Taurus Horoscope

by Alison Price

June 2017

On the 5th Mars will add energy to you local area as you are busy with errands to do and which goes to support your home. On the 6th Venus enters your own sign and this is significant for Taurus as Venus is your ruling planet. This shift will bring harmony and support your self, ego and values. It is a good time to get a makeover and a new hair do., invest in yourself and your appearance. Also that day Mercury enters your financial sector and this suggests there will be discussions about income and what you spend your money on. You may decide to start a budget or make a plan to pay for the good things you want in life. On the 21st the Sun is in your community area and your will enjoy walks in the park and being out and about. On the 24th the new Moon in your local area sector indicates you may find new places to visit shop or explore. You may decide to take a weekend away or a writing retreat or similar outing. Educational travels are favored even if it is just to the local bookshop.

May 2017

Little Mercury enters Taurus and starts to drive your trading forward. Negotiations and deals can be struck now and in your favour. If you have been wanting to say something for a while then the moment has come. State your intentions, not only to friends and business people but, your life affirmations as well. Start a gratitude journal now with a clear path. Discuss your plans and air your views. Be an active listener and let your mind process the solution for which you are looking.


April 21st to May 22nd

Passive – Earth – Fixed

The symbol for Taurus is the bull.

A key phrase used by Taurus is “I possess” and many Taureans use this opener or related ones like “I have…” to start their sentences.

Beautiful Venus is the ruling planet.

Taurus is of the fixed mode suggesting that they like stability, the earth element indicating they are in touch with reality and the passive polarity which means they are sensitive and sensuous.

Positive traits:

Taurus people are generally patient. They can be possessive and keep things for ever. They like land and what money can buy.

They are good at preserving (both relationships and food) and are considered very reliable. Of all the signs they have the most common sense. If you are a bull you are deliberate in your actions and you are generally solid, earthy and a good worker.

Challenging traits:

Can be plodders and resist others.

Taurus body parts:

The throat, voice, vocal chords and the neck.

Taurus careers:

Accountant, aesthetician, art dealer, artist, auctioneer, appraiser, baker, banker, bee keeper, building manager, buyer, chocolatier, civil engineer, credit manager, crop sprayer, farmer, fashion designer, financier, florist,, hairdresser, jeweler, landscaper, land owner, management, mediator, merchant banker, perfumer, property developer, singer, stockbroker, throat surgeon and vineyard owner.

The zodiac signs

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.