Pisces Horoscope

by Alison Price

June 2017

For Pisces love is on the front burner this month as the conquering planet Mars enters your love life and lights up the flames that may have been dimmed. On the 6th Venus enters your 3rd house and suggests your will find happiness in the things nearby like walks and parks in nature. This is the time to stop and smell the roses. The focus shifts towards home comforts and catching up with your parents and family. This is a good time to have a family discussion or intervention. If things are going well you can get together for a home cooked meal and have wonderful conversations with your clan. Your career will be under the spotlight and you may see that all is not as good as your thought. This Moon light will illuminate dark corners that need addressing. Wednesday the 21st dawns with the Sun in your relaxation area and suggests you need to take it easy and take a break by doing something that is fun and exciting. Leave the drudge behind and get out in the day with your kids or other youthful people you know. Enjoy being outside in the warmth of the Sun. On the 24th the new Moon is in your romantic area and this indicates your will want to find love or a new love. You may be comfortable on any existing relationship but this new Moon with offer the potential for fresh romance either with the one you love or in a totally fresh way.

May 2017

Neptune and Chiron continue their relentless shuffle through your sign and bring you the chance to be the best Pisces you can be. The Sun trines Neptune and provides a somewhat ease of understanding and you may feel it for a day or two around the 4th or 5th of May. After the 20th you can focus on your home life and plan family events. This is the time of the year to get back to your roots. The new Moon on May 25th will be the start of a new face for your family in the future. Be there for those who want to share your life as they need you now. There is a constant background trend for building the career you want and this could be at a turning point when the Sun opposes Saturn next month. Pisces so often take the backseat but this month you may dabble with the idea of taking the reins.

About Pisces

The Fish

February 22 – March 22

Negative – Water – Mutable

Key phrase: “I believe.”

Ruling planets: Jupiter as classical ruler and Neptune the modern ruler.

Pisces is the sign of the Fish. It symbol is two fish tethered together each swimming in the opposite direction.

If you are born under the sign of the Fish it means you fall under the fluid and flowing element of water, the quality of mutablity which suggests you are flexible and the passive polarity indicating you will take in and absorb things more than most. This can mean you empathize with others.

Pisces will make sacrifices and are understanding. They will blend well with others and can be arty. They may drift a bit in life but they have compassion. They are idealistic and can become disillusioned at times. They may be glamorous.

They can be vague, kind and will be happy to surrender. They may retreat near the sea, are spiritual and devoted.

Pisces positive traits:

Sacrifice, understanding, blends, compassion, idealistic, longing, glamour, vague, artistic, kind, surrender, retreat, spiritual, devotion, specter and ghostly.

Pisces challenging traits:

Rudderless, lost, disillusioned and elusive.

Pisces body parts:

The feet.

Pisces careers:

Artist, anesthesiologist, care worker, crystal ball reader, custodian, glazier, hypnotist, musician, magician, medium, museum worker, nurse, podiatrist, psychic, shoe salesman, therapist and zoo keeper.

The zodiac signs

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.