Cancer Horoscope

by Alison Price

June 2017

Mars enters your money area on the 5th and this should bring cash to you. You may be paid fast and frequent now. All income is good and the knack is holding on to it because Mars likes to burn through your funds. The next day Venus enters your quiet zone and this suggests that your romantic exploits will be done in private. You may prefer an evening in to a night painting the town red. The same day Mercury enters your own sign and this signals many conversations, reading and information will be coming your way. On the 9th the full moon is in your marriage area and this will shine a light into the corners of your relationships perhaps illuminating things you have ignored or wished to let slide. This is the time to see your partnership for what it is warts and all. If you can accept them then that is good if not then you will do something to rectify the situation. At the solstice on the 21st the Sun in your self-worth area will let you be in your truth and be worthy of your elf. This can be a time to accept exactly who you are. The three days later the new Moon in your money zone will stimulate more income and cash to come your way.

May 2017

The full Moon on May 12th exposes where you thought you had it right but there is still something lacking. It is as if your ideas of where you life was going have been turned upside down and you are looking at the rubble. The Moon is not comfortable in Capricorn and this makes your sign ruler front and center. Things may feel a little not quite right. This is a kind of topsy-turvy month for Cancerians. Hang on as next month you will shine.



June 22nd to July 24th

Negative – Water – Cardinal

The symbol is the Crab and their key phrase is “I feel…” which is often their sentence opener.

Cancer is the second cardinal sign which means they are leaders and Cancerians will often lead from behind. They are in the water element which indicates that much intuition is used and they are fluid and in the passive polarity suggesting a reticence for aggression and a more receptive approach to life.

The ruling planet is the Moon which is not really a planet at all but the natural satellite of the Earth. The Moon goes through phases and this is a typical attribute for Cancerians.


Cancer is concerned with feelings and to them family is all. They are protective, sensitive and patriotic. The lunar ruled are safety conscious and aware of the past so much so they can be overly sentimental or spend much time wandering down memory lane. They are steady in a crisis and tenacious. they usually live sheltered lives and strive to provide well for those in your care. Of all the signs Cancer is shy.

Cancer positive traits:

Familial feelings, protective, sensitive, nurtures, mothering, patriotic, shy, safety, the past, sentimental, sheltered and provides.

Cancer challenging traits:


Body parts;

Stomach, breasts, breast milk and all body fluids.


Cafeteria worker, cheese manufacturer, chef, cook, dairy farmer, dinner lady, estate agent, housesitter, land owner, midwife, milkman, nanny, realtor, restaurateur, storage containers, Tupperware sales, yoghurt shop owner, water purification specialist and wet nurse


The zodiac signs

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.