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Author: Alison Price   –   Published: July 2013   –   Revised: January 2024

Online Chart Interpretation


Our listener chose her Starzname or alias as Chani Atreides from Dune


Birth Details

3:31pm, September 26th, 1982, Winnipeg, MB, Canada. This returns an Ascendant of 04° 39′ Capricorn.


Chart Interpretation Balances


The polarities are balanced.

Active = 4 and Passive = 3 visible planets.



The elements are balanced.

Fire = 1, Earth = 2, Air = 3 and water = 1 visible planets.



The Cardinal mode is strong.

Cardinal = 4, Fixed = 1 and Mutable = 2 visible planets.



The southern hemisphere is strong with six planets.

Northern = 1, Southern = 6, Eastern = 3 and Western = 4.



The third quadrant is strong with four planets.

1st Quadrant = 1, 2nd Quadrant = 0, 3rd Quadrant = 4 and 4th Quadrant = 2 visible planets.


Triple Division

The 3rd Triple Division is strong with 4 planets.

1st Division = 1, 2nd division = 2 and the 3rd division = 4 visible planets.


Ascendant Complex

Ascendant Sign

The Ascendant sign is Capricorn.


Ascendant Degree

The Ascendant degree is 04° 39′ Capricorn.


1st House Planets and Points

The first house contains the South Node and the Moon.


Ascendant Aspects


Ascendant conjoined the South Node.

Ascendant quintile Saturn.

Ascendant bi-quintile Chiron.



The Ascendant is sextile the Midheaven.



Ascendant square the Sun.

Ascendant opposition the North Node.

Chart Ruler

The chart ruler is Saturn’s Capricorn is the sign on the Ascendant.


Chart Ruler’s Sign

Saturn is in Libra which means it is in exaltation and so Saturn gets the score of +4.


Chart Ruler’s House

Saturn is in the 9th house.


Chart Rulers, Rulership

Saturn rules the Northern Hemisphere, the first quadrant, the first triple division and the 1st and the 2nd houses.


Chart Rulers Position

The chart ruler, Saturn, is strongly placed as the Almuten with a score of +4.


Chart Rulers Aspects


Saturn is conjoined Pluto.

Saturn is conjoined Mercury which is retrograde.

Saturn is quintile the Ascendant.

Saturn is bi-quintile Chiron.



Saturn is square the Moon.

Saturn is opposite the Part of Fortune.

Saturn is opposite Eris.



Saturn is sextile Neptune.


Sun Complex

Sun Sign

The Sun is in Libra, which is it’s fall so it gets a score of -4.



Sun’s House

The sun is in the 8th house.


Sun’s Rulership

The Sun only rules the 8th house.


Sun’s Aspects


The Sun is trine Chiron.

The Sun is sextile Mars.

The Sun is sextile Uranus.

Note that the sun only has soft aspects and it has no challenging hard aspects.

Moon Complex

Moon’s Sign

The Moon is in Capricorn, which is in its detriment, so against a score of -5.


Moon’s House

The Moon is well placed in the 1st house.


Moon’ Rulership

The Moon rules the Southern Hemisphere, the third quadrant and the 7th house.


Moon’s Aspects


The Moon is square Mercury.

The Moon is square Saturn.

The Moon is square Pluto.

The Moon is square, the Part of Fortune.

The Moon is square Eris.



The Moon is trine Venus.

The Moon is trine Chiron.

The Moon is quintile the Midheaven.


Major Aspect Pattern

The Moon is part of the Earth Grand Trine between the Moon, Venus and Chiron.

Note that the Moon has a far larger complex than the Sun does and is therefore the more dominant luminary.


Midheaven Complex

This chart interpretation has a focus on what she will do in the world.


Midheaven Sign

The Midheaven is in Scorpio.


Midheaven Ruler

The Midheaven rulers are Mars and Pluto.


Planets in the 10th house

Jupiter is in the 10th house.


Most Elevated

Jupiter is the most elevated planet closest to the Midheaven.


Midheaven Aspects


Jupiter is conjoined the Midheaven.

The moon is quintile the Midheaven.



The Midheaven is trine the North node.

The Midheaven is sextile the South node.

The Midheaven is sextile the Ascendant.


Chart Interpretation: The Dispositor Tree

In this chart, there are two dispositor trees. Both are mutual reception trees. This is because there are no planets in their own rulership.

Having two dispositor trees in a chart indicates that there may be two sides to the person.


The Mercury Venus Mutual Reception Tree

Mercury and Venus are in mutual reception. This means that Mercury is in Libra which is Venus is sign and Venus is in Virgo which is Mercury sign.



There are no further planets below Mercury, as there are no planets in Gemini or Virgo.



Below Venus, we have Chiron in Taurus, the Sun in Libra, Saturn in Libra, and Pluto in Libra.

Below Saturn is the Moon in Capricorn.


The Mars Jupiter Mutual Reception Tree

Mars and Jupiter are in mutual reception.

Mars is in Sagittarius which is Jupiter’s sign and Jupiter is in Scorpio which is Mars’ sign.



Below Mars is Eris in Aries.



Below Jupiter is Uranus in Sagittarius and Neptune in Sagittarius.




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More Example Charts

Below is a selection of example charts. Thet generally show my process for getting the information together before the interpretation begins.

Example Chart: Super Jupey

Example Chart: Super Jupey

Author: Alison Price   -   Published: June 2024 Example Chart : Super Jupey This is an example chart reading for our listener Super Jupey. I think the name comes from the prominence of Jupiter in this chart.    The Natal Chart   Balances Strong Polarity...

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