Virgo Horoscope

by Alison Price

June 2017

On the 5th Mars enters your social sector and this brings like-minded people together in your circle. You are likely to mingle and spend time with those who see the world the same way that you do. On the 6th Venus enters your travel area and this suggests that you can plan a trip or take a trip and that if your do it will be enjoyable. The same day Mercury encourages your to speak up at work and to verbalize the path you want to take in your life. This is the time to make a list of priorities and the steps you need to fulfill your career goals. On 9th the full Moon is in your shines onto your home life and can illuminate things that are not working. Issues will be brought into the light now and this give you a chance to make things better. You may decide to move the furniture to make better use of the light and space in your living rooms. On the 21st the Sun and your ruler Mercury pass into your social sector to join Mars. This will boost and get-together’s and join ventures. You will be more inclined to seek out a group dynamic and benefit from it even if it is not your usual method of doing things. On the 24th the new Moon indicates you will meet new contacts, make new connections that inspire. Now you can do more now with others than without them.

May 2017

Mercury is slow and retrograde until May 3rd and then the brakes are off and Virgo can get back up to speed. The three Mercury retrograde periods each year are slow down spots for Virgo. They provide you with some time to ease off and sit back to review your life. Take the time to do so and you will be invigorated for the next four months. Plan time off and vacations to coincide with these special times. As the month progresses your energy levels will rise and you can do good work again.


About Virgo

Negative – Earth – Mutable

Virgo is the Virgin

August 24th to September 24th

The key phrase is “I analyze” and this is used by strong Virgo types. The ruling planet is Mercury the fastest planet.

Virgo is of the element of earth suggesting being in touch, the mutable mode indicating they are flexible and can multi-task and the negative polarity which means they may be shy or reticent.

Virgos are particular and this is another word for picky. they like to analyze situations. they may seem to be finding fault but it is just your attention to detail that makes you aware (more than most) of any imperfections in people or situations. They can be self-critical and this may be a problem when you are young. Virgos are discriminating and want perfection in life. they are kind, meticulous, fastidious even, and can be detailed oriented. Virgo is the sign of those who serve and you are good in this role. They are modest and humble and make excellent workers.

There are more Virgo births than any other sign. Those born under the sign of the virgin are the workers of the zodiac and are often placed in supporting roles. they do not like being put on the spot and will resist leadership when it is offered to you.

It’s like a bee hive. One queen bee – the Leo and many worker bees – the Virgos.

Virgo positive traits:

Particular, analysis, discrimination, perfection, kind, meticulous, fastidious, detailed oriented, serves, handy, modest and humble.

Virgo challenging traits:

Critical and can’t see the wood for the trees.

Virgo body parts:

The digestive system and the nervous system.

Virgo careers:

Back room boy, filing clerk, lexicographer, secretary, typist, service industry, micro business owner, office worker, service industry, support roles, waitress and writer.


The zodiac signs

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.