Leo Horoscopes

Leo Horoscopes

Which Sign to Read

These horoscopes are written for Ascendant signs. If you know your Ascendant sign then read that horoscope.

Otherwise, read your Sun sign, and while you’re at it, think about getting your chart cast so you will know your Ascendant sign for the future.


Leo September 2023

Leo Life Learning

When the Sun enters your neighborhood and short courses area, it brings a burst of uplifting solar energy to enhance your local interactions and learning experiences. This celestial shift encourages you to make the most of the radiant energy and use it to enrich your life in various ways.

In your neighborhood, take this opportunity to engage with your community, whether it’s by attending local events, meeting neighbors, or participating in community projects. The Sun’s energy empowers you to radiate warmth and positivity, fostering a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in your surroundings.

Additionally, the short courses area is energized by the Sun’s presence, making it an ideal time to pursue new knowledge and skills. Consider enrolling in a course or workshop that interests you, as the solar energy enhances your ability to grasp information and apply it effectively.

This period is perfect for expanding your horizons and seeking personal growth. Embrace the uplifting solar energy by being curious and open to new experiences. Engage in meaningful conversations with those around you and seek out opportunities for learning and self-improvement.

Moreover, use this time to share your knowledge and expertise with others. Your positive energy and enthusiasm can inspire those around you and create a ripple effect of motivation and learning within your community.

As the Sun illuminates your neighborhood and short courses area, be proactive in utilizing this empowering energy. Embrace the spirit of exploration, connect with others, and let the light of the Sun guide you towards a fulfilling and enriching journey of growth and connection.

Leo Money

Your financial situation should approve dramatically at the New Moon midmonth. This is not to say that you will have extra cash but the money that you do have will seem to go so much further. This is the perfect time to buy something new and not second-hand.

Leo Vision

In September, you are in luck as the Full Moon graces your vision sector on the 29th. This lunar event will shed its light on every aspect of your plans, providing you with a clear and thorough assessment of your actions and direction. It’s an excellent opportunity to take a close and honest look at what you are currently doing.

If you find the need for a course correction, now is the time to consider it, although there’s no obligation to make immediate changes. Sometimes, sticking with the familiar path can hold its advantages, and you may choose to continue on your current course for the time being.

Full moons serve as moments of clarity, enabling you to see the tangible results of your hard work and efforts. During this time, reflect on the vision you have for your life and the path you are currently traversing. If you feel the need for a course adjustment, the realities that unfold around this time can serve as valuable guides to inform your decisions.

On the other hand, if you feel content and confident in the direction you’re heading, this Full Moon will further illuminate the path, reaffirming your alignment with your life’s purpose. Embrace this time of introspection and use the insights gained to navigate your journey with clarity and assurance.



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