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Featured Chart: Jack Conte – Inspired Creator

Featured Chart: Jack Conte – Inspired Creator

by Alison Price

Featured Chart

Now and then I like to cast the featured charts of people who are inspirations to us all. I look for those individuals who have made a difference in the lives of others by their ideas, creations and actions. This time I chose Jack Conte the inspiration and creative drive behind Patreon.

Chart Calculations

I have the birth details of July 13, 1984, San Francisco, California, USA. Because his birth time is unknown (to me) I’ve cast the midday chart.

The high noon time places the nativity halfway through the day and this means that no matter what his actual birth time was we are only a maximum of twelve hours out. Therefore most planets will be in the same positions in the signs.

The only question is the Moon’s sign. If he was born in the morning then the Moon was in Capricorn or if in the afternoon then the Moon was in Aquarius.

You have to ignore the ascendant and the house positions.

Brief Interpretation

If it is a Moon in Capricorn then he will be slightly reserved with his feelings and moods may linger longer than they need. This placement makes it hard to have felt loved in the early years. As an adult, he wants to provide a home environment where mutual respect is key.
With an Aquarius Moon, it brings a cool emotional attitude to life. He will be more inclined to text his feelings or recite poetry to his lady love. This placement suggests he likes many types of cuisine and will experiment in the kitchen and share his offerings with those close to him.
There are four planets in anaretic degrees. This means they are at 29 degrees of their signs. These are planets that are both subdued and yet paused awaiting their conscious revival by Jack himself. They are poised with their potential. As he grows older he can tap into these planets in a meaningful way.

The two artistic planets Venus and Neptune are both anaretic. They are in the quincunx aspect with each other and this suggests he continuously strives to discover the music he likes. It is as if he knows it’s inside himself but it takes time to tease it out and let it fully bloom. He will be constantly adjusting the type of beauty and atmosphere which his music evokes.

Inner Struggle

The Sun in Cancer shows he has vibrant emotional responses and this can create knee-jerk reactions to many events in his day. Time has to be taken to fully process the mood of the moment before his inspiration can shine.

The final dispositor of Jack’s chart is Mars in Scorpio and this provides him with controlled drive and the desire to challenge the status quo. He will likely compete with himself most of the time as things never seem to be exactly right. This suggests he redoes his efforts frequently until time itself pushes him to release the buried creative expression and give birth to his work.

He is a passionate warrior and will go into battle for things that touch his core. The biggest conflicts may be inside as he struggles to find his path and direction. This can be accomplished by constantly facing the issues close to his heart so he can help others in a meaningful way.

The conjunction of Mars with Saturn brings a steadfast discipline to finish the things he starts. The challenge here is that he may not like what it has become but he will continue to completion.

This man will get better as he gets older. The drive as a young man will slowly but steadily become reined into a special purpose as he grows older. In time he will move from being a generalist to become a specialist. This shift of focus will bring him more personal satisfaction than in the early years.

Art and Music

As the founder of Patreon for the patrons to the arts, the principle sits well with his Venus Neptune aspects and the signs in which both planets find themselves. To bring value to art will be a theme for Jack. At the same time he will continue to do his own musical work as he always considers himself an artist.

In days gone by he may have been a starving artist and the feeling of “want” will be the thing that propels him forward. This man will do more with a woman in his life than he can do alone. He is productive when his partner walks the path of life at his side, neither leading nor following, but as an equal.

His Venus in Cancer urges him to make music that soothes or makes the listener feel they belong in a world where many do not. Jack’s Neptune is stimulated to make the journey from amateur to professional musician. That he ever made any money from his songs is still unbelievable to him.

Energy Expression

Mars is trine the Sun and this give endless energy and a bright outlook to life. In his heart of hearts, he is up to the challenge. He will fight the good fight and be on the side of the angels.

Mars is square Mercury and this aspect shows the dichotomy between how he thinks and what he actually does. He can talk the talk and also walk the walk but the focus may be a troubling attribute. He will try hard to remain on track as the influences from other artists may be catalysts for a change of mind. Thoughts will benefit from being aired and groups like think-tanks will help him to get the energy for innovation out.

Mars and Saturn are the two bad boys of the zodiac and when they come together hard facts are faced and the result is a structure that sustains. Life will have its challenges for Jack and he may face many hurdles. Grit and determination to produce something of value will be the core drivers of his life.


There are several planetary configurations that will stimulate change for Jack in the next year or two.

In October the growth planet Jupiter will conjoin his natal Pluto and this will be reflected as an expansion at the core levels of his life. Opportunities to bring buried projects to conception will present themselves. Personal transformation will be the over-arching them towards the end of 2017.

The month of December promises to be full of activity and events and an opportunity to be published or launch an album will be an option. Jack will go into 2018 with more drive and confidence from his supporters than ever before.

The challenge will likely be in deciding what to do next as the chances for great things come to him. It will be decision time and plans made during the last month of the year will affect his future.

At the end of the year as Saturn meets his Neptune it triggers the quincunx to Venus and there could be a sadness as some parts of his life will be let go. He cannot do everything and it is best to focus on one or two projects whilst shelving others even though they may promise to be fun. He does not need to fear, as he can return to them later.

The early months of 2018 will be a period all about planning and establish solid foundations on which to stand as Jack builds his empire.




Note, if you happen to have the correct birth time please send me the info and I’ll cast the exact chart. 💛