Mars in Capricorn: 10 Things to Do

Mars in Capricorn: 10 Things to Do

Mars in Capricorn.

The Red Planet’s energies mesh well in the sign of the Sea-goat as the principles of drive (Mars) and ambition (Capricorn) combine in a supportive manner.

We also note that Mars is exalted here.

If you have a Capricorn Sun or ascendant you’ll get a burst of energy as Mars rolls in.

There will be a time when Mars joins forces with Pluto and two of the bad boys of the zodiac gang up.

More on the Mars Pluto conjunction later.

What to do When Mars is in Capricorn

The knack to using astrology is to work with the planetary energies and not against them. Let’s have a look at the best way to work this placement.

  • Take steps to get your career on track.
  • Be assertive not aggressive.
  • Attend company sports events.
  • Participate in the office Year-end festivities.
  • Become the Go-To guy or gal.
  • Compete at work.
  • Address issues with your father.
  • Kick limiting strategies.
  • Master headaches.
  • Own your own life path (not your parents).

Surviving Mars in Capricorn and coming out strong is within everyone’s grasp.

Make your move.

Mars in the Signs

Below are some more sign placements for Mars. As I write more I’ll add them here.


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