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Venus’ Rulership

Venus rules two signs, Taurus and Libra.


Venus Keywords

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, influences various aspects of our lives, from matters of the heart to personal style, possessions, and even fertility. Let’s explore the different keywords associated with Venus:


Love and Romance

Venus is often associated with matters of the heart. It rules romance, courtship, engagements, betrothals, love, marriage, weddings, and wedding anniversaries. When Venus is strong in your astrological chart, it can indicate a harmonious and loving approach to relationships.



Venus also has a say in committed partnerships and significant others. It represents your spouse, husband, and wife, including common-law partnerships. It influences the dynamics of how you relate to your significant other and the harmony in your relationship.


Femininity and Beauty

Venus symbolizes the feminine energy in astrology. It’s not just about women in general but also encompasses women’s things, such as cosmetics, clothing, and perfumes. Venus rules attractiveness and femininity, affecting how we present ourselves and our personal style. It guides us in matters of beauty, taste, and fashion.


Financial Matters

Beyond matters of the heart, Venus also influences your financial realm. It rules money, cash flow, and credit that you can access. It has a say in your assets and what you own. When Venus is prominent in your chart, you may have a knack for financial management and a love for luxury.


Art and Collections

Venus extends its influence to the world of art and collections. It guides your artistic inclinations and appreciation for beauty. It’s associated with tangible art forms like sculpture, pottery, painting, and mosaic. If you’re an art enthusiast or collector, Venus might play a significant role in your passion for these artistic expressions.


Fertility and Sweetness

Venus has a unique connection to fertility. It represents estrogen and all that is fruitful and sweet. In the realm of fertility, Venus can symbolize the potential for growth and abundance, not only in terms of physical fertility but also in creative endeavors and the ability to nurture and create.


Flowers and Fragrance

Venus’s influence extends to the realm of nature. It rules all five-petal flowers, and it’s associated with fragrance. This connection to the natural world showcases Venus’s love for beauty and aesthetics, even in the delicate petals of a flower.



Venus is a multifaceted planet that touches upon matters of love, relationships, personal style, finance, art, and even our connection to nature. Its influence is not limited to one area of life but encompasses a wide spectrum of experiences and expressions. Whether you’re exploring the realms of romance, beauty, or creativity, Venus offers valuable insights and guidance through its astrological significance.





Podcast Episode

Learn about VENUS, the planet of love and money, in the SIGNS. In this episode Alison and Arwynne discuss the difference in expression that Venus presents in each of the twelve zodiac signs in turn. They offer some examples from real life.






Venus in the Signs

Let’s consider the influence of Venus in the different zodiac signs and expand on what each placement signifies:


Venus in Aries

With Venus in Aries, you have an ardent passion for the thrill of the romantic chase. You’re not one to shy away from expressing your feelings and desires. Your love style is bold, and you enjoy the excitement of pursuing your romantic interests actively.


Venus in Taurus

Venus, as the ruler of Taurus, endows you with a deep appreciation for material possessions and luxury. You tend to acquire many things, often surrounding yourself with beauty and comfort. Your love is stable and grounded, valuing commitment and reliability.


Venus in Gemini

Your Venus placement in Gemini makes you a social and curious lover. You have a penchant for communication and variety, and you may find yourself easily spending on various interests and experiences. You enjoy the intellectual and playful aspects of love.


Venus in Cancer

Family and emotional security hold a special place in your heart. You invest in your family, both emotionally and often materially. Your love is nurturing and protective, creating a strong sense of home and belonging in your relationships.


Venus in Leo

With Venus in Leo, you love the grandeur of romantic escapades. You enjoy being in the spotlight and showing your love with style and flair. Your love is generous, and you thrive in relationships where you can shine and be adored.


Venus in Virgo

Practicality and attention to detail define your approach to love. You save up for essentials and are thoughtful in your expressions of affection. Your love is grounded in a sense of duty and service, making you a reliable and caring partner.


