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Author: Arwynne O’Neill  –   Published: June 2024

Sun square Neptune

Aspect Basics Series

Today we’re going to be talking about the Sun square Neptune. This is part of our basic aspect series.
We are going to be seeing this transit exact on June 20, 2024 with the Sun at 29 Gemini Square Neptune at 29 Pisces but we’re going to focus on what it looks like in someone’s natal chart and give some celebrity examples and it’s relevant regardless of when you’re listening because this aspect occurs twice every year. For the last few years, it has occurred in mid-June and mid-December.

Sun square Neptune in the natal chart

In her book Aspects and Personality, Karen Haymaker Zondag says, “The dream and fantasy world so typical of Neptune comes to the fore with this aspect. Inferiority feelings are not uncommon. The sources for this inferiority include Neptune’s habit of fudging boundary lines, which make it hard for us to see where our ego begins and ends or to discover who we are and what we want. The second is a nagging feeling that there’s something more, a feeling that another world lies beyond the world of perception and that our individual limitations are in sharp contrast to it.”

Spiritual Seeker

This person may be a spiritual seeker, with little interest in the real world, taking refuge in ideas and feelings or continually searching until they find an ideal that meets their emotional needs. There can be a lack of responsibility or grounding, but also a great deal of creativity, especially in music, poetry and other forms of wordplay, ideas, mysticism and metaphysics. These people can be incredibly eloquent and convincing, so they should be very clear within their own minds about their intentions, as they could potentially use their gifts to deceive and lead other people astray.



This is a very sensitive aspect, and this person often has to overcome insecurity and disappointments to build their self-esteem and confidence in order to feel strong. They can easily become confused, paranoid or dependent on drugs or alcohol if these dynamics are not dealt with in more productive ways. They should be cautious about chemicals, alcohol, drugs and medical treatments, and they may be susceptible to illnesses that defy explanation or diagnosis.

They may also fall victim to stronger personalities, people who try to take advantage of them or dominate them, like gurus or con artists. Although idealistic, life experiences can make it hard for these people to stand up for themselves, possibly because of their insecurity but also because they idealize other people and may find it hard to believe that others are not trustworthy or truly mean them ill.

They can be very altruistic and may be attracted to politics, volunteerism or activism, if they don’t become disillusioned. Spirituality can be used for good or ill; the darker realms of religious cults and political demagogues should to be avoided.



People with this aspect are urged to be as honest and direct as possible because Neptune can blur your intentions whether you mean to be dishonest or not. This is amazing for creativity, music, writing, etc., but can be challenging when it comes to dealing honestly with others, promoting yourself or pursuing your own goals. There may be a feeling of insecurity, guilt or the desire to apologize; over idealizing others and being gullible can lead to disappointment.


Sun square Neptune by transit

Your energy level can be lowered to the point where your immune system suffers or you may feel discouraged and beaten down by circumstances. This is not a great confidence boosting transit. You may feel inadequate and consumed by the futility of pursuing your goals.
Put off anything that requires clear thinking until this transit passes. It can stimulate idealism which can be great if you’re trying to produce something creative or beautiful but don’t be discouraged if what you create doesn’t match your ideal vision.

Celebrities with this aspect

Barack Obama, Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, Paul McCartney, Carl Jung, Che Guevara, Pink, River Phoenix, Kevin Costner, Matthew Perry, James Joyce and Kurt Vonnegut.



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