a sensitive person, family upsets can affect you deeply, but it’s crucial to recognize that these issues are often more about them than about you. Take care to protect yourself emotionally during this time, setting healthy boundaries when necessary. Instead of absorbing their stress, approach these situations with empathy and understanding, ensuring you maintain your emotional well-being.

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