Venus in Libra

As the ruler of Libra, Venus feels at home here. You adore being in love and the harmony that comes with it. Your approach to relationships is marked by fairness, diplomacy, and a strong desire for balance and partnership. You have a natural charm that draws people to you.


Venus in Scorpio

You have an intense and magnetic allure with Venus in Scorpio. You attract people who exude sensuality and depth. Your love is transformative, often delving into the realms of the mysterious and passionate. You are not afraid to explore the depths of emotion.



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Venus in Sagittarius

Adventure and exploration are at the core of your love life. You enjoy spending money on adventures and vacations, seeking out new experiences with your partner. Your love is open-minded and enthusiastic, valuing freedom and growth.


Venus in Capricorn

You are practical and realistic in matters of love and partnership. Venus in Capricorn often leads to relationships with older or more established individuals. You are goal-oriented, valuing stability and long-term commitments.


Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius naturally attracts affectionate friends and unconventional, progressive lovers. You have a unique and individualistic approach to love, valuing intellectual connection and independence in your relationships.


Venus in Pisces

You have a deep appreciation for romantic gestures and a strong connection to the world of emotions. Your love is compassionate and empathetic, often creating an otherworldly and dreamy atmosphere in your relationships. You’re attuned to the subtleties of love.


These placements provide insight into your approach to love, relationships, and personal values. Remember that your entire birth chart, including the position of Venus, contributes to your unique personality and the way you experience love and romance.



Venus in the Houses

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, has a unique influence on each of the twelve astrological houses.

Let’s explore how Venus’ presence in these houses can shape your life:


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Venus in the 1st House

This placement blesses you with an innate sense of beauty. You radiate charm and allure, making you naturally appealing to others. Your outer beauty is evident, and you possess an enchanting aura that draws people to you.


Venus in the 2nd House

With Venus gracing your house of possessions, you have a Midas touch when it comes to wealth and material possessions. You tend to accumulate valuable items, and your financial life is often abundant and stable.


Venus in the 3rd House

Your relationship with your siblings and close relatives is harmonious and affectionate. You share a deep bond with your sister, and your communication style is gracious and refined.


Venus in the 4th House

Your home is a haven of beauty and comfort. You have a talent for tastefully decorating your living space, and it’s a source of pride for you. Your family life is filled with love and artistic expression.


Venus in the 5th House

Children bring you immense joy and pleasure. You have a creative and loving approach to parenting, and your kids are likely to be a source of inspiration and pride for you.


Venus in the 6th House

Your love extends to your pets, and you take great care of them. You find fulfillment in serving and helping others, making you an excellent caretaker or nurse. Your daily routine is harmonious and filled with beauty.


Venus in the 7th House

In matters of love and relationships, you always choose love over convenience. You are drawn to partnerships that are founded on deep emotional connections and genuine affection.


Venus in the 8th House

You have a profound appreciation for intimacy and good sex. You understand the depth of human connections and are unafraid to explore the hidden aspects of life and relationships.


Venus in the 9th House

Travel is a form of art for you. You invest in exploring the world, finding beauty in different cultures, and broadening your horizons through new experiences. Your journeys are often filled with love and pleasure.


Venus in the 10th House

Your career and public image are enhanced by the presence of Venus. You have the potential to attain great success and recognition in your chosen field, and your reputation is one of grace and charm.


Venus in the 11th House

Within your social circles, you are a popular and beloved figure. Your friendships are based on mutual respect and affection, and you contribute positively to group dynamics.


Venus in the 12th House

You find solace and beauty in moments of meditation and seclusion. Your spiritual and artistic pursuits are deeply ingrained in your soul, and you spend time in introspection, creating meditative art that reflects your inner world.


The placement of Venus in your natal chart can significantly impact your life, guiding your relationships, your artistic endeavors, and your appreciation of beauty in all its forms. Embrace this unique celestial gift and allow it to enrich your existence.



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