Your Morning Planet

Insights into Perception and Vocation

Note the morning planets was previously called the “oriental” planet, but this term is no longer appropriate, so from now on it will be referred to as the “morning” planet.



The Morning Planet

The morning planet is the one that rises ahead of the Sun.

Measuring the Strength of the Morning Planet

Aspects to the Sun

Lets look at the aspects from the Morning Planet. I only consider the Ptolemaic astects which are the conjunction, opposition, trine, square and sextile.



The Planets When Morning

Let’s have a look at each of the planets when morning.






I will add more here soon.


The Morning Planet in the Houses

Let’s look at the morning planet in each house.

First House

Second House

I will add more here soon.



Morning Planet Forecasting Techniques

Let’s look at how to use the morning planet in forecasting.


Secondary Progressions

Solar Returns

Solar Arc Directions

I will add more here soon.


Example Chart

Below is the natal chart for Whoopi Goldberg. We will look at her progressed morning planet and how it changes over time.

I will add more here soon.


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