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Author: Alison Price   –   Published: January 2021

Triple Division Houses

The twelve houses can be divided into three groups.

This is known as the triple division of the houses.


There are Three Divisions

  • The first division
  • The second division
  • The third division

Triple Divison Location

In astrology, the first triple division originates from the point called the Ascendant, which marks the beginning of the first house in a birth chart. This division divides the astrological wheel into segments, with each segment containing four houses.


Houses in Each Triple Division

In each triple division, you’ll find four houses. These houses correspond to the twelve natural houses represented by the zodiac signs. The four houses within a triple division are always associated with one of each of the four elements: fire, earth, air, and water.


Elements and Houses

  1. Fire Houses: These houses are associated with action, passion, and enthusiasm.
  2. Earth Houses: These houses relate to practical matters, stability, and material concerns.
  3. Air Houses: These houses focus on communication, intellect, and social interactions.
  4. Water Houses: These houses deal with emotions, intuition, and deeper emotional connections.

In each triple division, you’ll find a mix of these elemental energies, which adds a unique flavor or focus to that segment of the astrological chart.


Triple Division Strength

Triple divisions are strong when they contain five or more planets, or they are weak when they have no tenants.

When assessing the strength or weakness of each triple division, you can count the planets within that segment.

For this count, consider only the visible planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. These planets are traditionally considered the most influential in astrology.


Strong Triple Division

If a segment has more planets from the visible seven, it indicates strength, vitality, and activity in the areas represented by that division.


Balanced Triple Division

An equal distribution of planets across the seven visible planets suggests a harmonious balance of energies in that division.


Weak Triple Division

A lack or absence of planets in a segment may indicate challenges or less focus in the areas governed by that division.


First Triple Division: Me Divison

The first division includes the first, second, third and fourth houses.

It is the me division.

Second Triple Division: We Division

The second division includes the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth houses.

It is the we division.

Third Triple Division: They Division

The third division includes the ninth, tenth eleventh and twelfth houses.

It is the they division.


By examining the planetary count in each triple division, you can gain insights into the dominant energies, challenges, or strengths in different areas of a person’s life as indicated by their birth chart. This method offers a structured way to understand the dynamics and energies at play within each segment of the astrological wheel.

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