Libra Horoscope

by Alison Price

June 2017

You may be feeling that there is more to life as Venus stimulates the probing side of your nature on the 6th of June. This will perhaps be expressed through a more intense connection with your partner and there finances. On 6th Mercury enters your area for travel and philosophical discussions and this may result in you seeking out new ways to live your life. You could reach for a map and plan a journey to somewhere that feeds your mind and nourishes your need to see new places. The full Moon is in your third house on the 9th and illuminates the area of life surrounding your cousins, siblings and other relations of your generation. How you feel about them will be a reflection of the connects you have had in the past. On 21st the Sun enters your highest point of career and this is a sign that you may receive a promotion or be elevated in some way through the work your do outside the house. Following on the good things in your career on the 22th  there may be some honors or acknowledgments for you as you start a new project or begin some special leadership role where others look up to you.

May 2017

Your planet Venus is in a difficult place and cannot bring you the balance and harmony you crave. Things will be a bit up and down this month. For the latter half of the month you will have difficulty speaking your mind, or to put it clearer, to know what you want to say. The words that come out of your mouth may surprise you and there can be stress in conversations. Your partner is being demanding and petulant as Venus is not well placed. This brings tensions to the surface and you may find yourself running up and down the see-saw to find balance in your primary relationship or marriage. This trying energy will pass as every year at this time some frustrations in your partner’s life overflows into your consciousness.

About Libra

Positive – Air – Cardinal

The Scales

September 24th to October 24th.

A Libran key phrase is “I can relate to that” and many strong Libran types will pepper their sentences with that one. The ruling planet is Venus the brightest body in the sky after the Sun and Moon.

Libra is of the air element meaning you are intellectual and a thinker, of the cardinal mode suggesting leadership qualities and of the positive polarity showing that many Librans are extroverts and go-getters.

Libra loves equality especially in partnerships. They are persuasive and will encourage others to see your point of view. They are balanced and will compromise on occasion. They generally have good manners and are civil, polite and courteous. This is an elegant person with style. They are brilliant negotiators and will step in to mediate and take on a peace-keeping role. They love companionship and enjoy being with one special person. The sign of the Scales rules balance, symmetry and things on the level. You can commit and are focused on your significant other’s needs.

Libra positive traits:

Equality, partner, persuasive, balance, compromise, civil, courteous, elegance, negotiates, mediates, peace, peacemaker, peacekeeper, companion, symmetry, level, equilibrium, commitment and other oriented.

Libra challenging traits:

Vacillates and is a people pleaser.

Body parts:

Kidneys and inner ear balance.


Hairdresser, judge, lawyer, liaison manager, mediator, negotiator, nephrologist, public relations, stylist, wedding planner, wedding singer and weigh scale operator.


The zodiac signs

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.