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Mars in Aries: Fireworks

When Mars enters Aries it is at the beginning of the zodiac


Where does the zodiac begin?

The zodiac starts at zero degrees Aries. Because the Sun on its path, the plane of the ecliptic crosses the celestial equator at zero declination on its path towards the northern hemisphere.

The Sun crosses the celestial equator twice a year at the equinoxes. Once going north March 20/21st (the Aries ingress) and once going south on September 22/23rd (the Libra ingress).

Planetary Ingress

An ingress is when a planet enters a sign or house either moving direct or retrograde.

As Mars enters Aries it is going home to the sign it rules.

The Aries Point

The Aries Point is zero degrees Aries in any chart. Some astrologers take any cardinal sign’s zero degrees as an Aries point. The cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

What to expect when Mars is in Aries

  • Action
  • Energy
  • Heat
  • Competition
  • Masculinity
  • Activity
  • War
  • Conflict
  • Confrontations
  • Excitement
  • Sexual awareness
  • Fires
  • Push, push, push

All of these things are ruled by Mars. When Mars is in its own sign it can operate cleanly and clearly at its true meaning.

Whilst Mars was recently in Pisces it was not a good place for Mars’ energy to be expressed.

Precession of the Equinoxes

This is the phenomena that the point of the vernal equinox (when the Sun enters Aries going north) is moving backwards through the constellation signs at the slow rate of one sign over a two thousand (ish) year period.


The Great Years

In astrology a great year is almost 26000 years and each Great Year is divided into twelve Great Months or Ages of around a two thousand year (give or take) period. You have heard of these Ages as for example the Age of Aquarius.

Therefore the Age of Aries came before the Age of Pisces. Before the Age of Aries was the Age of Taurus.

In Ages each sign is before the present one going backwards through the signs. The “Ages” are reversed because of the precession of the equinoxes.

Great Years show large sweeps of history and are background noise for each time period.

The Age of Aquarius

We are now living in the Age of Aquarius (which began around the year 2000AD) and will last for just over two thousand years until about 4000AD. The symbol for Aquarius is two wavy lines like radio waves or microwaves and all technology waves and wireless devices and gadgets.

The Age of Pisces

Looking back, the Age of Pisces occurred from about year 1AD (at Christ’s birth) until 2000AD. The symbol prevalent at this time was the fish and this can still be seen on bumper stickers to indicate a Christian.

The Age of Aries

The Age of Aries was from +/- 2000BC to 1AD which is again a two thousand year period or “Age”. The symbols used in this age were the ram which is a male sheep. In Egypt Rameses I, II and III were cracking the whip. And the Romans developed metal armour and weapons to wear in battles and wars.

When considering this information you can see that the Mars ingress into Aries is highly important.

Mars enters Aries and starts the whole cycle again every two years. This is the time it takes Mars to make one orbit of the Sun and is the length or a Martian year. Obviously we are not experiencing Mars entering Aries for the first time it has happened. Mars get around.

We experience a Martian ingress into Aries every two years.

Mars disposes planets in Aries

As Mars moves through Aries it disposes planets in that sign. When Mars is in Aries it is a prime position to be final dispositor. Always give a quick scan to see if this is the case.