Pisces Horoscopes

Pisces Horoscopes

December 2022 Pisces Horoscopes


Your ruling planet Neptune will go direct on December the 4th to make things a little easier for all born under the sign of the Fish.

If last month felt that people were trying to pressure you into doing things you didn’t want to do, now you will resist them better. You will not be rude, but you will hold your ground better.

Pisces have benefited recently with having both of your planetary to rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, in your silent zone, but Jupiter will move on December the 20th.

Any opportunities that you haven’t made a decision about need to be finalized before December the 20th.


The Full Moon on December the 8th highlights your home life and family relationships.

Because the moon is connected closely to the competitive planet Mars, which is still retrograding in your family area you can anticipate some irritations with family members.

Do not let them upset you. It may be their life and agenda that is getting aggravated, and they try to push it onto you.

You are a very sensitive person as a Pisces and family upsets can affect you deeply, but understand that it is more about them than it is about you. Take care to protect yourself emotionally now.


From the last week in December and for the first five months of next year you are likely to have enough money.

In fact, you will potentially get more financial support than ever as opportunities to earn more and gifts from others will come your way.

Anticipate gifts, bonuses and donations now.

Remember this will not last forever, so make the right choices that suit you and not other people.

You will have the option to do what you think society expects from you, or what you think is right for yourself.

Make sure to be always true to your heart.

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