The Yod: Major Aspect Pattern

The Yod: Major Aspect Pattern

Some students may think it is odd

to work with the finger of God.   

One sextile and two

quincunxes to view

and now we all call it a yod.

The Yod Limerick

Most of you are probably wondering what the heck this limerick is all about.

Let me explain.

A Yod is an astrological major aspect pattern sometimes found in birth charts.

It comprises of one sextile aspect (blue line) and two quincunx aspects (green lines).


Yod Bearers

An aspect is an imaginary line drawn between two planets in a horoscope.

People who have a yod in their charts are known as Yod Bearers as it indicates there are burdens that need to be carried through life.

The image is that of an isosceles triangle where the short side is 60 degrees and the two equal longer sides are 150 degrees.

The shape is somewhat reminiscent of an arrow or finger pointing thus the nickname of The Finger Of God. It is also referred to as the Finger of Fate.

In chart interpretation the area of life that the yod is pointing at is highlighted and becomes an important focus for that person.


The Yod Major Aspect Pattern

A Yod is an astrological planetary configuration also know as a major aspect pattern which is formed when three planets line-up in a particular way.

A Yod is an aspect pattern composed of one sextile and two quincunxes. It looks like an isosceles triangle with one short side and two equal length longer sides.

A yod looks like a triangle. But it is different to a grand trine, T-square or a Thor’s Hammer because of the aspects it contains.

In the example chart of Margaret Atwood, she has a Neptune Yod with the Moon and Saturn as the base planets.

The Aspects in a Yod


A sextile is an aspect 60° wide or two signs. The orb for a sextile is 4° degrees.

It is an aspect of ease and it suggests your latent talents.


A quincunx is an aspect 150° wide or five signs.

The orb for a quincunx is 2°.

It is an aspect requiring constant adjustment and causes mild irritation.


How to Interpret a Yod

The broad stroke with interpreting yods is to look at the one planet being quincunxed (the green lines) by the other two.

This is known as the focal planet and is a sensitive spot in the zodiac which will be reflected in your chart by the house placement.

  • Pay special attention to the focal planet and interpret it thoroughly. Check the essential dignity of the planet and its condition.
  • Look at the house or the area of life that is bringing pointed to.
  • Look at the sign that the focal planet is in, this shows the type of energy that the focal planet can express.
  • The two planets in sextile are the support for the yod and offer up their energy and qualities to the focal planet.


Double Yod Key

If there are two yods lying side by side (so four planets and three quincunxes) then it is known as a “double yod key”.

This will reinforce the general meaning of the yod for the person.

What to Consider in a Yod

The focal planet at the end of the quincunxes, is the most sensitive planet as energies flow to it from the two other planets.

The two planets in sextile are known as the base of the yod and work together harmoniously.

The planetary ruler of the sign of the focal planet is important.

Interpretation of a Yod

Charts with yods suggest the person is independent and driven.

Due to the nature of the quincunxes they can be constant and unchanging but fraught with the constant adjustments demanded. T

his person may experience a crisis of energy and find they are constantly battling to stay on track.

There is a certain spiritual element to this pattern and these people can be lofty.

The meaning of the house and sign of the focal planet points (as the pointed in the shape) to the issues that need addressing in this person’s life.


Aspiring Astrologer Activity: Yod

In your astrology journal and referring to a chart with a yod major aspect pattern, please do the following:

  • Name the two aspects that form a yod, their angles and orbs.
  • Note the three planets involved.
  • Name the focal planet.
  • List all the individual aspects that make up this yod.

Extend Yourself

  • Write a brief interpretation for the sextile aspect and consider the two planets, houses, signs, and the aspect (100 words).

  • Write a brief interpretation for the first quincunx aspect and consider the two planets, houses, signs, and the aspect (100 words).

  • Write a brief interpretation for the second quincunx aspect and consider the two planets, houses, signs, and the aspect (100 words).

Extend Yourself Further

  • Write a detailed interpretation of the yod incorporating the meaning of the individual aspects and try to weave a comprehensive interpretation (250 words).

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