Sagittarius Horoscope

by Alison Price

June 2017

As fiery Mars enters your secrets zone on the 5th you will feel deep desires for the things you don’t have. They may be reachable and sustainable but it could be that you push and shove to take from others. Be wary of this attitude. The next day Venus enters your area for work and this brings peace and harmony to the workplace. You will find things move easily and are most agreeable. By the 6th Mercury enters your relationship area and this is the time to talk it out with your spouse or significant other. Take time to listen as well as put your own case forward. Dialogue is a two way street. You will see things clearly and particularly everything that relates to your and your life and where you are going with it. On 9th the full Moon is in your own sign and this is like a double whammy this month for Sagittarians. On the 21st the Sun passes into your partner’s money area and now you may be able to see clearly what is really going on. If they are financially over extended, in debt or just need some help you may be called upon to give, and this you can do generously.

May 2017

Your planet Jupiter is being tested by Pluto again this month. Things that no longer serve you will be released during this long drawn out square. On and off this month the Sun, Mercury and Venus will close a T- square and force this energy out through the Pluto as the focal planet. Archers will have the chance to finally get rid of unwanted baggage be it physical, financial or personal. Relationships could falter at this time, but, if they do fail you are good in the knowledge that you tried your best with your partner. The powerful square from Pluto to Jupiter does not take any prisoners.


About Sagittarius

The archer

November 22 – December 22

Positive – Fire – Mutable

A Sagittarian key phrase is “I seek.” Your ruling planet is Jupiter the largest planet in the solar system. Sagittarians are in the fire element suggesting you are inspirational and you can make a spark. You are of the mutable mode and this makes you changeable and adaptable you are of the positive polarity providing your outgoing personality.

Archers are outgoing, cosmopolitan and love anything international. You are open and have a breadth of vision. You are seekers and are keen to explore the world. You are optimistic and like to live life large. You are forgiving.

You can be tactless and plunge in like a large puppy being excited but at the same time it can be disturbing for others. This is the sign of the upwardly mobile and you can being ethical principles to your life. You have an extensive reach which you may use to gather life’s abundance,. You see the horizon as an opportunity to explore. You have a strong faith and a positive spirit. You can be philosophical and will search far and wide for your truth.

Sagittarius positive traits:

Outgoing, cosmopolitan, open, has breadth, a seeker, an explorer, optimistic, large, forgiving, upwardly mobile, ethical, has reach, abundance, horizons, strong faith, positive spirit, philosophical and searches.

Sagittarius challenging traits:

Tactless and clumsy.

Sagittarius body parts:

Thighs, femur and liver in other words the biggest organs and bones of the body.

Sagittarius careers:

Airline pilot, air hostess, broadcaster, clergyman, cleric, educator, hot air balloonist, professor, philosopher, promoter, publicist, publisher, teacher, translator, traveller and travel agent

The zodiac signs

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.