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Author: Alison Price   –   Published: May 2024

Vertex: The Third Angle

There are several points that pop up in an astrology chart.

And really you can add as many or as few as you wish.

You may start by adding points to your advanced natal readings first with the lunar nodes and then maybe the Part of Fortune or the Vertex.

I’m a fan of all these chart points.

But today, I’m going to share a few of my thoughts on the Vertex.

Astronomy for Astrologers

The Vertex is a sensitive point in astrology.

The Vertex is found at the intersection of the ecliptic in the West and the prime vertical.

Also note that the anti-vertex, or contra-vertex, is directly opposite the Vertex

I have a super clear (I hope) diagram for the vertex below.


Vertex Position

The Vertex is always on the western side of the chart.

It usually is in one of the four houses close to the Descendant. 

Astute readers will notice that these four houses form the second triple division, the “We” division, as well.



Now and then it may not be in the four houses.

The exceptions are for people born in super high latitudes (greater than 60 degrees) from the equator.

In these high latitude birthplace charts, the Vertex can be in the 4th or 10th houses.

But in all my years as an astrologer, I’ve only ever come across these outlier placements twice.

So, it’s not common at all.

In general, the Vertex is placed either in the 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th house.

Vertex Symbolism

The Vertex position is a sensitive point in any chart.

It is like a revolving door where people can come into, and go out of, your life.

People from the past can pop in and out of your life when your Vertex is energized.

If you meet an old school friend whom you’ve not seen for twenty years, chances are that your Vertex is being stimulated by a transit or progression.

Third Angle

As the Vertex is often referred to as the Third angle after the Ascendant and the Midheaven its meaning can be simplified as follows:

  • Your Ascendant is what you are.
  • Your Midheaven is what you do.
  • Your Vertex is what is expected of you.

Vertex Keywords

A few vertex keywords are:

  • Turning point
  • Pivot
  • In
  • And
  • Fated quality.
  • Self-mirror
  • What must be brough forth in life.

People Themes

The Vertex often suggests repetitive relationships with a certain echo theme in the nature of your Vertex complex.

This shows up as, for example, when your sister’s next boyfriend seems to be just like the last one.

It can be easy not to learn the lessons of the Vertex.

Gaining People


Newborn babies whose births directly affect you (by being in your family or close circle) may occur at times when your Vertex is triggered.

New People

New and significant people can enter your life when your Vertex is contacted.

This usually happens by the planets in the new person’s own chart conjoining your Vertex.

The Vertex and Losing People

Moving Away

If close people move out of your life, by literally moving away, it often happens when your Vertex is involved.


Typically, upon divorce your Vertex is contacted as your spouse leaves.

But often they come back now and then.

Letting Go

The time when you finally let go of relationships can be as your Vertex is aspected for the last time by a transiting planet.


People may leave your life permanently, by dying, when your Vertex is stimulated.


Vertex House

5th House

When the Vertex is in the fifth house it suggests loved ones are important.

Fifth house people are your girlfriends, boyfriends, lovers, fiancées, midwives, childbirth support person, your own children and people you party with.

6th House

When the Vertex is in the 6th House it suggests colleagues are important.

Sixth house people are your workmates, your vet, employees, maids, nursemaids, cleaners, the pool guy, the lawn guy, gym buddies, health instructors and your dietician.

7th House

When the Vertex is in the 7th House is suggests your husband, wife or significant other is important.

7th house people are your husband or wife, your common law spouse, your significant other, your business partners, anyone who confronts you and those who challenge you in open court.

8th House

When the Vertex is in the 8th house it suggests intimate partners are important.

8th house people are your intimate partners, your secret lovers, your faceless blood, egg, sperm and tissue donors, your creditors, your credit loans guy, your angel investors, your secret supporters who vote for you and the grim reaper.


The Vertex is a nice-to-have point in a chart.

It’s not the first thing you interpret which is why it is part of advanced natal astrology.

There is no pressure to work with the Vertex subtle energy.

You can ignore it if you wish or begin to consider the Vertex in your readings.

Extend Yourself

In your astrology journal please do the following:


  • Write “Vertex” as the page header.
  • Draw the “Vx” glyph. You can get as fancy or arty as you like.
  • Note the sign, degree and minute position.
  • Add your Vertex sign ruler.
  • Write your Vertex house.
  • List five keywords for the Vertex. You can do more research here.
  • Find the date when the transiting Sun crosses your Vertex, be on the lookout for people with that birthday.

Extend Yourself Further

Vertex Aspects

Vertex aspects can be very revealing particularly around your close relationships and people.

List all natal Ptolemaic aspects to your Vertex.

Write one sentence interpreting each Vertex aspect. You can add more info here later.

Vertex House

The Vertex house shows which area of life, and those people associated there, are likely to be stimulated. In your astrology journal please do the following:

  • Draw a single column table with four rows, one for each house.
  • Write 8th, 7th, 6th and 5th in each row going down.
  • List two people specific people in your life who are represented in each of the four houses.
  • Do some research and write 5 key sentences for when the Vertex in each house.

Vertex Sign Ruler

If your Vertex sign ruler, that is the planet which rules the sign that the Vertex is in, actually aspects the Vertex, it signals a higher vibrational energy.

Pay close attention to any of these aspects.

If the Vertex’s planetary ruler has a good condition, it supports the Vertex in your chart.

If the Vertex’s planetary ruler has a difficult condition, it reduces the effect and influence of the Vertex.


  • More on Planetary Condition

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